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Der Student der Literaturwissenschaften bereichert mit seinen überaus außergewöhnlichen Denkanstößen unser Autorenteam seit Februar 2016, liest fünfmal am Tag den Quellcode und kennt sich ziemlich gut mit Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) aus.
Mein Geständnis - Ich erpresse meine Schwester Lisa

The confession: I blackmail my sister Lisa

I have a confession to make: I have always been jealous of my sister Lisa. And so I had a perfidious idea to film her during sex and blackmail her afterwards. I know that this is not appropriate, but my urge is simply too big and as a big brother I am now at the trigger!
So lernte dieser Mann Pornodarstellerin Little Caprice kennen

That’s how this man met porn actress Little Caprice

Today, porn actress Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo as a couple are among the best known and most successful erotic performers in Austria, if not in Europe. In the TV show "Fellner Live!" the man revealed with which six words he met the Czech porn star.
Noradevot Pornos - ein neuer Amateurstar stellt sich vor

Noradevot Pornos – a new amateur star introduces herself

Nora is only at the beginning of her career as a webcam girl and porn actress. If you take into account the speed at which the previous Noradevot pornos were created, there is a good chance that many more sex movies will follow.
Nackt über den Fußballplatz: Flitzerin Little Caprice

Naked across the soccer field: Little Caprice

A guy runs naked across the soccer field. A few seconds later, Little Caprice, a porn actress naked as splinters, appears and also runs across the pitch. Slowly it becomes clear that the guy basically wants nothing more than to give the lady a bottle of lemonade.
Live-Schalte nach Los Angeles: Texas Patti gewinnt 10. Venus Award

Live switch to Los Angeles: Texas Patti wins 10th Venus Award

Texas Patti wasn't at the Venus Fair at all, but still got the 10th Venus Award for her career. While she was working on a porn set, the big buzz went up in Berlin. Nevertheless, the native of Münster was one of the winners of the evening.
STI-Labortest anonym von Zuhause aus

STI laboratory test anonymously from home

Many people are uncomfortable going to the doctor for an STD. It is too embarrassing to have to admit openly that you have caught something. Now the STI laboratory test can be done anonymously from home.
Warum sind so viele Pornostars als Escort buchbar?

Why are so many porn stars bookable as escort girls?

Successful porn stars are often famous. Names like Briana Banks and Jessica Jaymes stand for the highest quality and are flagship names in the industry. Although these erotic stars have become relatively wealthy through their productions, many porn stars work as escorts.
Ist das Treffen mit einer Escort fremdgehen?

Is a date with an escort cheating?

Many men will have asked themselves this important question several times! Is the meeting with an escort cheating? Good question! Because there are probably very divided views. Most men will clearly deny this question.
SICO SIZE Xtra Kondome mit hoher Wandstärke

SICO SIZE Xtra condoms with high wall thickness

The SICO SIZE Xtra condoms have an extra thick wall thickness and are available in four different sizes from 52mm to 60mm. For a perfect fit and slightly harder safer sex outside the standard. Every time.
Offene Beziehung führen: 6 goldene Regeln

Leading an open relationship: 6 golden rules

Leading an open relationship - not always a simple matter. What at first sounds like a lot of freedom and variety, in reality requires a lot of trust and discipline - we have compiled 6 golden rules for an open relationship.
Der Mann und sein (verzerrtes) Schwanzbild

The man and his (distorted) dick picture

Social networks today make it easy for men to send pictures of their own penis to a completely unknown woman. So it's time to ask why men send their tail pictures without being asked.
Ein Blick in die Kulturgeschichte der Partnersuche

A look at the cultural history of the search for a partner

The dating process has changed over time. It is not necessary to go back far at all. 20 years ago they met in the disco, today on Tinder or Facebook. The cultural history of the search for partners examines the changes of time.
Footjob für Profis: So geht's richtig

Footjob for professionals: How it’s done right

When talking about a footjob for professionals, most people think of foot fetishists who pay a whore to give them an orgasm while foot fucking. In reality, a footjob for professionals can also be built into the love play.
Sex und BDSM: wenn die Lust zur Sucht wird

Sex and BDSM: when desire becomes addiction

Three times a week I visit the best BDSM studio of the city, there I am a regular customer, there my fantasies live out. And that even though I have a wife that I love. So why am I doing this? How could this desire become an addiction?
Die ungewaschene Eichel am Schnitzel reiben

Out of revenge: rub unwashed acorn on schnitzel

Because my boss is an asshole, I contaminate the food in his beer garden in revenge by pulling my unwashed oak through sauces and rubbing it on the schnitzel. Is that a pervert? Yes, but it's much more blatant!
Sexgeschichte: Meine Frau und der große Hund

Sex story: My wife and the big dog

My wife and the big dog played a decisive role in an experience in my life that could hardly have been more blatant. When I couldn't find the money, I was supposed to experience my blue - and exciting - miracle. A sex story.
WHO: Jeder Vierte leidet an Geschlechtskrankheit

WHO: One in four suffers from venereal disease

The number of new infections is 5% higher than in 2012, which means that one in four people worldwide suffers from one or more venereal diseases, i.e. almost two billion people. HIV, syphilis, chlamydia and HPV are on the rise.
Dickste Frau der Welt hat 400 Kilo abgenommen

Fattest woman in the world has lost 400 kilos

The once fattest woman in the world has lost over 400 kilograms and gained new courage for life. The young woman from Berlin also fell in love again. As you can see, love and faith in oneself can move mountains. Even fat mountains.

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