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The Doctor-Flogger team is a flirt and dating coach, offering well-founded advice on all aspects of interpersonal coexistence. Partner advice here!

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My confession: My brother made me a sissy

I rummaged a bit through our sister's underwear collection and realized how horny it made me. I then decided to put on a black satin thong and bra. I remember today how it felt when my brother made me his sissy, which I am to this day.

A sex story

Sucking off my boss and still not at the finish line

The erotic sex story: It could not have been more embarrassing and cruel when I was with my boss on Mallorca. I wanted to take revenge on the head secretary, but those who dig a pit for others sometimes fall into it themselves. That's what happened.

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Glue instead of condom: Man dies after sex

Salman Mirza, a young man from the Indian metropolis of Ahmedabad, had arranged an erotic date with his former fiancée. Since he didn't have any condoms with him, he stuck glue to his penis. After sex, however, he died.

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