Your sex horoscope for the sign Sagittarius

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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The sex and love horoscope for the constellation Sagittarius

23 November – 20 December

Are you a Sagittarius yourself or do you have a partner who is a Sagittarius? Here you will find valuable tips for your love life. Nobody wants to be trapped! This can easily happen if you have not previously studied the love horoscope for Sagittarius men and women.

This is what makes these zodiac signs tick in bed

The shooters of both sexes show some character characteristics equally. Sagittarius is one of the fire signs and of course this also affects the starsign sex for Sagittarius people. Some claim that the open, fluttery and easily excited nature of the shooters is a sign of superficiality. In fact, many shooters have no problem changing partners quite quickly without suffering from a broken heart.

Star sign sex - The sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Sagittarius - The love horoscope - Sex HoroscopeAccording to the love horoscope for Sagittarius they love fire creatures but simply variety and stimulation. No wonder, then, that they dump partners who bore them both mentally and sexually.

The sex horoscope for Sagittarius knows: As long as the enthusiasm of the Sagittarius is maintained by exciting events such as an adventure trip to Iceland or a spontaneous shopping trip to Paris, everything goes well, even in bed.

The starsign sex for Sagittarius lovers is simply strongly influenced by the love of news and variety. The shooter loves more than others an inspiring exchange of ideas about art and culture as well as the latest gossip.

Hot kisses at a vernissage in the gallery, foreplay in the elevator of the luxury hotel: A Sagittarius is available for spontaneous, exciting flirts. In addition, there is an extraordinary drive for freedom, which strongly determines the sex horoscope for Sagittarius. Parentheses are not well received by the cosmopolitan, spirited and always thirsty for knowledge men and women. They enjoy their sex life with passion and joie de vivre, but do not like to commit themselves. Boring and Couchpotatoes: you don’t stand a chance at Lovers with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, so forget it right now!

The love-horoscope for Sagittarius women

At the turn of the century there were so-called social salons, run by beautiful, educated and decidedly eloquent women. No zodiac sign embodies this type of woman better than the shooter. Women with this sign of the zodiac are free spirits, who cast a spell on men in rows with their esprit and openness. Capricious and uncomplicated, Sagittarians love shooting women variety in bed and also like to be surprised by playful elements such as erotic role plays.

However, they should not take too long, because the markswoman loves to get to the point quickly. According to sex horoscope for Sagittarius ladies, they especially appreciate stays in nature and so it can very well be that they openly invite their partner to a love play on the beach or a walk in the woods. She has absolutely no problem with her nudity outdoors and enjoys sex under the stars. Sex in a tent or motor home? No problem for the shooter’s wife. Sometimes the markswoman even shows a certain tendency to exhibitionism and really blossoms when her partner provides her with a stage for it.

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The shooter’s wife sometimes lays hands on herself in front of her partner

The woman is herself: the Sagittarius lady attaches great importance to her own satisfaction and likes to be watched by her partner as she lends a hand and comes to orgasm several times in a row. Sometimes she behaves loud sex horoscope for Sagittarius also very selfish. She simply stops the sexual intercourse when she is ready – without letting her partner have a shot too. It’s his own fault if he takes too long! You could almost call a markswoman capricious, that’s how erratic she is.

During sex, she does not seek the deep soul connection with her partner, but a short-term, lascivious adventure. Anyone who gets involved and knows how to direct her playful carefree sex without being intimidated by her will find an ideal sex player in the sexgirl. She’s not really cut out to be a faithful wife.

The sex horoscope for Sagittarius men

Men born under the marksman’s fire sign can be wonderful lovers. According to sex horoscope for Sagittarius, however, the partners should have no problem sharing Sagittarius lovers with other women. Sagittarius men are full of zest for action and sexual energy and do not like to commit themselves. Sometimes they even have several relationships at once. They like to fall in love spontaneously and are very serious at that moment.

But as soon as the short-term enthusiasm subsides, the sex horoscope predicts a quick escape to the next muse for Sagittarius men. This is not difficult for the shooter, after all, the women’s hearts fly at him just like that. The sex horoscope for Sagittarius calls him an eternal bachelor. His good humour and good humour are simply contagious and what woman wouldn’t want to fall into the arms of a good-humoured adventurer? In addition, he is an excellent storyteller in company and likes to party. The sex horoscope for Sagittarius recommends that women should not be motherly or affectionate towards a Sagittarius man, but rather let him conquer them with self-confidence.

The Schützemann is considered a romantic lover with a tendency to fetishism

“Never let it be implied that you want to make a long-term commitment,” warns the sex horoscope for Sagittarians. Show butterfly-like behaviour yourself and flirt discreetly with other males in his presence. With a contactor man as bedfellow, ladies can let their imagination run wild. You will experience something special every night with the romantically inclined lover, says the sex horoscope for Sagittarius. shooter men are particularly talented when it comes to erotic massage and can also reliably serve their partner with a moving tongue orally.

A slight tendency to fetishism is shown, for example, by a preference for holderless silk stockings, which are allowed to cover the beautiful woman’s leg during lovemaking. So don’t be surprised if the shooter-man asks you to keep your high heels on in bed and just play the game with relish. The Sagittarius sex horoscope means: He will thank his partner and be a persistent and imaginative lover to her.

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