Why don’t you show me your open cunt!

By Marco Dorada
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Her open cunt as proof of her affection

“Present open cunt!” This is one of the commands you will hear from me tonight. Looking at and then fucking your pussy is not the only thing I have planned for you today. Let’s see what you can do for me today. Be a good slave, get undressed and wait obediently for my orders.

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The slave waits: As ordered, you wait kneeling on the bed. The head is lowered, the palms rest on the thighs and are turned upwards. Her entire body is covered in cream, giving it a lascivious glow in the dimmed light of the bedroom. Especially tits and open cunt are extra slippery. With every breath, your chest rises and falls in a very erotic way. Every pore of your body seems to literally shout “please fuck me” at me.

The game begins with my submissive sub

Why don't you show me your open cunt!
Why don’t you show me your open cunt!

You will now lie on your back. Keep your legs spread so that I can see your private parts at all times. Now you will hold the tits with your hands and play with the nipples. Pull it up and twist it until the goose bumps on your body become visible. When the nipples are nicely positioned, you will slide your hands deeper. On my command, you will insert a finger and slide it back and forth. You will do this until you have a dripping wet cunt, open with lust. Now withdraw your finger, present your wet pussy to me and wait for further orders.

You must follow my instructions to the letter

You stare spellbound at the candle that I lit earlier and have been holding in my hand ever since. Your body trembles, because waiting for my orders has made your desire even greater. Your eyes gaze submissively at the floor while the small flame is reflected in them. I step closer and hold the candle at an angle so that you can watch the wax slowly drip down. The first drop reaches your clitoris. Your whole body contracts briefly and then relaxes again. The next drop follows, followed by another. The bittersweet pain makes you crave more. Throwing your head back, you moan out your pleasure openly.

Have you been a good girl?

When asked, you shake your head, just like I taught you. Because my slave is a nasty slut. An insatiable, horny slut who wants to be fucked all the time. While my fingers spread the wax on your open cunt, you hear the buzzing of my electric baton.

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Dutifully, you will now assure me in a low voice that you deserve to be punished. As if trained, you thank the electric baton for every touch. From your shoulders, arms and stomach down to your thighs and back to your center. Don’t you dare come to orgasm just yet. Because you know what treatment is waiting for you now.

The open cunt wants to be fucked

Now it’s her favorite toy’s turn. The XXL dildo that we selected together for her in the sex store. Of course with an extra device so that her back entrance is also stimulated. But for this reward, she first has to do something. So I let her scrape the wax off her pussy with both hands. As soon as that’s done, she can take a look at the dildo and beg to be used with it. I use the huge piece to penetrate her open cunt and asshole at the same time. Your moans of pleasure cause me to increase the tempo.

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The slut gets the dildo pushed in faster and faster. Her whole body moves in an extremely seductive way to the rhythm of my thrusts. Her ass in particular is extremely hot. Since she knows what I like, she assures me at regular intervals that you deserve this treatment. The horny slut enjoys the sweet torment that the dildo gives her. As a good slave, she thanks me for every thrust and begs to finally feel my cock inside her.

I decide when you come

As your breathing becomes too heavy for me, I withdraw the dildo and put it aside. A slap in the face for your disappointed purr. A nod from me is enough. Finally you can take out my cock and marvel at it in its full size. You lick and suck on my balls with relish until I allow you to take my cock in your mouth. Your tongue does what it does best while your lips run along my shaft.

Then the moment you have been longing for has arrived. I pull my cock out of your mouth and squirt the reward for your deeds into your slave face. As a well-bred mare, you know that my sperm has to stay where it is now. That’s why you make sure you hardly move your head as you sink to your knees in front of me and thank me politely.

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