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Sexy Stories to browse, read and hotch up: the hottest free sex stories with stimulating action now for free at Eronite!

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Gianina-TS naked – Where can you find such a thing?

Who wouldn't want to see a slut like Gianina-TS naked? This enchanting creature is as young as blood and has it thick as a fist behind her ears. And in the most positive sense of the word. Because TS Gianina Maissen loves everything beautiful and enjoys almost anything that is fun. At 24, she is quite experienced when it comes to sex and porn. Doesn't that sound wonderfully tempting?

A sex story

Erotic story: Test his fidelity with a MFF threesome

This is a sequel to the erotic story "Fidelity test with husband: will he cheat with her?". - How much her world had just changed in the past time. Unbelievable. x And her thoughts kept circling around Frank. His looks, his touches.

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That’s what women really expect from you men!

This is what women really expect from men in bed: tough guys or a good listener? A silence or moaning with relish? Six things you should know before you sleep with a woman next time!

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