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Online pornography accelerates climate change

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Online-Pornos beschleunigen den Klimawandel

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… but online pornography is to blame for climate change?

Scientists have found that video streaming emits enormous amounts of CO2 and that pornographic content such as online pornography plays a large role.

Online PornWatching online porn produces 100 million tons of CO2 annually

That’s as much as Belgium causes in a year. This was revealed by a study conducted by the French organisation “The Shift Project”. Researchers found that streaming movies produce 300 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year, a third of which comes from online pornography. Digital technologies have produced 4% of global greenhouse gas emissions this year. By the year 2025, this output could rise to 8 percent and thus double.

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To limit climate change, we need to reduce our energy consumption. Therefore, several scientists are calling for action to reduce emissions of online pornography. This includes the avoidance of automatic playback as well as the transmission of videos in high resolution if it is not necessary. Online porn in 8K should then no longer be possible.

If online pornography is masturbated in addition to online porn, CO2 emissions increase dramatically. Some Fridays-for-Future supporters already demand a kind of tax on masturbation so that masturbation can also be priced in. However, the climate disciples have not (yet) revealed how exactly this is to be implemented and, above all, controlled.

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CO2 from online porn in the atmosphere?

The CO2 is of course not emitted directly when watching the online pornos, but in the general process of production, distribution and indirectly when watching them, because huge server farms sometimes run under full load. Just how much power the search engine giant Google consumes, the magazine Der Spiegel once discussed: namely as much as a big city! The US company consumes 260 million watts continuously. This would enable the online giant to supply 200,000 households simultaneously. And every movie, every online porn is on some server and consumes power on every single fetch. But we still watch porn. Also the disciples of climate change and Fridays for Feature demonstrators. A sacrilege or not?

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