Through the back door: what goes down well with women

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Discovering the taboo zone: New perspectives on female pleasure

In today’s society, some topics (including sex “through the back door”) are still taboo despite progressive sex education. One of these topics is anal sex, which often leads a shadowy existence in discussions about sexuality. This is particularly remarkable as anal sex and similar stimulation are a source of intense pleasure for many people. For women in particular, stimulation of the anus can evoke a variety of intense sensations.

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A comprehensive survey provides revealing insights into this often misunderstood topic and opens the door to a better understanding of female sexuality by focusing on the importance of touch around the anus.

Female lust through the back door: more than just clichés

In the world of sexuality, women are often confronted with stereotypical ideas. The common assumption that female pleasure develops primarily through clitoral stimulation is not wrong, but it falls short. The reality of female sexuality is much more diverse.

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This is where “going through the back door” comes into play – a metaphorical euphemism for exploring anal pleasures, which is an unexpected source of pleasure for many women.

The “butt” study: insights into unknown realms of pleasure

According to a study by Indiana University, published in the renowned journal “PLOS One”, different types of stimulation in, on and around the anus have the potential to be extremely arousing for women. This study, based on data from the “OMGYES Pleasure Report”, gave 3,017 heterosexual, lesbian and bisexual US-American women a voice and shed light on their experiences with anal touching. The answers were divided into three categories: “Anal Surfacing” (touching the anus), “Anal Shallowing” (superficial penetration) and “Anal Pairing” (combination of anal stimulation and other sexual acts).

Through the back door: what goes down well with women
Through the back door: what goes down well with women

The results showed that 42.5 percent of respondents enjoyed being stimulated in the anus and 40 percent found touching this area pleasurable. Equally interesting is the finding that 35 percent find light penetration appealing. It is particularly noteworthy that the combination of anal and clitoral stimulation or penetrative sex made a significant difference to the level of arousal for many.

The anus as the center of sexual arousal

The study provides revealing insights into the role of the anus as a potential center of sexual arousal. Almost 500 of the women surveyed described the touch on their bottom as a “unique and pleasant feeling”. A further 355 women stated that they experienced more intense orgasms through anal stimulation.

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These data show that the anus – thanks to its dense network of sensory nerves – can play an important role in sexual arousal and orgasm.

Social taboos and their effects

Interestingly, the social taboo surrounding anal sex plays a not insignificant role in the sexual arousal of some women. Around five percent of those surveyed said that breaking this taboo had an arousing effect on them. This aspect underlines how social norms and their transgression can influence sexual experience.

For those interested in exploring anal pleasures, the study emphasizes the importance of slowness and consent. It is important to approach this area carefully and with the explicit consent of your partner. The use of sufficient lubricant is essential to ensure a pleasant and safe experience.

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The results of this extensive study clearly show that stimulation in the anus area is an important and pleasurable component of sexuality for many women. By bringing this area of female pleasure out of the shadows of taboos and talking about it openly, we can promote a deeper understanding of the complexity and diversity of female sexuality. In this context, going “through the back door” means opening up to new possibilities of pleasure and intimacy and at the same time questioning social prejudices and restrictions.

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