What is the best way to stimulate a large clitoris?

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What is the best way to stimulate a large clitoris?
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A big clit is almost like a penis

A great clitoris is a source of great amusement for men and women. Also because it seems that a big clitoris is easier to stimulate. The clitoris actually works in principle like the penis. If you are well equipped with it, you have the advantage that your friend will find it easily. It is also easier to stimulate masturbation.

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Since women and men have different views on the little pleasure bead, a woman and a man have their say in the following text. Both describe in their own words how they stimulate the clit.

Rosi: “My big clitoris can be stimulated with the shower and mobile phone”

At first I did not think much about my clitoris. But as I got older, my big clitoris was hard to miss. Soon I started rubbing against it. This was a new experience for me.

What is the best way to stimulate a large clitoris?In the shower

I lay on the bed more and more often and rubbed against it. After five to ten minutes I got an orgasm. The stimulation with the fingers was my first experience with the masturbation. I learned by chance that a great clitoris can also be stimulated in other ways. One Friday I was alone in the shower and a jet of water hit my clitoris. I felt a strong arousal flow through me. I spread my legs and massaged my clitoris with the water jet. A big clitoris has the advantage that you can hardly miss it. In the following days I experimented with different positions. Holding the beam directly on my clitoris was uncomfortable. It is better to stimulate them from the side.

Hier zur "Klitoris-Frau"

A large clitoris can not only be stimulated by a shower, but also with a mobile phone. If you don’t know this yet, you should definitely try it. I downloaded a vibrating app from the app store. Actually I wanted to use it to relax my tense leg muscles. Soon I noticed that even my big clitoris could be stimulated with it. I didn’t even have to put the phone in my vagina for that. All I had to do was put it on the Hill of Venus.

Karl: “I prefer to do it with my tongue”

Moni is not my first girlfriend, but the first with a big clitoris. I am one of those men who know where the clitoris is and a large clitoris is easier to stimulate. With my former girlfriends my preferred method was always the finger. I also find the tongue cool, but it didn’t really work before. A big clitoris makes everything easier. This one I can also stimulate with my tongue. I put my face between my wife’s legs and look for the clitoris with my tongue. She’s shaved down, which makes things a little easier. At first it took some time before she had an orgasm. But with time my tongue was trained and it went faster and faster.

Den Kitzler richtig lecken: Eine kurze Anleitung

Besides the tongue, I have also tried a vibrator. This works sometimes, but not quite as well. I can stimulate the vagina with it, but her big clitoris hardly notices anything.

What we did not always succeed in the beginning is an orgasm during sexual intercourse. Here a big clitoris also has its advantages. A clitoris cannot normally be stimulated so easily by the penis. I especially like to take my wife from behind. This way I can go especially deep into them. At the same time her big clitoris is stimulated by a finger of mine. This requires a little practice, but works quite well.

Conclusion: Several ways lead to orgasm

Rosi and Karl have shown different ways of how to best stimulate a large clitoris. Each method has its advantages and its charms. A large clitoris, for example, can be stimulated with a water jet using Rosi’s method. Everybody should try it once.

Hier zur "Klitoris-Frau"

This method is well suited for masturbation, but it is also fun with your partner. Licking a large clitoris with the tongue leads quickly and safely to orgasm. It is important that man and woman deal with this lust organ, because a large clitoris increases the pleasure of sex.

Stimulate a big clit – what other options are available

Stimulating a large clit is easier than a smaller one. However, this requires special knowledge about him. What is a clitoris anyway? It is the center of female eroticism and is located between the folds of the labia. Even a normal sized clitoris is much more sensitive than the male glans. With a large clit, the pleasure is literally even greater.

Things Almost No One Knows About A Big Clit

About 8,000 nerve endings are located in a large clitoris. These ensure that it is particularly sensitive. Many men and also women believe that only the visible part is responsible for the sensation of sexual pleasure, but this is not true. In fact, the largest part of the clitoris is located under the skin, namely in the body of the woman. The clitoris is composed of two erectile tissues. These go inwards to the right and left of the vagina. This makes for amazingly intense orgasms because blood also flows into the erectile tissue when the woman is aroused.

The clitoris is what drives orgasm and gives it great power, as it is connected to the most important points of the vagina when it comes to sexual arousal.

Stimulate a big clit – the direct excitation

It’s easier to stimulate a big clit because it’s just easier to see and feel. The partner can expose it even easier than smaller ones. It’s best to do this evenly and gently, because even with a big clit, you shouldn’t apply too much pressure. Then it quickly feels uncomfortable. If it is not wet enough at the beginning, the partner must not use the big clitoris too much, because this is also painful. Gentle pressure is much better.

Hier zur "Klitoris-Frau"

If the woman is not yet wet enough, a lubricant gel is helpful. Then the partner starts with a gentle steady stimulation to excite her. As mentioned, the clitoris is much more than just the externally visible area. Rather, it goes deep. If you stimulate a large clit with your tongue, you not only ensure that the visible part is aroused, but also other parts that are hidden under the skin. If you’re not sure how to treat a big clit, just ask your partner. Women today like to talk about what gives them pleasure and show their partner what they like.

The clitoris – a very special organ

The clitoris is a really special organ, because no other place on the female body is as sensitive as it. This is due to the extremely large number of nerve endings that are bundled in the front of the glans of the clitoris. Thus, with the right stimulation, true explosions occur again and again. The clitoris is not only more sensitive than the penis, but also than our tongue.

However, the many nerve endings are also responsible for causing hypersensitivity if the irritation is too strong. Especially with a big clit. Therefore, it is important never to exert too firm pressure, but the partner should proceed with tact. This also feels better with a big clit.

More tips for clitoral stimulation

Women who masturbate regularly know that it all comes down to proper technique. The partner doesn’t know it yet at the beginning of a relationship, no matter what kind. Therefore, hints from the woman are quite welcome. If there is a lack of moisture, it is also advisable to use a lubricant gel.

Hier zur "Klitoris-Frau"

Stimulating a big clit is also possible with the right sex toy. For this purpose, you can also use a clitoral suction device, which is alternatively known as a pressure wave vibrator. It also makes the nerve endings vibrate in the big clit. He works with vibrations that pamper the sensitive big clit.

How is a clitoral aspirator used?

A clitoral teat is easy to use. There is a recess in the toy that is positioned on the clitoris. Once turned on, it emits targeted pressure waves that stimulate a large clit. It is important that there is no penetration, but only pressure waves provide particularly intense orgasms.

Therefore, clitoral suckers are very suitable for all women who react with great sensitivity to mechanical stimulation. So it is supposed to be very easy to feel an orgasm due to the pressure waves. On the other hand, there should be no habituation effect.

Advantages of a large tickler

Many women with a large clit may feel embarrassed about this, but it is completely unnecessary. Those who have a large clitoris benefit from numerous advantages during sex that women with a small clitoris do not have. A large clit is more visible and therefore easier to expose. This, of course, suits the erotic pleasure.

Otherwise, a large clitoris is treated exactly the same as a smaller one. Visually, it resembles a penis. By the way, even a big clit can get sore if she gets too stimulated. However, this usually subsides after a few days. So to stimulate a big clit, great sensitivity is also called for.

Hier zur "Klitoris-Frau"

But men who do not have experience in this, can practice it with simple means. It also feels uncomfortable for them when the penis or glans is exposed to too much pressure or friction. These should then be reduced at all costs. In honest conversations, women with large clits can tell their partner what touches they like and what sensations make them uncomfortable. Then they both enjoy sex. Because only who can let himself fall, can enjoy the erotic games without bias. Honesty plays a major role in this. Only women who can describe exactly what they want and what they don’t want feel unrestricted pleasure.

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