What’s different about sex with a Chinese woman?

By Jens Haberlein
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Sex with a Chinese woman – what’s the difference?

There are men who have little desire for erotic adventures with German women. Why? This is the subject of another article. The most popular alternatives to Germans for many men are now Chinese women. Sex with a woman from China differs in many ways from classic eroticism as we know it here in Germany.

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What makes sex with a Chinese woman so special and whether it’s really worth having sex with an Asian woman from time to time – this article reveals this and more.

The secret wishes of German men

What's different about sex with a Chinese woman?
What’s different about sex with a Chinese woman?

The rate of cheating in Germany is extremely high. According to current statistics, every second man has had sex outside of his existing relationship. If there are women who start screaming angrily at this point, they should nevertheless take a moment to reflect and ask themselves “why”. Very few men would look for something “different” if they were really happy in their partnership. In sexual termstoo, of course. German women are considered bitchy, beastly, pedantic and bossy. According to “Mann”, the majority of them have problems with their libido and therefore rarely feel like having sex.

No wonder there are always people who reorient themselves and secretly look around “on the market”. And then they notice the willing, seemingly permanently horny Chinese women who are very good at turning men’s heads. With their small bodies, petite figures, long, strong black hair and almost constant smiles, many men find them a real feast for the eyes. Something that “men” could definitely have fun with.

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And the gentlemen get plenty of it. Because when having sex with a Chinese woman, it becomes clear time and time again how much they aim to please German men with big wallets in particular. They offer themselves and are willing to do just about anything on an erotic level.

There are hardly any taboos

What's different about sex with a Chinese woman?
What’s different about sex with a Chinese woman?

Anyone who has ever looked around in Chinese society and had close contact with women knows that eroticism in the People’s Republic is completely different from “Western” sex in many respects. Men and women go wild in their beds and seem to know no taboos. The BDSM scene in particular still has a lot to learn there, as the infliction and enjoyment of pain plays a central role. The feeling of exercising control and power over a person during sex is a high priority in China. Women really do put up with a lot when making love to their partners. It is therefore not particularly surprising that almost anything is possible when having sex with a Chinese woman.

It’s worth giving Chinese ladies a try. Regardless of whether the sex is hard and painful (sometimes even the strangest and most perfidious toys are used to inflict pain) or whether flower sex is desired: just listening to the moaning of a woman from China is pure pleasure. Again, it’s worth comparing them with the German ladies, some of whom grunt listlessly, who are apparently just happy when it’s “over” and the man has finally reached his climax.

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Because when you have sex with a woman from China, you squeal, scream and gasp with delight.

Hard, violent and loud – sex with a Chinese woman

This also shows how exotic women are keen to please their sex partners. Orgasms are played, moaned loudly and asked to please thrust even harder and deeper. Men can therefore indulge their desires to the full when having sex with a Chinese woman. You can live out even your most secret fantasies to your heart’s content during erotic adventures with Chinese ladies. Hardly anyone is as will-less and easy to get as Asian women who want to hook a German man.

Chinese girls – just try them out

In some respects, German girls could learn a thing or two from the creativity and apparent passion of Chinese women. After all, letting yourself go during sex according to all the rules of the art, as Chinese women do, is simply fun and opens up completely new playful possibilities. Germans are certainly considered to be absolutely correct, hard-working and punctual.

But does he necessarily have to “live” these attributes in bed? Female Germans in particular could learn a lot from Chinese ladies when it comes to simply not behaving “correctly” during lovemaking. Enjoying sex with all your senses – that’s what women from China are obviously particularly good at.

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