Sex story: Big cat rodeo with Swedish cowgirls

By Daniel Kemper
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Thoughts of a Swedish cowgirl

Inspired by the Wild West feeling, the Swedish big cats move the next part of their bet to a ranch. The two horny twin sisters quickly realize that wild rodeo games and riding mares are exactly their thing. Just like the vastness of the prairie, the feeling of freedom and the skin-tight jeans on her skin.

Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Goddagens Eronite, this is Eva speaking. Or should I say Howdy? Work like a real cowgirl on a ranch and feel the freedom of the wide open prairie. I had always wanted something like this as a little girl. What could be more obvious than to incorporate this idea into the course of our hot bet?

Deutsche Erotikstars

Okay, there aren’t many real ranches with cows and horses in the Hamburg area, but you can let your imagination run wild. There are plenty of riding stables and farms. And after all, there’s also a lot of male material there that you can snack on in the course of our bet.

Denim and Leather – Bring us all together

Big cat rodeo with Swedish cowgirls
Big cat rodeo with Swedish cowgirls

Just like my sister, I’ve always had a soft spot for cowboy boots. The rough feeling of denim on the skin is also really cool. That’s why we both never wear underwear under jeans.

Can you call that a fetish? After all, jeans have become an integral part of everyday life. Of course, this has the advantage that a lot of other people also share our preferences. Denim and leather bring us all together. Saxon were already singing about this in the eighties.

Born to be wild: We had finally arrived at the riding stables. The farm was far away from the nearest village, so it was easy to daydream about the endless prairie.

Another daydream was also fueled, as I spotted my first potential prey shortly after arriving. At that point I only saw him from behind, but I liked his jeans ass immediately. I could see from Marie’s grin that she had interpreted my look correctly. The guy turned around and nodded at us. The sight made both Swedish big cats’ mouths water. Tanned skin, a three-day beard and a muscular upper body. He also had a lasso, which triggered my first submissive thoughts about possible bondage games. Yes, the Swedish big cat had spotted its first prey.

Deutsche Erotikstars

I turn a little so that he can take a look at my butt. Once I have his full attention, I nod in the direction of his lasso, raise my arms and cross my wrists. He seems to understand the gesture, because now he is also grinning lecherously. I can feel his gaze slowly sliding down my body. He seems to be imagining how he will tear the bit of denim off my body. That is more than clear in his eyes.

Swedish big cats in action

It’s time to take action. After all, I want to take the lead today and show my sister what I’m capable of. Besides, I like the guy and I’m actually already horny for him.

So I stroll over to him. I freely ask him if he would like to break in a new mare now. As you would expect, he answers in the affirmative and we go to the courtyard together to look for my room. With one ear I can still hear my sister whistling appreciatively after me. Apparently she is also impressed by my speed.

Big cat rodeo with Swedish cowgirls
Big cat rodeo with Swedish cowgirls

As soon as I arrive in the room, I hear the door slam shut behind me and feel his hands on my ass. He’s got a great grip. My butt is being kneaded like it hasn’t been for a long time. I lean forward so that he can get an even better grip and feel his hand on my already wet cunt.

My jeans are torn down and my short denim vest is almost shredded. This guy is really strong. A hand grabs my hair and makes sure I stay bent forward. A few slaps land on my butt. My hands are tied behind my back. Finally I am turned around and my face lands directly in front of his erect cock.

Deutsche Erotikstars

As a cowgirl, the Swedish big cat has become a submissive mare. I dutifully sink to my knees in front of him and take his strap as deep into my mouth as I can. After a few thrusts his eyes twist and he squirts his entire load directly into my throat.

Big cat rodeo

I’m disappointed for a moment because everything happened so quickly. But far from it. This cowboy is not finished with me yet. He unties me and puts the rope around my neck. Like a calf to the slaughter, he makes me crawl on all fours to the bed. Once there, he wants me to lend a hand and masturbate for him. But without coming.

I turn onto my back, spread my legs and stick a finger in my cunt. His cock, which should be freshly satisfied, is already twitching again at the sight. My cowboy seems to have quite a bit of stamina. Finally I manage to get him so horny that his bulging cock is pointing steeply upwards again.
In a submissive voice, I ask him if he fancies a round of big cat rodeo. Less than a second later, he is already lying on top of me.

His penis penetrates me hard. He immediately begins to push again and again. Tighter and firmer. Now it pays off that he has already injected earlier. Because the stamina that my cowboy is now showing is second to none. He rams his thing into me again and again at hellish speed until I groan in pain. His cock only seems to get bigger.

For a handful of tits

It could go on like this for hours. Okay, it feels like it does. His hands now move further up and grab my breasts. At last, because they had somehow been neglected until now. My nipples immediately stretch out greedily towards him while he skillfully stimulates them with his thumb. Finally he takes my tits in his mouth one after the other. His tongue plays with my nipples, sucks on them and nudges them again and again. His cock doesn’t slow down to fuck the lust out of my body.

Deutsche Erotikstars

A glance out of the window tells me that the sun is about to set. Didn’t we arrive in the morning? How long have we been fucking around here? I have no idea, as I have lost all sense of time. In any case, we’re both fucking in the best Western style towards the setting sun.

But the cavalry is never too late and eventually he arrives too. His movements slow down and his eyes twist again. With a powerful final thrust, another load of cum shoots out of him, this time directly into my wet cunt. Exhausted, my cowboy sinks down next to me. With one hand still playing with my tits, he explains to me how horny he found what he had just experienced. I assure him that I also liked it and grasp his cock carefully.

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But this one is now actually deeply relaxed and no longer moves. At least for the moment. I am a real Swedish big cat through and through.


I got a point for having sex with the cowboy. There was another one for the lasso thing. My sister is also very generous. She gives me an extra point for the speed of catching prey and for the duration of the act. As Maria was really good this time and kept quiet, the points all go to me. So I turned a two-point deficit into a two-point lead.

Deutsche Erotikstars

But I don’t want my sister to think that I’ll keep still next time because of this. I told her the same thing so that she knew where she stood. After all, our bet is about fun and sex for all of us. In the style of the Swedish big cats.

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