Dad fucks me in the ass at every family reunion

By Laura Buschmann
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Our family reunion of a special kind

Our family reunions are special. We share our sexual experiences with each other and enjoy each other’s stories. My father in particular always gets wide-eyed when he hears my cousin or me talk about our sex experiences. We are the two youngest women in the group and often let off steam. Me with my steady partner and my cousin with changing partners. My dad seems to like the details of us young gals’ sex lives. How would it be if dad fucks me?!

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It seems like my father empathizes with the stories. He is always hanging on our every word. And yet our family reunions began quite harmlessly a few years ago. The first meetings were dominated by stories from our mature and experienced relatives. They liked us to be more relaxed about sex, so they told us about their sex stories.

My fantasy of my dad fucking me

Dad fucks me in the ass at every family reunionWe were amazed at how openly everyone could talk about their sexuality. Some of the stories were very exciting. My cousin and I used to talk about the evenings after the meetings and decided to reveal more about ourselves from the next meeting on. It was very worthwhile because since we opened up, the meetings have changed. Because we young girls now also reported erotic moments and our unbridled fantasies, everyone became more open-hearted.

It was discussed bluntly to the smallest detail, what one has experienced lately everything. When it was my cousin’s and my turn, the mood immediately became more heated. Our parents wanted to know everything about us. They asked us about every little detail. They even went so far as to ask us to talk about our fantasies that we had not acted out before. I tried not to express my deepest desire, because I wanted sex with my father.

Our secret is that my father fucks me

I was unsure how my relatives would react to the fact that I found the thought of my father fucking me horny. But it was my biggest fantasy to finally have sex with a mature man. My father is a handsome and experienced man who has had many women. Last month the time had come, but I didn’t tell it in a big way. I spoke to my father alone, and as it turned out, he felt a similar attraction to me.

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Since we were among ourselves, he spoke openly about his fantasy. He admitted that he always got horny at the family reunions, but did not act out this horniness. I felt the same way, so we made a secret plan. We were going to use the family reunions from that point on to get it on each other. And we did. Dad fucks me at every family gathering since that day.

We love horny anal sex

Dad fucks me in the ass at every family reunionSince I talked openly with him about my desire, we have the hottest sex experiences together. Otherwise, everything is the same at the family reunions. Everyone talks about his or her life. And at the end of the evenings, I still secretly meet with my father. He has a small apartment that he used to retreat to, but now it’s our sex nest together. And it is absolute madness. Dad fucks me in every possible way. I had already tried many things, but what he did to me was beyond my imagination.

He loved to take me from behind and every meeting ended with a hot ass fuck. I could consider myself lucky, because the dimension of his cock also exceeded my imagination. He has a huge strap that fills me really well. My tight pussy and even tighter asshole enjoy wrapping their arms around his cock. My dad fucks me but also really horny. Dirty anal sex with your own father, that’s already forbidden hot!

Daddy fucks me and his soft voice makes me horny

Things got exciting at the last family reunion. I told less and just listened attentively to the others. I felt a little woozy and was not in a good mood that night. I explained to my parents that I was going to take a little nap. Things were heating up in the living room and my cousin captivated all the relatives with her latest story. My dad took this opportunity and looked after me.

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I must have been in bed for an hour when I heard a soft knock on the door. My father came into the bedroom and locked the door from the inside. He whispered in my ear that he wanted to fuck me most at that moment. I thought it was nice that he was there and I felt like him too. But my eyes just fell shut again. I didn’t really wake up, but I didn’t fall asleep either.

My father will not be stopped

Dad fucks me in the ass at every family reunionI only noticed that he shamelessly grabbed between my legs and whispered in my ear again. He said that he missed my little cunt and that he will caress it next. I also secretly had a desire for my dad, so I just let it happen. He realized that his whispering was turning me on and kept talking. That he found my pussy and ass horny, he told me again and again, but this time it was especially exciting.

After all, our relatives were still sitting next door. My father was going to get it for me, like he always did. I heard him open his pants and push my panties aside. He turned me onto my stomach and pushed his bulging cock between my legs. Dad always fucks me the same way. He moistens my little asshole with his spit and lets his cock slowly slide into me.

Daddy fucks me doggy

This feeling of being fucked while half asleep was indescribable. I couldn’t take it anymore, woke up and started moaning. I had to try very hard not to be too loud. But my father made it very difficult for me. Dad always fucks me hard and extensively, that’s what makes our secret so exciting. No other man grabbed me the way he did. He always grabs my braid and pulls my head back. I could hardly stand it and came very quickly.

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It wasn’t a quickie, it lasted a while, but my father always knew exactly how to tackle me. He let go of my hair and positioned me a little differently. He could come best when I’m on all fours and he can see my tits jiggle. Dad loves to fuck me doggy. He grabbed one of my breasts and kneaded it.

Daddy fucks me until he cums on me

He kept fucking me. It was so violent that I rocked forward with each thrust. My tits did not stop shaking. I always have many orgasms when I fuck my dad, but that night I had to pull myself together a little. The others should in no way overhear what was happening in the bedroom. We heard loud laughter next door and we were sure that they did not notice anything about our horny sex experience.

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Dad keeps fucking me from behind until he can’t take it anymore. He pulled his cock out of my ass and turned me onto my back. I whispered to him to squirt on my horny tits. He smiled as if that was what he wanted too, and shot his load all over my torso. I took his cock in my mouth and sucked the last bit out of him.

At the next meeting it will be even wilder

I felt much better directly after this fuck. My mood was great and I was relaxed anyway. That’s what my dad always managed to do when he got it for me. He took care of me in exactly the way I needed. Dad likes to fuck me and I notice it more with every sex experience. We quickly freshened up, got dressed and rejoined the others in the living room. We didn’t let on, but both had big smiles on our faces.

I took a liking – honestly – to the fact that we were doing it during the family reunion. It took our affair to another level. I liked it wicked and indecent and my father liked it too. At the end of the meeting, everyone said goodbye and headed home. My father hugged me tightly once again, grazing my butt, and we looked forward to our next family reunion.

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