We have tested: Sextoy Satisfyer Bold Lover

By Julia Moreno
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We have tested: Sextoy Satisfyer Bold Lover
We have tested: Sextoy Satisfyer Bold Lover
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The Satisfyer Bold Lover for couples

The powerful finger vibrator with intuitive operation for more variety during love play

The Satisfyer Bold Lover guarantees the highest sexual pleasure by the possibility of being able to stimulate erogenous body zones on the skin surface with pinpoint accuracy. This useful sex toy is just as suitable for solo sex as for fun in pairs.

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High quality material properties

We have tested: Sextoy Satisfyer Bold Lover… provide a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years. To perfectly stimulate his erogenous zones to get into the highest possible sexual sensuality and mood, the Satisfyer Bold Lover is the ideal sex toy. Even those who do not have much experience with vibrators will definitely be able to benefit from it in many ways. Because even for beginners, the Satisfyer Bold Lover is a finger vibrator, which inspires not only by its versatility, but also by its particularly simple and intuitive operation, as well as its powerful vibrations.

The vibrations are perceived as very pleasantly stimulating but also deep. This is particularly important and has also been taken into account in the design of this device in order to be able to provide the greatest possible satisfaction. Also with the material properties, the sex toy can convince well, because it consists of medically tested and body-friendly silicone. This material is very pleasant to the skin and well tolerated, so there is no risk of hypersensitivity reactions.

The Satisfyer Bold Lover is very easily rechargeable and waterproof thanks to battery operation

The manufacturer grants a warranty of 15 years on the device if it is used and applied according to the instructions for use. The versatility of the Satisfyer Bold Lovers is also reflected in the fact that users can choose from up to 12 different vibration programs and thus always find exactly the right program depending on their mood. The product features have been extensively tested, moreover, this valuable sex toy is also waterproof.

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The Satisfyer Bold Lover is powered by lithium ion rechargeable batteries, so the device can be recharged again and again. For this purpose, a conventional power outlet is quite sufficient. The silicone is also very easy and quick to clean again after each use. Easy cleaning with a little lukewarm water ensures that the Satisfyer Bold Lover is quickly ready for use again.

Every possible erogenous zone on the intact skin surface can be stimulated with it

We have tested: Sextoy Satisfyer Bold LoverA USB magnetic charging cable is included for extra easy charging of the device, this is included with the order. During operation, only very quiet noises are generated thanks to the integrated whisper mode, so you can concentrate on the essentials during use. The application is very simple. Simply slip your finger into the pre-made loop and the stimulation of your own erogenous zones or those of a partner can start right away. The deep and powerful vibrations are a treat for anyone who loves good sex.

Women are just as enthusiastic about this sex toy as men. Of course, a vibrator serves not only to stimulate the clitoris, but also the other erogenous zones, such as nipples, penis or even any other place on the human skin surface. During application, care should be taken to ensure that the stimulated area is free of injury or other irritation. Thus, the application should be made only on healthy skin area.

Very easy cleaning with a little water and soap

The developers of the Satisfyer Bold Lover have made sure that its tip is only relatively small. This also has a very special reason and serves the pinpoint stimulation of erogenous zones. This targeted possibility of stimulation is particularly important and valuable for sexual arousal. During lovemaking as a couple or alone, the different vibration programs always provide the perfect stimulation, which is desired at the respective moment.

Due to its curved shape, the finger vibrator fits perfectly in the hand and even under water, for example in the bathtub or under the shower, an application is well possible, because the device is waterproof. If necessary, soap or a mild agent can be used in addition to cleaning with a little lukewarm water.

Source of supply: Satisfyer

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