2.3. – Today celebrates Just Lucy birthday

By Julia Moreno
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Just Lucy Birthday ♬♩

Today Just Lucy celebrates her birthday! A holiday not only for the sugar-sweet electress from Würzburg, but also for over a million erotic fans.

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Just Lucy – completely without Cat

In the porn industry, the name Lucy Cat has become a legend. Nevertheless, the Rostock native renamed herself Just Lucy in September 2020. On this occasion, the hardworking businesswoman launched Lucyd Dreams Ltd.

Just Lucy Birthday

An icon of the erotic scene

Just Lucy’s following on the Internet has now reached a staggering 1.6 million. She is one of the most searched porn stars on Google, on Pornhub her name regularly appears in the top five searches. There have also been awards on Venus.

Direkt zu Lucys Profil

Her videos reach more than 12.5 million views in some places. I wonder if a video titled Just Lucy Birthday would get as many clicks?

The secret of their success?

Sure, Just Lucy is beautiful, has an incredibly erotic figure and shoots porn videos with zeal. But is that enough to set it apart from the rest?

8.11. - Lana Giselle is celebrating her birthday!

This is where her passion for public sex comes into play. Just Lucy had always chosen very daring, public places for her videos. Whether it’s furniture stores, supermarkets or a highway bridge, it can’t be risky enough. Even in a passport photo machine the sexy blonde has already shot. Just Lucy loves the thrill of public sex, lives it out without shyness. The resulting videos have been enjoyed by their fans for over eight years now.

♬♩ Happy birthday, Just Lucy, happy birthday to you …

The figurehead of the porn industry Just Lucy has birthday! This day should be marked red in the calendar of many of her fans. Many a wife might wonder what the Just Lucy birthday note in her husband’s notebook means.
How will Just Lucy celebrate her birthday? Most importantly, will she share with her fans via video or camchat? We can be curious. At the end of the day, of course, only Just Lucy decides how to celebrate her special day.

At this point once again all the best to Just Lucy on her birthday!

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Just Lucy

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