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The Doctor-Flogger team is a flirt and dating coach, offering well-founded advice on all aspects of interpersonal coexistence. Partner advice here!

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Is there only one German redhead porn actress?

Every sexy redhead is a feast for the eyes in itself, because only 1% of all people at all have red hair (in Ireland and Scotland it is still 10% of the population). But is there only one German redhead porn actress? We have looked around nationally and internationally.

A sex story

My confession – suddenly I was bi

I am Martin, 50 years old, married for 20 years, actually always heterosexually inclined and never had even the slightest feeling to find men sexually attractive, until that day of which my confession is about, when I suddenly became bi.

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Free culture on the Internet? Customers pay for porn!

Money is spent on porn movies on the Internet - despite the free culture on the World Wide Web. According to one of the largest providers in Germany for on-demand porn (VOD) on the Internet, customers pay primarily for quality.

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