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Jens Haberlein

Jens Haberlein
Der Student der Literaturwissenschaften bereichert mit seinen überaus außergewöhnlichen Denkanstößen unser Autorenteam seit Februar 2016, liest fünfmal am Tag den Quellcode und kennt sich ziemlich gut mit Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) aus.
Dickste Frau der Welt hat 400 Kilo abgenommen

Fattest woman in the world has lost 400 kilos

The once fattest woman in the world has lost over 400 kilograms and gained new courage for life. The young woman from Berlin also fell in love again. As you can see, love and faith in oneself can move mountains. Even fat mountains.
Sex in der Badewanne - Tipps & Stellungen

Sex in the Bathtub – Tips & Love Positions

A crackling foam and being very close to your partner's naked body creates a very special atmosphere. However, when having sex in the bathtub, you should be aware of some things. We'll tell you how it's most fun in the water!
5 Tricks, wie der Seitensprung geheim bleibt

5 tricks how to keep the fling secret

Nobody wants it, but it can happen to anyone - a fling. We'll show you five good tricks to keep a secret. Morally, the big question is whether the person concerned should confess or not.

Exploited by the Turk: Women hunting on the Internet

Some Turks hunt women on the Internet in their home country. With false promises and a big charm offensive they deceive women as marriage swindlers. Like Susanne, who almost fell for you despite her husband.

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Test: SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator

Heavenly pleasure for the modern man: the masturbator Alex Powerful Thrusting from SVAKOM was thoroughly tested. It promises fantastic experiences and ultimate pleasure. This is ensured, for example, by the seven intensive modes and the ultra-realistic pleasure channel. Almost like a real woman.

A sex story

Caught having sex in a tram

The erotic story from Berlin: Nobody could have guessed what would happen in the evening. Well, we had sex in the tram. But we certainly hadn't expected that. But we already had a good idea what we would do with the result of the night. ;-)

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Intersexual, Trans, Shemale – What’s the difference?

The term "intersexual" has been haunting many media and minds ever since it became possible to enter the gender "divers" in the birth register. Those who do not know this may use terms such as "transsexual" or even "transvestite" simultaneously.

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