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Sexy Stories to browse, read and hotch up: the hottest free sex stories with stimulating action now for free at Eronite!

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Work Naked Day – today is naked work day!

How many of those who work from home will celebrate Naked Work Day on Feb. 5? Working Naked Day was created by Lisa Kanarek and since then many naked people celebrate this day naked in the office.

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Sucking off my boss and still not at the finish line

The erotic sex story: It could not have been more embarrassing and cruel when I was with my boss on Mallorca. I wanted to take revenge on the head secretary, but those who dig a pit for others sometimes fall into it themselves. That's what happened.

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The lotus position: cross-legged sex

Couples who are willing to experiment and are a little limber can try the lotus position. The position comes from the Indian Kama Sutra and is basically cross-legged sex. There are two variants.

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