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Der Student der Literaturwissenschaften bereichert mit seinen überaus außergewöhnlichen Denkanstößen unser Autorenteam seit Februar 2016, liest fünfmal am Tag den Quellcode und kennt sich ziemlich gut mit Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) aus.

What's different about sex with a masochistic woman?

During sex with a masochistic woman, she can experience deep arousal through physical and psychological stimuli that include pain as well as psychological manipulation or humiliation. Sadomasochism can be a form of control and letting go for the woman at the same time: She completely relinquishes her control over her physical experience.

OnlyFans model Bonnie Blue has sex with 122 men

Bonnie Blue is a successful digital creator who generates a substantial income with her unique content. As a well-known OnlyFans model, she has managed to build up a large fan base and make a name for herself as an erotic content creator. Her online income has made her a millionaire and her financial successes are impressive.

What's different about sex with a Chinese woman?

Sex with a woman from China differs in many ways from classic eroticism as we know it in this country. What makes sex with a Chinese woman so special and whether it's really worth having sex with an Asian woman from time to time - this article reveals this and more.

Alarming: syphilis figures higher than ever

STDs simply cannot be killed off. Unfortunately. Syphilis figures in particular have shot up to alarming levels in recent years. While there were 800 cases at the turn of the millennium, the number has now risen to 8000. Many people see the Internet as the reason for this rapid increase. Flirt sites and dating agencies are springing up like mushrooms.

Vendanima — Lesbian couple shooting porn

They are very young, beautiful and have it thick as a fist behind their ears: Vendanima, a horny lesbian couple, are currently rocking the porn and erotic scene. Men and women alike are extremely enthusiastic about this cute duo. In fact, it is an absolute joy to watch the two cute girls playing lesbian games and to enjoy Vendanima in the process.

Porn girl Gianina-TS is on everyone's lips

When it comes to queer and transsexual light figures from the world of erotica, porn girl Gianina-TS is definitely part of the party. And quite rightly so. After all, the lively porn girl Gianina-TS with her always good mood has been attracting regular attention for some time now. Reason enough for another article about the multi-talented transsexual.

Victim support: Sexualized violence against men

In Germany, there is an increasing number of men who are victims of sexualized and domestic violence. However, this topic is often ignored and taboo. It is assumed that men cannot become victims of violence because of their physical strength. This perception often prevents access to suitable help and support.

Porn as a hobby? The business with amateur sex

Women also have an extensive penchant for eroticism. Many people dream of turning their hobby into a profession. It entices you with the thought of never having to work again, but only doing what you enjoy. Porn as a hobby and later as a main profession is definitely possible and easier than ever thanks to today's possibilities. But is this career aspiration really worth pursuing? SWR investigated this question.

What's different about sex with a porn actress?

What man doesn't enjoy watching porn? A really hot movie that gets down to business? However, it would certainly be even hotter to have sex with a porn actress. Ramming her live and in color according to all the rules of the art and making the most secret fantasies come true. But what exactly is so appealing about having sex with a porn actress?

Sex in public — a good idea?

Caressing in public can be an attractive idea for some people. There are various reasons why couples choose to engage in public displays of affection. One reason could be the lack of a private place where they can express their love without restrictions. For example, a kiss on a park bench, a romantic embrace on the street or even sex on the beach.

The place for porn casting in NRW: Location ONE

The location for the porn casting in Sauerland has been decided. Due to the excellent experience last December, we are delighted to be hosting the casting again at the swingers club Location ONE. Reason enough to take a closer look at the venue for the next porn casting.

Pretty hot: this is how attractive these firefighters are

You might think of firefighters as brave heroines who save lives. But did you know that they not only impress with their courage, but also with their beauty? In fact, attractive female firefighters are much more common than you might think. Whether on the field or during training, these women impress not only with their strength, but also with their looks.

Introduction: Versatile love toy set from "Couples Choice"

The "Couples Choice" love toy set offers couples the opportunity to make their love life more exciting and pleasurable. Couples can deepen their intimacy and have new experiences with high-quality and versatile toys. The set contains various love toys that have been specially developed for couples and are suitable for both men and women.

Unusual name, hot show: Chaturbate couple Sexstar_l1fstyl3

Who is behind the enticing abbreviation Sexstar_l1fstyl3 and what is this Chaturbate couple actually all about? Why are Michael and Diana so popular? And what does Chaturbate actually mean? Questions upon questions - and the following article provides the surprising answers - and much more...

Goodbye supermarket: Sina Valentini Porn is more fun!

The sexy blonde's original motivation was to add a little spice to her dull everyday working life. Very quickly the 177 cm tall delicacy with the 75D tits had licked blood, which is immediately noticeable in the Sina Valentini porn.

Supersex — Porn star Rocco Siffredi inspires Netflix series

Rocco Siffredi, Italy's most famous porn actor, is now being celebrated by Netflix in a series called "Supersex". The series is inspired by Rocco Siffredi's real life and sheds light on his career as a porn star and his relationship with love. The teaser trailer and the official start date of the series have already been announced.

What's different about sex with a stupid woman?

Anyone who meets a woman to sleep with her often realizes how intelligent she is after just a few minutes. Nevertheless, it can be worth continuing the date, because sex with a stupid woman can be very exciting, as there are various advantages that should not be ignored.
This is why I love Asian girls with big natural tits

That's why I love Asian girls with big tits (natural)

It's all in the mix! At home the big boobs DD with raspberry red nipples and away from home about the same caliber with chocolate brown nipples. What a lucky guy I am that I can finally live out my lust for Asian girls with big tits.

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Amber Kawaii shooting porn at the sexcastings in Hanover and Berlin

On 20.07.2024 it's time again: The Eronite porn casting starts in Hanover and extends on 23.10.24 to Berlin and on 28.12.2024 to Menden in NRW, where talented, hot young porn actors meet for a performance. Amber Kawaii, who is known for porn of a special kind and shoots in Hanover and Berlin with potential up-and-coming porn stars, has confirmed her attendance.

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