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Der Bayer im Team. Er wurde 1987 in Oberbayern geboren und studierte an der LMU in München tatsächlich Katholische Theologie. Anschließend absolvierte er beim Bayrischen Rundfunk ein Volontariat und landete im Juni 2021 bei Eronite.
This Is Why Webcam Stars Have Replaced Porn Stars

This Is Why Webcam Stars Have Replaced Porn Stars

Webcamstars and erotic amateurs have now replaced the well-known pornstars. There's a reason for that. One thing is for sure, German camgirls are more popular and in demand than ever. No one has to go to a video store to rent porn anymore.

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Sweet Mia XXX: My first outdoor blowjob at night in the...

I know exactly, dear men, how you want to be blown. And so I lured my sex partner at night into the woods, unbuttoned his pants and gave him an outdoor blowjob, that he lost his hearing and sight on the spot with this experience.

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Erotic story: The wet panties of my sister

My head cinema regularly exploded as soon as I heard the subtle sound from the room next door. My pulse was racing and I felt like a child who had observed something forbidden, always in danger of being punished. What had I heard pretty clearly from my sister's room?

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Online porn accelerates climate change

Smog, ozone hole, swine fever, BSE and freak weather. But online porn of all things is supposed to be to blame for climate change? Streaming online porn produces 100 million tons of CO2 annually. Do we all have to do without now?

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