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Der Student der Literaturwissenschaften bereichert mit seinen überaus außergewöhnlichen Denkanstößen unser Autorenteam seit Februar 2016, liest fünfmal am Tag den Quellcode und kennt sich ziemlich gut mit Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) aus.

12 things that embarrass men in bed

Twelve embarrassing situations in bed that men can face. From erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation to insecurities and communication problems, learn why these situations occur and how to avoid or manage them. Learn to accept embarrassment in bed as normal challenges!

The big camsites test: Is Chaturbate really free?

In the Chaturbate test, we took a closer look at the portal and examined the various options. What is Chaturbate and is Chaturbate free of charge? We take care of that as well as the question whether the registration is recommended. You can read everything about the portal here, including a detailed FAQ.

Sextoy test: ACMEJOY Doggystyle sex doll Selina

The realistic doggystyle sex doll Selina offers unparalleled sexual pleasure solo or with several people, thanks to large soft breasts, stimulating vagina and anus. Made of high quality medical grade silicone, easy to clean and suitable for any man to fulfill fancy fantasies.

Sex story: Public on the beach as a woman cunt

Experience a sensual story full of erotic adventures on the nude beach of Agde in France. Dive into the passionate moments of a hot woman who shares her sexual experiences with others. Discover the unbridled lust and exciting encounters she enjoys during her beach vacation. An unforgettable reading experience!

Erotic burping – Can this be a perverted niche?

Successful with erotic burping? How widespread is the burp fetish? The pretty Desilicious tried it out for her followers and is amazingly successful with this slightly different kind of dirty talking. But the cute black-haired girl with the fawn eyes is a delicacy through and through and has much more to offer. We introduce them!

Combining paysex with other jobs – is that possible?

Working as a porn actress can have an impact on self-image and the image of others. Many people view sex work as immoral and condemn it as "dirty" or "reprehensible." Nevertheless, there are several women who have successfully left the porn industry and made a career in other areas of the entertainment business.

Chaturbate Livecams – Frivolous Couple Shows and Horny Actions

Discover Chaturbate Livecam, the international webcam portal where you can chat with hot women 24/7. Register for free, enjoy a diverse selection and experience exciting experiences in private chats. Find the perfect camgirl for your preferences.

Secret sex in the architectural monument Schölerschlösschen

The erotic sex story: Forbidden good - Experience secret sex with Kira in the abandoned Schölerschlösschen. A sensory experience in the midst of gloomy premises and the possibility of remaining undiscovered. Turn your sex dreams into reality and learn more about Kira's impressive body and infectious humor.

Book raffle: 3 x “Success formula for love” – signed by hand

We are giving away three signed books by success coach Nicole Kleinhenz: "Success formula for love" - Would you like to be one of the winners and get lots of tips on how to improve your relationship life? The book of the smart entrepreneur gives you almost everything you need - except for the woman, who becomes a piece of cake to get!

The swallow training – How my girlfriend learned to swallow sperm

Some time ago, the subject of oral sex came up with my girlfriend and me. We have both had oral sex, but not with each other until now. In addition, both she and I would like to know what it's like to have my girlfriend swallow my semen. So we planned some kind of cum swallowing training for her.
Which women have the biggest breasts?

Which women have the biggest breasts?

All over the world there are different ideals and ideas about what the perfect bosom should look like - or even how it should feel. Which women in the world have the biggest breasts? We have researched and present the results!
Is there only one German redhead porn actress?

Is there only one German redhead porn actress?

Every sexy redhead is a feast for the eyes in itself, because only 1% of all people at all have red hair (in Ireland and Scotland it is still 10% of the population). But is there only one German redhead porn actress? We have looked around nationally and internationally.

Erotic story: The sleeping in the night

Maya, annoyed, grabbed her pillow, got a light blanket from the closet and went down to the living room. Alfred was once again contentedly snoring away his drunkenness. Fortunately, nothing could be heard from Benjamin's room that night either.

Sex on the phone – live phone sex numbers for phone eroticism

The possibilities that are offered to you during phone sex are almost endless. Whether fetish phone sex, private phone sex or phone eroticism; whether phone sex cam, picture phone sex, livecam sex on the phone or phone sex with webcam.

Download free porn – it’s easy with this free tool!

Download now completely free your favorite songs and videos in the best quality to enjoy them properly without commercial interruption. With this free tool you can easily download porn for free and watch it over and over again. And best of all, it works really well for Youtube too!

Erotic incest story: My beautiful niece Tina

Yes right, I fuck my niece Tina! She is related by blood to my wife, so we don't do anything forbidden. The only thing reprehensible about it could be that I fucked her for the first time when she was just sweet 18 years old.

Physical closeness and death: When is it time for sex again after a bereavement?

What better thing could happen to a grieving person than to be hit by the full force of love? Life seems to experience a new spring. Everything is suddenly colorful and full of life again. When is it time for sex again after the death of a partner?

How to turn a one night stand into a fuck relationship

Men in particular should be aware beforehand of what may be expected of them and what is in store for them. Because, unfortunately, not every one night stand can be transformed into a fuck relationship. We give you the best tips and advice to turn your ONS into a fuck friend!

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Sextoy test: ACMEJOY blowjob pocket pussy

Blowjob pocket pussy for uncomplicated and lifelike pleasure. Made of medical grade silicone, this high quality sex toy offers both vaginal and oral canal for ultimate pleasure. Easy to use, easy to clean and discreetly packaged. Fantasies with a realistic and sporty beauty to sniff! The Blowjob Pocket Pussy is available for only 15,99 Euro!

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Erotic story: My first time BDSM

She watched me horny. Her wet brown hair made her look even cuter than normal and she bit her lower lip. Then she sat down on the edge of the bathtub and erotically spread her legs.

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My confession: I am addicted to pocket money dates

Since Gina started pocket money dating, she has been meeting men several times a week. She can afford it, because she is not only pretty, but has an exciting body. It is just meeting against sex.

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