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Sexy Stories to browse, read and hotch up: the hottest free sex stories with stimulating action now for free at Eronite!

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20.9. – Anny Aurora celebrates her birthday!

Happy birthday, Anny Aurora. On behalf of all users and the Eronite team, we congratulate you on your special day and wish you all the best!

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So I could make a dominatrix my slave

The frivolous fetish story: Tom had had the best sex of his life. He invited Mistress Lucia to his home to make the dominatrix a slave. Should he succeed? He wanted to tie the lady to the bed, whip her and fuck her.

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Intimate confession: waitress seduces at Da Picchio in Bolzano

I seduced the hot waitress and saw her again several times afterwards, not only at "Da Picchio". We actually fell in love with each other. Today we have a small pension near Bolzano. And that's how it started.

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