His kiss is the ticket to my bed

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Sein Kuss ist die Eintrittskarte in mein Bett

What makes a good kisser?

Now it’s getting romantic. Some may call it old-fashioned, but I don’t care. A man has to be a good kisser. This is the ticket to my bed. Bad kissers don’t stand a chance in the long run and sooner or later I will weed them out. But if someone can make out really well, he’s guaranteed a ticket to my bed. Then I can also turn into a real bastard.

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Above all, a kiss should be passionate. Full of emotion. Powerful and masculine, his lips should press against mine while his tongue continues to explore my mouth. In principle, it’s already like sex. Because here, too, a part of his body is allowed to penetrate regions of mine that no one else is allowed to enter.

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Except that it’s not his penis and my vagina, but his tongue and my mouth. That’s why every kiss is a kind of foreplay for me and an essential ticket into my bed.

A kiss is what really gets me wet

Of course, I have experienced a lot over the years. I was certainly not a child of sadness sexually either and have done all sorts of things. I’ve already tried countless positions, as well as heaps of toys. Erotic films, including homemade porn, were quite nice as a warm-up. But I only get really wet when I’m being kissed really hard by a man.

His kiss is the ticket to my bed
His kiss is the ticket to my bed

When his tongue explores my mouth, tickling my teeth, tongue and palate, my clitoris starts to drip. When his hand grabs my crotch at just the right moment, I’m already on cloud nine. He should just take what he wants without asking. Now nothing stands in the way of wild and horny sex.

Or is SM really the ticket to my bed?

That was also the time when I admitted my own submissive tendencies to myself. I love it when he just takes what he wants while kissing. When his tongue forges a brisk path and his hands grip my arms tightly. When he gets his own ticket into my bed like that, I get horny. A man who takes me with his kiss in this way and directs me to my seat is welcome to give me further orders. A strong and emotional kisser is also a passionate and dominant stallion in bed. I have never been wrong with this rule of thumb.

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My last boyfriend had always tied me naked to a cross. He then stuck his tongue in my mouth. During these kisses, torrents of water ran down my thighs, that’s how horny it made me every time. He knew that, of course, and knew how to torture me with his kisses like no other. Just thinking about it makes me instantly horny. My nipples erect and the first liquid collects in my panties. Even today.

A kiss doesn’t always have to be on the mouth

There is no part of my body that doesn’t want to be caressed, stroked and kissed. Some areas more than others, of course. Fortunately, these preferences coincide with those of my bedmates. I haven’t had to explain to any of them that I want to be kissed on the inside of my thighs and on my pussy. They had all found that out for themselves. They had long since earned their ticket to my bed by this point.

My vagina needs more than just kisses. A rough and wet tongue is just the right thing to lick the lust out of my body in the truest sense of the word. The only thing better is a hard cock, but that comes later. First of all, I would also like to be taken orally. He can also grab my thighs more firmly and really claw at them. I’ve already said that I’m submissive.

Ticket to my bed up for grabs

Anyone who has read the text carefully will have noticed that I have reported on an ex-boyfriend. Correctly deduced: I am currently single. Now I’m curious to see who will take action after reading this. I’ve described what I like in detail above. So if you consider yourself to be a good kisser and tongue acrobat, you should get to work now. A good dose of dominance would also be nice, but is not an absolute must.

Who wants to earn the next ticket to my bed?

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