Fail: Sexual power and role play gone completely wrong

By Mario Meyer
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Double and triple cross-dressing during role play

My husband and I have been married for 21 years. Of course, we had become a little bored with our sex life. Cheating was never an issue for us, even if I would have liked to “try” another man, because mine was my first and so far only one. And so we occasionally tried to inject some new life into our love life with sexual role play. Which was often successful. Only the last time it went very wrong.

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We agreed to role-play as “hooker and suitor”. I put on provocative lingerie, put on a lot of make-up, a white, see-through blouse and a black, tight, mega-short skirt that let my suspenders peek out from under the hem. Add a pair of fuck-me boots and my whore outfit was complete. My husband was wearing a dark blue suit, a white shirt with a matching tie and elegant patent leather shoes that made him look like a nouveau riche yuppie. In keeping with our status, we rented a white Lamborghini.

Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong

Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong
Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong

We drove towards the suburbs, where there was a parking lot that was practically deserted in the evening. There used to be a babywalk here. He dropped me off here. I should walk up and down and wait for him. He didn’t want to tell me any more, I should just trust him. I did indeed do that blindly. So I strutted along the street like a real kerb crawler. It was dark.

I was so incredibly nervous, I was almost shaking all over. Totally excited about what would happen now. It wasn’t exactly warm and I wondered what it must feel like to be a real whore waiting here for her clients. Never knowing who was in the car, what they wanted and what they would do to you. There were also reports of prostitute murders in the milieu and I started to feel queasy. Because my husband, whose name is Patrick by the way, simply didn’t come. I tripped across the parking lot in my unfamiliar shoes, leaned clichédly against a lamppost and waited for things to happen.

Now I saw two headlights flashing, a white car coming around the corner. At my height, the driver slowed the car down. He seemed to be inspecting me. The windows were tinted dark, so I couldn’t see who the driver was. I went to the window – and when the pane was down, I was terrified. It wasn’t Patrick who was in the car, but a stranger about the same age. He also wore a very elegant suit, had a three-day beard and looked pretty good.

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“Hey sweetie,” he said to me, “how much does a whole night with you cost?”. I didn’t know what to say at first and just stammered: “I… I… I’m actually just waiting for someone here.” The man laughed out loud. “I know that. He sent me to pick you up,” the man countered. He opened the gullwing door of the car so that he could now see me better. When he saw me, he made no effort at all to hide his greedy eyes and literally undressed me with his eyes.

Curious, I read the letter and was totally surprised by my husband

Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong
Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong

“Get in, tramp,” he ordered me gruffly. I was totally confused. Was that part of Patrick’s game? Before I could really realize what I was doing, I sat down in the car with the strange man. He also handed me an envelope. When I opened it, I found 5,000 euros and a letter:

Don’t ask any questions. Don’t speak to anyone. For the money you will be my private whore tonight. I will do what I want with you. Without taboos. You will be the servant of my lust. Everything I ask of you, you will do. All.

This is your last chance to cancel the whole thing. If you don’t, there will be no going back. If you agree, pocket the money. If you change your mind at that moment, get out and we’ll never see each other again.

Apart from that, he didn’t say a word to me. I was literally running out of lust. What had Patrick planned? Why would this ominous man bring me to him? Did Patrick need this time for his preparation? “Here, put this on,” he instructed me and handed me an opaque blindfold, which I immediately put on. He accelerated and I was pressed into the seat.

We drove for about twenty minutes. We turned off somewhere where the road surface seemed to change from a paved road to a gravel path, as it also slowed down considerably. After what felt like a kilometer, the car stopped briefly, but then drove on. I suspected that a gate had opened here and when we came to a halt after about 200 meters, my suspicions were confirmed. What also hardened, or rather hardened, were my nipples, which pressed cheekily against the thin fabric of my blouse with excitement.

Das ERONITE Dating

The man got out, walked around the car and opened the door for me. As I couldn’t see anything, he helped me out of the car. When I had straightened up, he stepped behind me, put my hands behind my back and put two cuffs on me, which he connected with a carabiner so that I was virtually tied up. So he led me along the gravel path to a large villa, as it turned out later. A magnificent manor house from the century before last. Torches lit the way, but I could only smell the kerosene, but I remained blindfolded. I had to be careful not to trip. The man had grabbed my arm – a little roughly for my taste – and accompanied me.

I should no longer recognize myself after this fuck

Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong
Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong

We entered a lavish reception hall, but turned off in the direction of the salon. There was a huge dining table in the middle of the room. He laid me down on the wooden table like a jacket. I was lying on my stomach with my chest on the heavy table. The man moved away and I heard a door close. I could hear my heart beating in my throat, I was really excited about what was going to happen today. Patrick seemed to have spared no expense or effort to give me an unforgettable evening. How long I lay on that table – I don’t know. It was a long wooden table. I didn’t dare take off the blindfold.

Suddenly the door opened and someone stepped up next to me. “Trust me and do whatever is asked of you,” a male voice spoke to me and I was more than relieved when I realized it was Patrick’s. He gently stroked my legs and my bottom. He reached under my skirt, pulled my panties to the side and tested my moisture with his fingers. I suddenly got wet when he pushed his middle finger into my vagina without warning. I gasped and squirmed. However, he pulled his fingers out of me after this short guest performance and let me lick them. I tasted my own horniness for the first time in my life and enjoyed it!

Now he let go of me, walked around the table and unfastened the carabiner, but only to tie me completely prone on the table top. My legs were still on the floor and they were also secured with a rope. Until then I didn’t even know that Patrick was into bondage games!

Das ERONITE Dating

And what I would never have guessed in my life: it wasn’t Patrick who had fingered me, but the man who would have picked me up from the parking lot. If I had known that, I would probably have protested immediately! But why didn’t my husband Patrick say anything? Why did he let this happen? What I couldn’t see: he was sitting tied up on a chair, gagged and another man was holding a gun to his temple. “Now let’s see how horny we can fuck your hooker,” he whispered in Patrick’s ear. My husband had tears streaming down his face, but he didn’t dare fight back or even speak. He was only allowed to speak when he was ordered to do so. And even then they held out a sign with what he was supposed to say.

The whole time I thought I had my husband Patrick by my side

Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong
Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong

I didn’t know anything about what my husband was going through at that moment, what he was probably feeling. I, on the other hand, was getting wetter and wetter, believing that Patrick was the “cause” of my intimate sensations. My arms and legs were stretched to breaking point, but the pain quickly turned into pleasure. The man – I thought it was Patrick the whole time – bent over me backwards and kissed my neck. A shiver ran down my spine. He pushed his knee between my legs and rubbed it against my pubic area. It was an overwhelming feeling when he pushed another finger into my cunt and rubbed my clitoris.

He slapped my buttocks with one hand while his fingers continued to dig into my wet cave. He spread my cheeks and then licked my butt hole. I never knew that I had so many nerve endings on my anus and I really enjoyed being licked there. His tongue danced over my rosette, his fingers pushed deeper and deeper into my cunt, which was now gaping more and more open. Little by little he drilled his whole hand into my juicy hole and began to fist me vaginally gently but forcefully. His whole fist was now inside me and he pushed it so far forward that he not only touched my cervix, but also half of his forearm disappeared inside me.

It was a feeling for the gods! Patrick had never taken me like this before. I was still tied up on this wooden board and gave in to my lust. Patrick was led to my ear again and had to whisper to me: “Sweetie, hold still right now. I’m going to fuck your ass now, my little whore.” That did the trick! I got even wetter, my pussy juice ran down my thighs and dripped onto the floor. Then I felt my back door being rubbed with Vaseline by a finger and then suddenly a fat glans pressed against my sphincter, which now gave way despite the resistance and cleared the way into my tight bowels. The full length of the penis gradually penetrated me.

Das ERONITE Dating

I screamed in pain, I’d never had anal sex before and was rather skeptical about it. But slowly the pain receded and an irrepressible desire sprouted inside me. A horniness that I had never experienced before. I gasped, moaned and babbled some nonsensical sounds. I can no longer describe the stuff that came out of my mouth. His balls slapped against my cunt, which would have loved to be fucked now too, but I enjoyed this preferential treatment from my husband. At least I kept thinking that it was him who was penetrating me anally.

He made me his private, all-desires-fulfilling pleasure whore

Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong
Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong

He got faster and faster, now hammering his stiff pole deep into my tight canal. I gasped and squirmed, but relentlessly he drove it deeper and deeper into my bowels. Oh God, what was he doing to me? Was that what he always missed about me and why he wanted to book me as a “prostitute”? Is this the reason why so many men go to brothels and cheat on their wives, girlfriends and partners, because they don’t get what they secretly want at home?

I didn’t have much time to think about it because the hard cock inside me started to twitch and shortly afterwards he rectally pumped several loads of cum into my rectum. When he pulled his penis out of my chocolate hole, a whole gush of his cum sloshed out of me and splashed onto the floor. He pulled me up by the hair and a voice ordered me gruffly: “You little bitch, now suck my cock clean!” – I was terrified because it wasn’t Patrick’s voice telling me to do it. But I still couldn’t see anything, I still had the mask over my eyes.

“Who are you?” I shouted. “What are you doing? Where’s my husband? – Patrick, are you here?” Silence. No answer. Instead, I was untied and had to kneel down. Then the strange man held his smeared willy in front of my face. “Lick clean!” came the short and unmistakable command. I was reluctant to suck his penis, which was still in my ass. To emphasize his words, he was given a resounding slap in the face, but it was a real one. My cheek immediately turned red and tears ran down my cheek.

Das ERONITE Dating

I opened my mouth against my will and tasted the harsh taste of his member, which was now half stiff in my mouth. Slowly it grew again and as if in a trance I began to suck on it. What was going on here? Why did I do that? I still didn’t know what was happening to me. The cock got bigger and bigger in my mouth, my tongue played on his piss hole and the frenulum, which it circled again and again. When the penis was stiff, the man began to fuck my mouth. He used me as his mouth cunt in every way. “I’m Marc,” the man panted, “you’re my sex slave from now on and your husband has no say in the matter.”

She was fucked hard in the ass by a complete stranger

Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong
Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong

With these words, he slipped off my blindfold. When my eyes had adjusted to the light again, I could see that my husband Patrick was sitting right opposite me – gagged and bound on a chair. He had to watch us the whole time! He was forced to watch his own wife being fucked in the ass by a strange man. I looked at him, he was crying. But a hitherto unknown lust grew inside me. I wanted to be fucked! No matter by whom. I felt sorry for Patrick, crouching there like a heap of misery, but my lust and my desire for sex were more powerful than anything else at that moment.

The strange man continued to fuck my throat, his thick cock was now deep in my gullet. “Watch me use that cunt and wank her face in a minute,” he laughed, facing my husband. “Watch your whore blow my fat cock and suck my balls dry!” Patrick sobbed as I began to suck the hard piston while fingering my own pussy. I was horny and you could tell at that moment. The member in my mouth became bigger and harder, it pulsated and twitched, a small drop of pleasure had formed on the tip. An unmistakable sign for me to go all out now. I blew as deep as I could, deepthroat I spoiled the strange guy with a blowjob like my husband had never gotten from me before.

Das ERONITE Dating

As he panted and moaned louder and louder, I knew he was about to come. I kept blowing until his penis twitched more and more. Then I took it out of my mouth and wanked it right in front of my face, sticking my tongue out in anticipation of his cum. I alternated between looking at the other man and then at my own husband. One moaned, the other whimpered. I rubbed my pearl like a savage, was about to climax myself and when the stranger came to his orgasm, I came too. And how! I screamed out my lust as several spurts of his semen splashed into my face, my open mouth and onto my outstretched tongue. I really milked this man dry. His balls contracted several times, his sperm poured out on and inside me in what felt like liters.

They called my husband a wimp – and they were right

Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong
Fail: Sexual role play gone completely wrong

When we had both calmed down, the stranger wasn’t finished yet and handed the guy who had held the gun to my husband’s head earlier, but who had jerked off during our “show”, to him. “Get that wimp over here,” he said, pointing at Patrick. He untied him and led him to me. I was lying backwards on the wooden table, totally exhausted, and first had to recover from this hot action. I was gasping for breath. “I’ll let you fuck my whore one more time before you fuck off,” he laughed at him.

As if on command, I spread my legs and was ready to receive my own man now. He came over to me, whispered “I’m so sorry, my darling” in my ear and pulled down his pants. His semi-rigid cock popped out, which he now wanted to jerk off stiffly to fuck me here in front of the other two men. But his potency let him down. He couldn’t get it up, no matter how fast he jerked off. Normally this wasn’t his problem, but given the scenery, no wonder. The two men burst out laughing. “Told you he was a wimp,” one of them shouted, clapping his hands.

The other man came towards me with his wagging willy and pushed Patrick aside. Why did my husband let those two guys treat him like that? I was sad, horrified and disappointed when Patrick gathered up his clothes and then disappeared.

Das ERONITE Dating

“Only losers and limp dicks get off,” trumpeted the second man, approached me and without further warning pushed his fleshy penis into my gaping cunt, which was receptive and well lubricated to receive the foreign intruder. My labia wrapped tightly around the shaft and my vaginal muscles milked the hard spear that was now starting to fuck me. The man fucked me hard and powerfully, I lost sight and hearing.

He unloaded deep into my vagina and pumped my twitching cunt full of his testicle milk until he pulled his cock out of me and our mingled bodily juices seeped out of my fuck hole. Afterwards he gave me a kiss on the forehead and just said “horny fucker, I could fuck her more often”. He put on his clothes and left the room without saying a word.

The first man had been watching us the whole time. I liked the way he sat there comfortably in his armchair and filmed our activities on his cell phone. “I’ll send this to your husband,” he laughed and waved me over. I took a seat on the floor in front of him and rested my head on his lap. He stroked my hair and said: “Your place is with me now.” – How right he was! Late that night, he drove me home to Patrick, my husband. First I had a shower, but then I wanted to know what was going on tonight and how he had planned it. I was almost speechless when I found out the truth:

Patrick had hired a stranger he’d met online to pick me up and take me to his place. Patrick had no idea that he wanted to play a different game and make me his own sex slave. His game got completely out of hand.

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But I found the experience so hot that I stayed with the strange man and have been serving him as a slave ever since. I am downright in bondage to him. Sometimes I also have to be sexually available to the second man. I have discovered my submissive side and read his every wish from his eyes. Patrick couldn’t cope with it at all, got divorced and moved to another city.

Incidentally, the white car was a Ferrari and not a Lamborghini, but I’m not really into cars. If I had known my way around better, the evening would certainly have gone differently…

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