Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot – a revolutionary sex toy for women in test

By Laura Buschmann
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Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot - a revolutionary sex toy for women in test
Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot - a revolutionary sex toy for women in test

The best of all worlds of pleasure

There are moments in life when you don’t want to do without anything. I want everything and I want it now – is the self-confident motto. With the Satisfyer Pro + G-Spot this wish comes true faster than you think: The revolutionary sex toy for women combines namely the best technologies for incomparable climaxes – and in a very aesthetic way!

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The most important information about the Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot

The Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot is a sex toy that at first glance reminds you of the classic Rabbit vibrators. But compared to their plain “bunny”, this one has a silicone attachment in the same place, which stimulates the clitoris not mechanically, but by means of tingling pressure waves.

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Inside combine three of the most popular models, which already promise an orgasm guarantee on their own: The innovative Air Pulse technology; a classic vibrator with clitoral stimulation and a G-spot stimulator.

With a length of 22.5 cm and a weight of just under 200 g, the snow-white sex toy fits perfectly in the hand.

The appearance of the Satisfyer Pro + G-Spot

Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot - a revolutionary sex toy for women in testThe elegant sex toy consists of a handy handle with a flexible, curved shaft and a small, oval tip with a silicone attachment. The shaft is made of soft, skin-friendly silicone, while the ergonomic handle is made of ABS plastic. This composition of striking design and the high-quality materials was awarded, among others, the German Design Award – Special Mention 2019 in the category Excellent Product Design.

A lithium-ion battery is found inside, which is charged within about three hours via a magnetic USB charging cable. The application time of 120 minutes is in the good midfield.

The all-rounder is waterproof according to class IPX7 and can therefore keep the user company in the shower or bathtub.

The particularly quiet application, which incidentally also has its own whisper mode, satisfies the desire for intimacy and discretion, as well as the reduction of disturbing factors during sensual me-time.

How the all-in-one vibrator works

One of the special features of the presented vibrator model is its combination of pressure wave technology and vibrations that stimulate the clitoris from two sides. This means that the sex toy not only stimulates the visible part of the clitoris by means of air waves, but at the same time also addresses the G-spot (the back side of the clitoris body) through vibrations. This kind of parallel address should be an absolute – and surprisingly satisfying – novelty for many women, to which you slowly approach to then experience spectacular orgasms.

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Approaching and trying things out is made especially easy by the separate remote control included – you can change the settings with one hand at the touch of a button without having to reach for the actual sex toy and reposition it.

Special features and individual settings

When it comes to finding the right setting for themselves, users are faced with a particularly wide range of options. Eleven different intensities of pressure waves and ten vibration programs allow you to let your imagination run wild. The fact that both motors can be operated separately and thus offer an incredible 110 variants gives plenty of room for sensual experimentation.

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The Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot has a total of 11 settings, including 7 pressure wave settings and 4 vibration intensities. The settings can be controlled with the remote control, which has a range of up to 5 meters. The sex toy comes with a USB charging cable and has a maximum operating time of 2 hours with a charging time of 2 hours.

Advantages and disadvantages

As with any other sex toy, there are undeniable advantages to the Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot, but also certain disadvantages that clearly need to be considered individually.

Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot - a revolutionary sex toy for women in testAdvantages
  • Combination of pressure wave technology and vibrations for maximum pleasure even with low sensitivity
  • Convenient remote control for easy setting changes
  • Waterproof and therefore a constant companion in the shower or bath tub
  • Flexible, curved shaft for targeted stimulation of the G-spot
  • Lies ergonomically in the hand
  • Combination of pressure wave technology and vibrations can be unfamiliar at the beginning
  • Variety of settings and thus difficulty in making decisions
  • When anatomically deviating from the “classic” proportions, you have to try out longer and try other positions to actually reach the G-Spot


As shown, the Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot is a unique sex toy that provides women with an intense and satisfying experience. The simultaneous stimulation of the G-spot and the clitoris is done through a combination of pressure wave technology and vibrations, which will take some getting used to at first. Waterproof and equipped by means of a separate remote control, the Satisfyer Pro+ G-Spot is definitely not for everyone, but is definitely worth a try.

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