What to do when your own relationship makes you sick?

By Laura Buschmann
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What to do when your own relationship makes you sick?
What to do when your own relationship makes you sick?
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Recognize signs and act

A healthy and happy relationship is a source of joy, support and growth. But sometimes relationships can become a burden and make us unhappy. It is important to recognize the signs when a relationship becomes pathological in order to be able to act in time. In this article, we will address subtle signs of a toxic relationship, how to find the courage to move on from an unhealthy relationship, self-care and support during the breakup process, and the path to healing and building a healthy relationship.

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Recognizing subtle signs of a toxic relationship

It is important to recognize these signs, which develop insidiously and unnoticed, in order to be able to act in time. Lack of open and healthy communication is one such sign that can lead to conflict and misunderstanding. When opinions are not respected and compromises are difficult to find, this can contribute to a damaging development of the relationship. Another subtle sign is the occurrence of critical remarks and devaluations towards the partner, which affects self-esteem and can weaken mutual trust.

What to do when your own relationship makes you sick?

In addition, lack of support and empathy can be indicative of a toxic relationship. When partners are unable to support each other and respond to each other’s needs, it can affect connectedness and well-being in the relationship. It is important to note the impact of these signs on mental health, as they can lead to various mental health problems.

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One specific aspect that can be considered in this context is the issue of cheating. A relationship with such signs may increase the likelihood of infidelity or may already be the sign of unfaithful behavior. The conflicts, lack of support, and emotional distance present in a toxic relationship can lead a partner to seek fulfillment outside of the relationship.

More information here about psychological problems after cheating.

Finding courage to break away from an unhealthy relationship

Breaking away from an unhealthy relationship can be a challenging but necessary decision, but is often the only right path. An unhealthy relationship can harm you emotionally, mentally and even physically. It requires self-reflection and recognition of one’s own needs and limitations. A first step is to become aware that the relationship is not healthy and that change is needed. Taking time to explore your emotions and look at your values and goals is an important step.

What to do when your own relationship makes you sick?

After determining that the negative impact of the relationship is affecting quality of life, it is important to seek support from trusted people, whether friends, family, or professional counselors. They can help sort out thoughts and feelings, offer perspective, and help with decision making. By strengthening one’s self-confidence and putting one’s well-being “first,” one can find the courage to break away from an unhealthy relationship and start on the path to a fulfilling and happy life.

Self-care and support during the separation process

Separation is always a challenging situation that comes with various difficulties. Letting go of a loved one can be an immense burden. Nevertheless, it is important to recognize that it is legitimate to care about your own well-being and to accept support. During the separation process, it is advisable to take time for yourself, physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Incorporating regular physical activity or yoga can be helpful in taking care of your well-being and creating moments of relaxation. The opportunity to make new friends or discover new hobbies can also open up new perspectives.

Finding the path to healing and building a healthy relationship

After an unhealthy relationship, it is important to give yourself space to heal and recognize your own needs. Self-reflection plays a crucial role in this by asking oneself what negative patterns and behaviors contributed to the previous relationship and how to avoid them in the future. Additionally, it is helpful to learn healthy communication patterns to be open and respectful with each other. Conflicts should be viewed as opportunities to resolve problems.

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Professional support can assist in the healing process, in that an experienced therapist can help heal old wounds and improve communication. Patience with oneself and the process is important on this path, as it requires time, trust and the will to learn from past experiences. By becoming aware of one’s emotions, confronting patterns, and actively working on personal growth, the path to healing and building a healthy relationship can be successfully navigated.

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