Intimate confession: I have sex with my girlfriend’s little sister

By Marco Dorada
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Intimate confession: I have sex with my girlfriend's little sister
Intimate confession: I have sex with my girlfriend's little sister

Sex with my sweetie little sister

Sometimes I have a totally guilty conscience, but when I see Ariane again, I forget all concerns. Yes, I have sex with the little sister my girlfriend Annabelle. She is 24, Ariane is 19 and also a head smaller than her big sister. I am Bastian, 26 years old and actually totally in love with Annabelle.

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I’m in a real fix

I won’t be able to keep up my double-crossing for much longer. Any day the bomb can go off, and then Annabelle will leave me. It’s not that Ariane desperately wants to become my steady girlfriend and pushes me. No, no, the girl is the totally submissive type. She’ll pretty much let you do anything to her. I admit that this is also a reason why I keep having sex with little sister. This may sound crass, but somehow I can’t get out of it.

Directly to the confession house

The parents of the two girls are totally relaxed. I am more or less a “son in the house” there, I can come and go. When they find out that I’m banging both daughters, it’s probably over with the hospitality. So far, no one seems to have suspected anything.

How it came about that I also do it with Ariane

Intimate confession: I have sex with my girlfriend's little sisterI once again stayed at my friend’s house and wanted to wash some clothes. In the utility room, Ariane squatted in front of the washing machine and took out wet laundry. She had only panties on. When she stood up with a startled cry, however, she did not hold her hands in front of her plump boobs. Ariane is not 1.60 tall, but has a D cup size (I checked). “You sure look hot,” I snapped.

Strange how this otherwise always so shy teen behaved. She said softly, “For you, I’ll take off my panties, too.” I wanted to wave off, but didn’t. My gaze was transfixed on her tits and the triangle that appeared under her panties, obviously hairy. I had not seen and touched pubic hair for a long time.

That’s how it started, the sex with little sister Ariane. I fucked her from behind while she pressed her horns on the washing machine. What an undignified spectacle, I thought afterwards. But then my sperm was already running down Ariane’s thigh. She wordlessly put on a little dress and disappeared. I had not even kissed her.

The sex with the little sister continues

Once is not a time, I tried to reassure myself with that. In fact, I had great sex with Annabelle in the evening. At dinner with the whole family, Ariane sat silently at the table the whole time, her eyes downcast. This was not a rarity. Only when addressed directly did she give a response. That evening, no one did. Annabelle entertained us all dazzlingly with her witty manner. I just thought: How she shines and shines next to the pale little one. Only her tits could not keep up with those of Ariane.

Directly to the confession house

The next encounter with the little sister took place in the bathroom, of all places. I don’t know why I wanted to go to the bathroom there instead of using the guest bathroom. Something drew me into the family bathroom – and Ariane was already in there. She hadn’t locked the door, was she expecting me? She sat wide-legged on the edge of the tub and looked at me submissively with her doe eyes.

I am under the spell of Ariane

Intimate confession: I have sex with my girlfriend's little sisterThis is the wrong world: I have a really great woman at the start with Annabelle: good-looking, sexy, intelligent and also earning well. We have extremely fun during sex and share many interests. I’m a lucky guy, honestly.

And what do I do? I secretly have sex with the little sister who does not resist. She doesn’t let on whether she fancies me. I can do what I want. Ariane complies, you might say. She doesn’t moan, and when she comes, she just shakes a little. I find them to be nothing but a mystery. Objectively pretty boring, but subjectively I fell for it. Without exaggeration – I even dream about her.

At the same time, my life with Annabelle goes on, we go out, meet friends, swim together and have sex. I don’t know how to do that. Every day I hope that my desire for Ariane will simply pass. Instead, I have sex with my girlfriend’s little sister whenever an opportunity presents itself.

A confusing experience with Ariane

Even outside she lets me get it, the little bitch. The other day I was helping the father in the garden. And who was sitting in the tool shed without panties again? Ariane had tied her blonde curls into a ponytail and was wearing one of her light dresses. She didn’t even have a bra on – and that with this bust size. I am a weak person and I could not help it. I had sex once more with the little sister who has never sucked my cock before. Annabelle takes care of that in the best possible way.

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I sat down on a chest and pulled Ariane onto my lap. Her veiled look caught my eye, she looked like she had been smoking pot. Deftly, she slid right onto my boner, moving smoothly and rhythmically. I felt like I was going to completely lose it in the next moment, and I came on like a house on fire. She immediately dismounted gracefully and disappeared like a ghost. Again she had not spoken a word.

Sex with little sister must end

I have already resolved to do this several times. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with me. I like great, self-confident women who make clear statements. But when Ariane appears in front of my inner eye, I immediately get an erection. Am I perhaps dominant in the reason? This thought had never occurred to me before I had sex with my adorable girlfriend’s little sister.

But I have also never met a woman who was so bland and lethargic and at the same time so attractive. If she moves to another city to study, I will be happy. Really?

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