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The Doctor-Flogger team is a flirt and dating coach, offering well-founded advice on all aspects of interpersonal coexistence. Partner advice here!

Drug trend: Teenagers cook bandages and diapers to get high

Young people are always trying out new things to supposedly expand their awareness or penetrate into other dimensions. Occasionally this takes on bizarre proportions. This is what happened in Indonesia. Teenagers cook bandages, diapers and tampons to get high.

Porn addiction! Porn determines your life?

Men are mostly affected, but women also suffer from it occasionally. Little is written about pornography and many don't take it seriously. It has a negative impact on love life, work and the overall social behaviour of the person affected.

Waitress uses hot dog as tampon and serves it

Actually, it's unimaginable what happened in a restaurant recently. It can hardly be surpassed in disgust and repulsiveness. In fact, a woman used a hot dog as a tampon and served it to a guest, because she is - or hopefully was - a waitress in a restaurant.

The Fetish Dictionary: What is Sitophilia?

Since the movie "American Pie" the sitophilia has spread more and more. Many foods mean pleasure and delight the senses. With sitophilia, the pleasure of the senses goes much further. Here it is a matter of gaining pleasure through food of all kinds.

100,000 men pay for sex on Majorca

Holiday and prostitution often go hand in hand. According to unconfirmed statements by a working group, there are 100,000 men who afford sex on Majorca every year between Ballermann and Serra de Tramuntana and are satisfied in brothels and the street.

Relationship ruined: the biggest misunderstandings

The media allegedly portray perfect relationships or typical male/female mistakes. From neighbor to grandma, everyone has advice on relationships. But in fact, most of these pieces of advice are misunderstandings.

Did you know? Color of the labia determines sex life!

Men who call themselves "women connoisseurs" claim that they can tell by the colour of a woman's labia how often she has had sex. The more often she had sex, the darker the color of the labia would be. Does that really work?

5 warning signals that he does not want a relationship

The love and relationship expert Bernardo Mendez highlights the difference between men who want something long-term from women and those who are not committed (or simply do not seek a relationship with you). The five clearest warning signals for all women.

Kissing culture: this is what makes kissing so special

Some believe that the culture of kissing dates back to ancient times, when mothers chewed their toddlers' food and fed them with their mouths. Be that as it may, everyone agrees that kissing is healthy. It reduces stress and prevents diseases and strokes.

What does 18 U.S.C. §2257 mean in the porn industry?

Bureaucratic effort and legal nonsense - at least that's what the members of the influential Free Speech Coalition (FSC) say. In their opinion, 18 U.S.C. §2257 violates the First Amendment. But what exactly does this 18 U.S.C. §2257 say?

Men with belly are more attractive for women?

In advertising and various media, the type of the hard, well-trained guy who has not a gram of fat too much on his ribs is propagated again and again. It is said that such men are particularly successful with women. Reality looks different. Men with belly are more attractive!

These are the top 10 sex fantasies of women

Women think almost every hour of the most beautiful minor matter in the world. That women are said to have a blossoming fantasy is reflected in their sex fantasies. We once put together the top 10 sex fantasies of women and revealed some taboos.

STI laboratory test anonymously from home

Many people are uncomfortable going to the doctor for an STD. It is too embarrassing to have to admit openly that you have caught something. Now the STI laboratory test can be done anonymously from home.

Toxic masculinity and latent hatred of women

According to a survey, every fourth woman has ever experienced sexual violence. The number of unreported cases is likely to be much higher. One reason is the so-called toxic masculinity. In society, there are certain role models despite emancipation.

Joy of pain: What do masochists feel?

Pain is somehow perceived negatively by all people. Many people simply cannot understand that in some places there are people who enjoy the joy of pain and can feel it as something beautiful. But why is that so?

Worth knowing: Why does the vagina smell like fish?

Surely every man had the experience at one time or another: everything was great, the preserves were done and all of a sudden this smell rises up one's nose, which one normally only knows from the fish market. If the vagina smells like fish, the eroticism is usually gone.

Sex at the Oktoberfest Munich – how do I do it?

With beer and hearty music in the marquee, you quickly get closer. There's drinking, partying and flirting. When the alcohol level rises, sex at the Oktoberfest is not uncommon. We'll tell you what to watch out for.

Two men, one woman – does this love triangle work?

When we talk about a triangular relationship, this usually refers to the constellation in which a man has two wives. In addition to having a lover or affair with a steady partner, the classic triangular relationship is to have one. It occurs millions of times. The reverse case is not uncommon either.

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