Rock meets eroticism part 2

By Jens Haberlein
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Rock meets eroticism part 1
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Rock meets erotic – part 2

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Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

The next freeway on-ramp was mine. Because I was a camgirl on the run from her own life and her macker. I didn’t want to have a manager telling me what to do. No I wanted to finally be myself again. A cheeky cam brat who knows exactly what she needs. For that I don’t need a friend who is only interested in my account balance and my coins. When I was on the highway I rolled down the windows and screamed, with happiness, with anger and with sadness. I was angry at my manager friend, sad that I had to go through all this and happy that I finally left.

If I had had strong sleeping pills or even a gun at that moment, I think I would have committed suicide. But these things my friend would probably not have allowed me.

Rock meets erotic - part 2I correct: Ex-boyfriend!

I was free, free at last. The wind rustled through my hair and I could finally feel the sensation of freedom. But I was exhausted from the last few years, I needed a short break now and pulled into a rest area. My destination was in the stars anyway and I had no time pressure. As I walked to the gas station, I noticed a young man who didn’t look fresh either. The type of rock ‘n roll wannabe star. Disheveled hair, ripped jeans but a nice smile. When I came back out, he was still standing there, and he came up to me. My first thought, shit a wanker.

But no he politely asked me if I could give him a ride. Sure why not, he could only kill me anyway and that would not have been so wrong for me. When the two of us got in, he started the conversation. He asked me where I was going. I replied succinctly, if I knew. I guess that’s when it clicked. As we approached a parking lot, he not-so-politely urged me to pull over. I should tell him everything. I also did it without objections, after all, I was used to it. When I was done with my narrated biography, he simply said, Nice shit! Thank you! That was uplifting. But we both had to laugh out loud. The situation was just funny. A just runaway camgirl tells her life story to a strange man in rock’n roll style. But even as I laughed, I noticed a crackle in the air. His face came closer and he kissed me on my lips. I had not felt such soft lips for ages. His tongue circled my lips and I opened my mouth as if automated. At that moment the song “Bonnie and Clyde” by the “Toten Hosen” came on the radio! That was fate! We broke our kiss and both sang along loudly. “Put your head on my shoulder, it’s nice to feel you close because we’re playing Bonnie and Clyde”! The whole song we two bawled along.

When it was over, Dario asked me, don’t you want to play Bonnie and Clyde? I told him deadly serious and with some melancholy: ” For me all this is no game”! Dario answered me: “Not for me either”! We switched seats because Dario was now my savior in need and I was already calling him Clyde. He also joked and kept calling me Bonnie. The ride was really great, but I wanted to thank him. I bent over his lap and undid his fly, after all I am no child of sadness. His magnificent cock literally jumped out of the fly and I licked with pleasure at the bulging glans. Dario told me to stop, he needed to concentrate. But I could not and would not. His thick cock slid deeper and deeper into my mouth and I pushed it all the way into my mouth. The car stopped and only now did I realize that he had stopped. His heavily swollen cock pushed really deep into my mouth cunt and I had to gag slightly. But I enjoyed every oral thrust into my mouth. But Dario wanted to fuck me and he pulled the dress over my head.

The panties were just pushed aside and I slowly sat down on his swollen and rock hard cock. Wow was the penis thick. I really thought I’d never get it in my cunt. But it slipped and Dario let himself fall. His cock pierced my soaking wet vagina and I was really filled for the first time in my life. Slowly I moved my pelvis up and down and enjoyed this thick penis in my stretched vagina. It hurt a little bit sometimes, but it was a very pleasant pain. Dario moaned and surrendered to his lust. I did not know that, neither from my boyfriend, nor from my viewers who rubbed their peckers during cam sex. Just when I was in perfect rhythm with Dario, there was a knock on the car window. Dario just screamed: ” Shit the police”!

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