Presented: Glans masturbator from REBEL with new massage technology

By Marco Dorada
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Revolution in intimate self-care

The world of intimate pleasure and self-care has reached a new milestone: the REBEL Glans Masturbator with 2 Functions adds an innovative dimension to the portfolio for men. This product, a creation of the experienced ORION product developers in Germany, takes masturbation to a new level of sensuality and efficiency. The special feature lies in the unique massage technology of the device, which provides an incomparable experience through a combination of vibration and pulsation.

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A breakthrough in masturbation technology: The REBEL Glans Masturbator is not just another toy in the field of male masturbation; it is a technological marvel. The inner sleeve of the device is designed to constrict and expand automatically and rhythmically, providing dynamic and intense stimulation. This technology mimics the natural movements of human interaction, providing a realistic and immersive experience.

Customizable experience for the user

Presented: Glans masturbator from REBEL with new massage technology
Presented: Glans masturbator from REBEL with new massage technology

The versatility of the Glans masturbator is remarkable. With three different massage speeds and seven vibration modes that can be used individually or in combination, the device offers a wide range of stimulation options. These features allow each user to discover and enjoy their personal preferences, resulting in a highly personalized and satisfying experience.

Simplicity and convenience in use

The REBEL Glans masturbator not only impresses with its innovative technology, but also with its user-friendliness. The various functions are operated easily using buttons directly on the appliance. The inner sleeve, which gently and securely envelops the tip of the penis, is equipped with soft nubs that transmit the vibrations directly and effectively. For additional comfort and optimal transmission of vibrations, the use of a water-based lubricant is recommended.

Care and maintenance

Caring for the glans masturbator is just as uncomplicated as using it. The inner sleeve is easy to remove and clean, ensuring hygienic handling. The masturbator is equipped with an LED charge level indicator, which makes it easy to monitor the charge level.

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The USB charging cable supplied ensures that the device is always ready for use.

Summary “Glans Masturbator”

The REBEL Glans Masturbator with 2 Functions is a real innovation in the field of male masturbation. Its unique massage technique, combined with a variety of customizable settings, offers an experience that is both intense and tailored. Its ease of use and maintenance make it an ideal companion for men who are looking for a high-quality, efficient and pleasurable masturbation experience.

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The Glans Masturbator is more than just a toy – it is an instrument of personal discovery and pleasure, designed to turn the most intimate moments into an unforgettable experience. Available at for 149 euros.

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