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Der Bayer im Team. Er wurde 1987 in Oberbayern geboren und studierte an der LMU in München tatsächlich Katholische Theologie. Anschließend absolvierte er beim Bayrischen Rundfunk ein Volontariat und landete im Juni 2021 bei Eronite.

Presented: 12 fucking horny camgirls live

Camgirls live: The focus is often on looks. Does the camgirl appeal to the user in her overall expression? What body shapes, hair colors and sizes do men and women prefer? The descriptions provide detailed information about what may not be so easy to see in photos. We introduce you to 12 hot live cam girls with photos and descriptions.

US porn star Jesse Jane dies

Jesse Jane is dead! The prominent porn actress was found dead in her apartment in Moore, Oklahoma, on January 24 at the age of 43. Jesse Jane, born Cindy Taylor, was an outstanding actress in the adult entertainment industry. She achieved great fame through her appearances in numerous films and was adored by many fans around the world.

Sex at the gym – how to have sex in secret at the sports...

Secret fantasy - sex in the gym: no wonder. There are heaps of attractive people with well-toned bodies in gyms. All lightly clothed, so that the beads of sweat are clearly visible on the skin. So the thought of sex in the gym with one of these attractive sports partners is not far away. But how to proceed? To avoid possible trouble, you should proceed with caution.

Amateur GeileJulia: Buxom blonde in lacy lingerie

If you have always wanted to hold a hot woman with exciting breasts and beautiful lingerie in your hands, Geilejulia is the right place for you. Anyone can have fun with this woman, whether they are a beginner or an experienced lover. But it doesn't have to stop at looking at lingerie and fantasizing about her big breasts. Anyone who wants to can get in touch with you and perhaps see a lot more of you.

Experience report threesome: I had sex with two women

I've always had a special personality, so no one is surprised that I'm not monogamous. I often have the experience of having sex with two women, because I love this kinky threesome constellation. It's not a fixed love triangle, even if it's always the same hot girls.

I want to film you giving a blowjob – in close-up!

Filming your partner giving you a blowjob while you have the orgasm of your life is an absolute man's dream. But not every woman is immediately enthusiastic about this idea. Here are a few suggestions to make the project appealing to the lady, because filming a blowjob is definitely not only cool for men. We'll tell you how she's guaranteed to agree!

Ninapralliina – The hot temptation in an exclusive interview

Discover the world of a camgirl in an exclusive interview with Ninapralliina: how she got started, the challenges she overcame and how she deals with negative feedback. Ninapralliina shares insights into her shows, interacting with fans, work-life balance, and the role of technology in her work. A fascinating look behind the scenes of the amateur girl.

“Turbo Shaker” – with powerful dancing vibrations to the climax

The Turbo Shaker from You2Toys: an innovative series of powerful vibrators with shaking technology for intense pleasure. Experience different models such as the G-Spot Lover, Double Lover and Anal Lover, each with unique features. Simple operation, flexible design and silky silicone ensure incomparable pleasure. Ideal for individual and couple experiences.

You will never meet these erotic models on the street

The AI revolution creates impressively realistic images, including erotic models. This gives rise to both fascination and controversy. This article looks at the implications for art, business, and ethics, and dives deep into the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

Erotic Literature: Frivolous Sex & Art of Sensuality

An in-depth look at the erotic literature of the past year. From feminist perspectives to diversity and inclusion to technological trends. The evolution, diversity and art of this genre offers far more than sensual fantasies and challenges social norms. A must for literature lovers.

Science of attraction: what do researchers say about sexual attraction?

The science behind sexual attraction illuminates an interplay of biological, psychological, and sociocultural factors. Hormones, brain activity and technologies play a decisive role in this. Common myths are also examined. A fascinating insight into the mysteries of human connections.

Girlfriend sex in brothel: cuddly number

The advantage of girlfriend sex in a brothel is that there are no obligations or any form of pressure. It is about the enjoyment of the intimate relationship. And also about being able to let go. Clients come to this special experience with their longing for connection and bring a wide variety of stories.

Reward for hard work: Creator earns 16,000 euros a month

From zero to 16,000 euros a month: the fascinating story of a content creator who stands out in the digital world through niche content and tireless diligence. With support, strategy and an innovative platform, the leap to the top is successful. Ups, downs, and investments of their journey revealed.

10 reasons: Why Czech girls are so sexy

Why are Czech girls considered to be especially sexy? This humorous blog article reveals the charming secrets - from the fascination of Bohemian crystal to the secret recipe of Czech cuisine. Discover the unique blend of culture, fashion and nature that makes the irresistible charm of Czech girls.

Jerk-off instructions: Men want to masturbate, not neo-feminism

Hey, looking for wacky self-love tips for men? Join the club of men who want to relax "quite traditionally"! Whether dirty talk, overknees or the sweet game of carrot and stick - here's the funniest and most tingling wank instructions. Laugh, marvel, enjoy and... well, you know! Click in and discover your favorite tip!

Really? These zodiac signs cheat most often!

You think zodiac signs might have an influence on sexual fidelity? Dive into an exciting analysis of the zodiac signs and their tendencies towards infidelity. Discover if fiery signs like Leo or earthy ones like Taurus are predestined for cheating. But remember: the zodiac sign is only one aspect of the whole!
Unbelievable: man accidentally sleeps with wrong woman

Unbelievable: man accidentally sleeps with wrong woman

You think you've had embarrassing nights? Wait until you hear the story about a guy who ends up in bed with the wrong woman! Tragicomic, whimsical, and full of lessons you're guaranteed never to forget. Read on and be amazed at how the story turned out and what the husband of the "wrong" woman had to say about it!
Herbs & Magic: Contraceptive Methods in the Middle Ages

Herbs & Magic: Contraceptive Methods in the Middle Ages

The narrow-minded view of the Catholic Church on the subject of sexual intercourse and contraception in the Middle Ages. This article looks at the strict rules for sex and their implications, the creative and sometimes whimsical methods of contraception, and the role of superstition and magic in preventing unwanted pregnancies.

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Shock! Porn actress Kagney Linn Karter dead

Porn star Jesse Jane was recently laid to rest. Today we have to deal with such sad news. The American porn actress Kagney Linn Karter, who enchanted us with her beauty and talent, has passed away far too soon.

A sex story

At halftime I blow him while watching soccer

A seductive story full of passion and surprises - during half time I blow my boyfriend's mind. However, there is still a surprise waiting. The sex story deals with two beautiful things in life and the dream of many men: a blowjob during the break at the soccer. Highly erotic, sex positively charged and just plain horny!

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