Sex at tutoring lesson

By Laura Buschmann
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A good day for sex at tutoring lesson

18:30: Two weeks ago I moved the tutoring session with Karsten to my house. I admit I’ve already thought about sex a time or two during the tutoring session, and Karsten, who just turned 19, hasn’t seemed shy about closeness or physical contact so far either. At least not when it came to our greetings and goodbyes.

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I was now a bit stressed because we had studied longer than planned and my best friend spontaneously announced her arrival. It was a hot summer day and I was sweating all day, even during tutoring. Without much notice, I called out to Karsten: “I’m going to take a quick shower. You please just finish the task and then we’ll look over it together”.

My mind was on sex at the tutoring session

I showered briskly, got dressed, although my mind was again on sex at the tutoring session. I went back to the living room smiling and saw Karsten just solving his last task. He could see that the heat did not stop at his body either. I offered him to take a quick shower as well and freshen up. Without hesitation, he accepted my offer.

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Still in the living room, he pulled the T-shirt off his sweaty torso and headed toward the bathroom. He was just closing the bathroom door when the doorbell rang. “Oh my, so late already,” I thought, pushing the button to let my friend Sonja downstairs into the house.

Hot young guy in my bathroom

I quickly picked out fresh clothes from my ex-boyfriend for Karsten and brought them to the bathroom for him. Without knocking or announcing myself further, I stood in my bathroom. What I found there was a completely naked Karsten, who was just leaning forward into the shower to adjust the water temperature. “Oh my God! This body clearly exceeds my wildest expectations,” I thought at the moment when he stretched his buttocks towards me.

Sex at tutoring lesson

I was left spitting for quite a while, but my thoughts of sex at the tutoring session kept intensifying. “You, my girlfriend is already at the door, but no stress,” he heard me say. He turned his muscular body slightly twisted to me, trying to cover his possibly magnificent tail with both hands. To be honest, he only succeeded to a limited extent. He replied, “Thank you, I’ll be quick though, I’m sure you have plans.”


I closed the bathroom door, and walked to my apartment door. In the meantime, Sonja was standing in front of my locked apartment door and already looked a little impatient. I usually always open the door directly for her. She knew immediately that something was different today and asked, “Do you still have visitors? I thought I heard you talking to someone,” she remarked. I didn’t need to answer that any further, because after she finished the question, she heard the shower and knew there was someone else there.

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I explained to her that my tutoring student Karsten was still there and that he was a really hot young man. We are both just in our late 20s and always enjoy the sight of hot and well-endowed men. I told her in brief about my fantasy of sex at the tutoring session, to which she simply replied, “So there! Sex with a young man and without me?”


I looked at her with wide eyes, but was not really surprised by her statement. She always made it seem like she was open to sexual experiences, gladly shared, with more than one partner. My fantasy was so far rather limited to a sexual adventure with a partner, but averse I was not to look more closely at her question. Before I could lose myself further in my thoughts after sex at the tutoring session, Sonja asked me, “Have you ever had a threesome?” to which I curtly replied, “No, not yet, have you?”.

Sex at tutoring lesson

Sonja looked at me with a grin and said nothing more. “I mean, we’ve known each other for a few years now, but I didn’t expect you to be into women, too,” I added. “That’s not really true either,” she said, putting her hand on my thigh.


She gently stroked me on the part that was still covered by my shorts. Slowly, however, she wandered further and further until her soft hand reached my naked thigh. While I noticed that Karsten was done showering, I heard Sonja say, “Have you ever looked at your dreamy body in the mirror?” which I simply left unanswered. Her hand kept moving up until her hand disappeared under my shorts.

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Sonja started kissing me and I noticed how she gently pushed my thong aside with her fingers. At that second, my thought of sex at the tutoring session came back to me and I asked Sonja, “When Karsten is about to come out of the bathroom freshly showered, would you like him to join us?” Her fingers reached my clit, which she immediately began to gently massage while whispering in my ear, “Yeah, let’s get him to do it.”

Fun in threesome

Just the idea that my horny tutor Karsten could come to it made me quite horny. I could literally feel his body already on me, on me and his magnificent cock inside me. “If I hadn’t just stood around in the bathroom,” I thought for a brief moment, “then Karsten would now know that he’s welcome to join us, no matter what he catches us girls doing.” In my head, the thought of sex at the tutoring session solidified in such a way that I became wetter and wetter.

Sex at tutoring lesson

When Sonja then began to kiss me hotly and intimately, my imagination went completely crazy with me. “She knows so well what I like. Why haven’t we tried this before? Karsten is definitely the right man for both of us. Sonja and I made ourselves more comfortable and lay naked on my couch.

Fun among girls

It was down to business. We became wilder and wilder and hornier. We took up a position where I could always keep the living room door in view. I wanted to see when Karsten would finally show up. Sonja pressed her small firm breasts against my body as we exchanged hot kisses. She massaged my pussy with her hand. She always found just the right point to make me even hornier. Her lust also increased and she began to lick my wet pussy.

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“I really enjoy how she can handle me with her tongue. Where is Karsten only? We want to enjoy our experience of sex together at the tutoring session,” I thought, getting hornier and hornier. Sonja gently kneaded my plump breasts and licked again and again with her soft tongue over my clit. I reared up as she drove her tongue between my labia and licked me more and more intensely.


Then I pulled her up to me again by her hair so I could spoil her too. I pushed my fingers into her wet cleft and massaged her from the inside while she sucked on my, by now huge, hard nipples. Then I saw Karsten in the doorway, but only gave him a fleeting glance. He held his bulging boner in his hand and jerked it. He watched us as we pampered our bodies, as we licked and fucked our pussies and sucked and kneaded our tits.

Fucking at the tutoring session

His tail was considerable. His beautiful plump sack swung wildly through the air while he jerked off with quick movements on what was happening between Sonja and me. Secretly I hoped that he would soon come to it and ram his splendid lath alternately into our cunts. That was since just my concrete idea of our horny sex at the tutoring session.

Immersed and distracted

We were absorbed in each other for a few minutes and had the most violent orgasms, one after the other. We had made ourselves so horny with our moaning and at the thought of a hot young guy watching us that there was no stopping us. Sonja gave it to me properly, while I had to think in my mind again of Karsten and our horny sex at the tutoring session. But when we looked at the door, we were disappointed to find that Karsten was no longer there.

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Sonja and I remained exhausted on the sofa for a while. Then we heard Karsten call out, “Hey Kathy, I gotta go. Thanks again. Have a good time. See you next week.”. Then we heard the front door slam shut. As if out of one mouth Sonja and I shouted “DAMN”. But we knew immediately that this will not have been the only opportunity.

A good day for even more sex

The doorbell rang. Karsten, as always, showed up on time for his tutoring session. It had been a whole week since our last meeting. Karsten greeted me with a smile on his face, as if he was also looking forward to this day and our upcoming sex at the tutoring session as much as I was. Without beating around the bush, he said next, “I hope you don’t mind that I brought my friend Peter.

Sex at tutoring lesson

I told him about our snacking lessons. He wanted to see for himself how quickly you progress.” I looked puzzled at first, but then invited both boys into my apartment. Peter was from Karsten’s class, not quite as muscular, but still nice to look at as well. So the three of us went through with the tutoring session. It was again a hot summer day, so the sweating was again not absent.

The door gap

We were late again. Just like last week, Sonja wanted to come over again at 7pm. Last time she just said, “Now I didn’t get a good look at the guy. We can try the sex thing again next week at the tutoring session.” I agreed. I told the boys to finish the tasks and I went to take a shower. “Karsten, you know my best friend Sonja is coming over soon. Can you keep an eye on the bell, please?”

Das ERONITE Dating

That day, my bathroom door was left ajar so that anyone who walked by could catch a glimpse of my naked body. I had just finished when the doorbell rang. I asked Karsten to bring me my bathrobe from my room while Peter offered to open the door. Karsten knocked on the bathroom door, I invited him in and he handed me my bathrobe.

I was naked and he got horny

He did not want to leave my bathroom, which I found horny. He seemed less shy that day. This made him extremely sexy. We agreed that he should push the door shut and give me a hand. I felt his eyes on my trained, naked body. I continued and still quickly blow-dried my hair. Fortunately for Karsten, I also blow-dried my hair from underneath. So I stood with my back to him, bent forward and with my legs spread.

Fucking at the tutoring session

“Now would be the perfect moment to have sex together at the tutoring session,” I thought to myself as Karsten stared at my shiny and freshly shaved pussy. Karsten seemed to like what he saw, because I could see his cock showing in his pants. His magnificent stiff cock stood out more and more and I wanted to grab it. But it was his turn.

We were set for sex at the tutoring session

Without further ado, I told him to please rub moisturizer on my back. The first time I felt his warm hands on my naked body. My breasts reacted immediately. My nipples were erect and all I could think about was sex during the tutoring session. I quickly noticed that he was staring at my firm breasts through the mirror as if mesmerized. My nipples got harder and harder with each subsequent touch.

Das ERONITE Dating

I bent forward a little again to reach for my brush. In the process, my tight ass touched Karsten’s hard cock very lightly, which seemed to please him. Michael turned me around to face him. He took my hand and I couldn’t help but clasp his hard cock. He felt even hornier than I thought before. “Where are you guys?” we heard from my living room, realizing that we had been gone for quite a while.


As if torn from my dream of sex at the tutoring session, we left the bathroom undone and met Peter and Sonja in the living room. I stood in front of Sonja in my bathrobe, wearing seductive clothes this time, consisting of hot pants and a fishnet shirt. Underneath, her hot body stood out. It was understandable that Peter complimented Sonja. Sonja was happy about it and took off her fishnet shirt out of the blue. Irritated, I looked at her, but then wordlessly understood her and walked towards her.

Fucking at the tutoring session

We wanted to give the guys a little push and so we got going. We kissed, I gently caressed Sonja’s breasts and she reached under my bathrobe. She played so much on my nipples, which anyway had not yet recovered from the last excitement from the scene from my bathroom, that they quickly became hard again. The boys became curious and came closer.

Our tits

Karsten and Jan now wanted to see more closely what Sonja was doing under my bathrobe. So that Sonja was no longer the only one standing naked in the room, I asked Peter to take off my bathrobe. Karsten was still more reserved, so that his buddy had to hold out. This was obviously very convenient for him, because with the words: “I swear to you Kathy, I’ve never seen such horny tits”, his hard cock pulled out in his pants.

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With this sentence and with Sonja’s and my reaction that we became horny because Peter surrounded us with compliments, Karsten also finally loosened up. Sonja and I looked at each other smiling and probably thought at the same moment of my dream of sex at the tutoring session: “Oh yes, please come closer! Liebkost our tits really nice. Make us wet. We want to be fucked hard today”. We decided to kneel down, with the words: “and now comes the suck test“.

Lustful moment

Karsten’s plump boner bobbed towards me and was immediately sucked up by my lips. I licked with my tongue over his large glans. My lips I had closed as strongly as possible around his hard pole and slowly moved my head back and forth. Karsten groaned loudly. I also heard Peter moaning next to us. It seemed like Sonja was taking care of him as well as I was taking care of his buddy Karsten. A quick glance at Sonja and we knew what we wanted next.

Sex at tutoring lesson

We positioned ourselves to fuck. Our desire for sex at the tutoring session became unstoppable. I had a big couch, so we all found room. We whispered in the boys’ ears that we wanted to be taken through properly now. This invitation was accepted by both of them immediately and our sex during the tutoring session really started. I clawed Karsten’s tight ass with one hand and carefully inserted his hard cock into my dripping pussy with the other.

Our fuck

Unlike Karsten and me, I only saw Peter ram his hard cock into Sonja’s wet cunt with a well-aimed thrust. He seemed to be the more experienced, but that didn’t bother me. On the contrary. While Karsten and I had extensive sex at the tutoring session, I watched the other two and took pleasure in watching them. My imagination of sex at the close-help lesson didn’t stretch far enough to come up with a foursome. The thought of swapping with Sonja and being fucked really horny made me crazy.

Das ERONITE Dating

My thoughts of feeling Peter’s hard cock in my holes caused a small, secret orgasm, while my wet pleasure cleft swallowed Karsten’s big strap with smacking noises. Faster and faster he thrust his hard spanking into me and harder and harder still. Karsten’s bulging sack slapped violently against my ass.

The change

He gave me such an orgasm that Karsten couldn’t help moaning when he injected his hot load into my still twitching hole. After our horny sex at the tutoring session, his sweaty torso sank down onto mine, exhausted. Sonja got Peter’s load almost at the same time. I turned to her and gave her a long French kiss. Sonja was unstoppable and so she asked Karsten to make room for her because she wanted to fuck me too.

Sex story: The daughter of the school friend

A short moment later, Sonja lay with her sweaty body on top of mine and we began to rub our bodies together. I immediately became horny again. Karsten and Peter watched us as we did it more and more violently with each other. We quickly realized that the guys were jerking each other off. But that was not enough. They became so horny that they lay down with us.

Our foursome

Now began a small orgy. The reality of sex at the tutoring session far exceeded my imagination. We lay crisscross over and next to each other and everyone kissed, stroked and licked everyone and everything he could get his hands on. Peter tickled Karsten’s balls while he licked my pussy. Karsten licked Sonja’s cunt and kneaded my breasts. I had the perfect position and let myself be pampered from all sides.

Das ERONITE Dating

At some point Sonja squatted over my face and I began to lick out her wet cave. Shortly after, I felt a hard cock penetrate my pleasure cleft. It was Peter who began to fuck me. Karsten stood behind Peter and now fucked him in the ass at the same time. We all moaned with pleasure and horniness. Sonja almost couldn’t stand it anymore, so she got off my face. She knew exactly what she wanted and took the helm.

Horny load

Sonja laid Peter on his back on the floor, grabbed his cock and stuck it up her tight asshole. She wanted Karsten to fuck her cunt in parallel and so he spread Sonja’s soft labia. He began to pound his powerful cock into her. That sex at the tutoring session could take such an extent, I did not realize, but it was horny without end. Karsten and Sonja roared out their orgasm, but Peter pulled his cock out of Sonja’s ass to no avail.

I wanted to get his load and so I positioned myself in front of Peter. He pushed his lance into my little asshole. Sonja and Karsten enjoyed the scenario from the other side of the couch. I heard Peter roar and then he pumped his hot load into my asshole. With this fuck I experienced my best orgasm yet. I sank down on my couch, exhausted.

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