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7 funny sex positions – who does that?!

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7 lustige Sexstellungen - Wer macht sowas?!

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Funny sex positions – love once differently

Who says that sex always has to be boring or tough? A man can and should have fun at the same time. At least that’s what some funny sex positions suggest, at least by name.

7 funny sex positions - who does that?!The Jewel Thief

Of course, it should not be missing when it comes to funny sex positions. Basically the jewel thief is only a variant of the known doggystyle. She reaches back between her legs and massages his balls. Since these are also called crown jewels, the name jewel thief has quite its justification.

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Hot Dog

The Hot Dog is not a snack for in between, but one of the funny sex positions. At the hot dog she lies on her back and pulls her legs back almost to her breasts. This allows her to offer herself to her partner in an open manner and allows him to penetrate deep into her. Both enjoy the intense sex.

Viennese oyster

Apparently many funny sex positions bear the name of food. But the Viennese oyster is not about Austrian seafood (how?), but about a position in which it opens up to its partner like an oyster. She lies on her back and stretches her legs over his shoulder. This will allow him to penetrate deep into them. Many women quickly reach orgasm with the “Viennese oyster”.


Not all of these variations are about food. In any case, the helicopter is one of the more sporty than the fun sex positions. It’s a variation of the riding position. She sits on him and puts on her legs. He holds her and slowly turns her around her own axis. She definitely needs a good balance for this.

Chinese sleigh ride

This must not be missing with the topic funny sex positions. Although the name suggests otherwise, the “Chinese sleigh ride” is quite relaxed. She lies on her back and her partner kneels between her legs. When he penetrates her, she presses her bottom against his thighs and clings to his hips with her legs. Escape impossible! She won’t let him go until he’s satisfied her.

Intersexual, Trans, Shemale - What's the difference?


No, this is not a homeopathic medicine, but another exercise from the category of funny sex positions. In Germany, however, the position is known under the name “69er” and is very popular as foreplay for mutual stimulation.

The enumeration could be continued for a long time. There are not only sex positions, but also funny sex practices. Everyone knows what “French” means. But what is “Greek” (anal sex) or “Spanish” (busted sex)? It makes some people wonder.


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