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The Doctor-Flogger team is a flirt and dating coach, offering well-founded advice on all aspects of interpersonal coexistence. Partner advice here!

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Frivolous story: My father in law is a pig

Family sex story: We were short of money and my father-in-law had an immoral offer for me in his luggage. But sex with the father-in-law? Isn't that a bit disgusting with that old bag then? What should I do? I could not tell my husband about this, which I then did.

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The Erotic Story: Tied up in tutoring sex

Short sex story: Instead of studying with the professor at home, I wanted tutoring sex and that's what I got in my tutoring session as a student. He tied me to the bed and I experienced a twitching orgasm that I will remember for a long time.

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My confession: I wear a remote controlled vibrator in the restaurant

I think a dinner with a hot guy is great. I have often experienced that my boyfriend almost undressed me with his eyes. Of course, it also makes me hot when I see how I look to him. But the experience with the remote vibrator the other day was very special.

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