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The Doctor-Flogger team is a flirt and dating coach, offering well-founded advice on all aspects of interpersonal coexistence. Partner advice here!

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Four fun facts about the best piece of the man

Often, choosing the right condom is a matter of personal taste. Whether studded, colorful or flavored - one thing is important in any case: the size, or more precisely the width. Four Fun Facts reveal a few interesting, funny and interesting details about the male penis.

A sex story

Erotikgeschichte: Das feuchte Höschen meiner Schwester

My head cinema regularly exploded as soon as I heard the subtle sound from the room next door. My pulse was racing and I felt like a child who had observed something forbidden, always in danger of being punished. What had I heard pretty clearly from my sister's room?

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Kiffende Frauen haben bessere Orgasmen – stimmt das?

Researchers from the USA have found that women who smoke pot have better orgasms. In doing so, they confirm what many women have already suspected. However, this does not mean that it is advisable to smoke pot as much as possible. The conscious use of cannabis is what matters.

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