Bathing in donuts with the donut fetish

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Bathing in donuts with the donut fetish
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Crazy donut fetish in the bathtub

Once again, the wisdom of all fetishists applies here: there is nothing that does not exist! So this woman – let’s call her Anke (she didn’t want to tell us her real name) – has a really freaky preference: a donut fetish.

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Bathing in donuts with the donut fetishSticky, round and sweet

She loves to take a bath in the sticky pastry. Right. A bath. Then she fills her home bathtub with donuts and bathes in them. Only when the sugar mass sticks all over her body and she can devour the sweet fat pastry is she satisfied. Which she would love to have a man who shares her donut fetish. But where to take from, if not steal? Guys like that aren’t easy to find in real life. That’s why she’s looking for donut fetishists through this portal. I wonder if it’ll work out the way the fair maiden thinks. We wish her the best of luck!

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Sure, it sticks, it smells like fresh pastry and the soft treats look good to boot. There are hardly any limits to the variety. There are colorful ones, super cute ones, decorated ones, and covered with sprinkles or chocolate. The lovers of the donut fetish have here their purest joy! And yet all donuts have one thing indisputably in common: the hole in the middle.

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And you guys enjoy her profile text on the donut fetish:

“As a paralegal, I made decent money but couldn’t really satisfy my donut fetish. So I just quit my job and started working at a doughnut shop. Okay, there’s only minimum wage there, but there’s a pretty different awesome benefit:

Bathing in donuts with the donut fetishThis weekend I get to take home the donut leftovers that didn’t sell. There are often quite a few of them.

I then put the yummy squiggles in the tub and take a bath in the donuts. With my weight I crush them and afterwards I eat as much of them as I can, most even until I almost puke. If you’re up for a hot donut party at my place and want to give me a good going over in a bathroom full of donuts, please contact me to live out your donut fetish together.”

Bathing in donuts with the donut fetishWe would have guessed that the lady’s primary concern was eating. But the doughnut fetish is primarily about basking, literally bathing, in the “doughnuts“. Even though she likes to get fucked in it too, it’s just not a pure sex fetish. But well, to each his own, right?

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