More varied stimulation for intense orgasms with SUNDAZE

By Julia Moreno
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More varied stimulation for intense orgasms with SUNDAZE
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Surprisingly new with SUNDAZE

We love the cosy Sunday feeling: No appointments and lots of time for yourself – that means pure relaxation and self-care. In order to intensify this state of mind, FUN FACTORY now brings an absolute novelty to the market: SUNDAZE is the first toy from the brand new category PULSE VIBE. A technology that offers a completely surprising type of stimulation, as it combines vibration, pulsation and tapping. In this way a multitude of different nerve endings are addressed and provide for particularly fulfilling and intense orgasms – a tingling surprise for a Sunday afternoon or for the SUNDAZE feeling every day of the week.

More varied stimulation for intense orgasms with SUNDAZEOn Sundays we take on average more time for ourselves, for what is good for us and above all for sex. For even more desire for sex and self-love, SUNDAZE, the novelty of the Bremen sextoy manufacturer FUN FACTORY, now seduces. This toy invites you to stay lying down a little longer and to explore and discover our bodies intensively – with diverse and truly novel stimulations that pamper, enchant and enchant us. The unique PULSE VIBE technology provides a fast building up excitement, which is held for a long time and intensified until the climax. The combination of the three stimulation types vibration, tapping and pulsation guarantees varied FUN – whether alone or in pairs.

Varied stimulation for an overwhelming orgasm experience

While conventional vibrators produce a very uniform stimulation, SUNDAZE guarantees pure variety!

More varied stimulation for intense orgasms with SUNDAZEIn our body there are different types of nerve endings, each of which reacts to specific stimulations and touches. SUNDAZE addresses them simultaneously. “While the clitoris reacts particularly well to vibration due to a large number of rapidly adapting receptors, in the vagina slowly adapting mechanical receptors for pressure and stretching play an important role,” says sexual and couple therapist Dr. med. Heike Melzer. “SUNDAZE combines the speed of a vibrator, with the stretching of a dildo and the pounding and tapping component of a pulsator in a hitherto unknown and surprising combination and sensation.

The new technology brings stimulation to the point

The PULSE VIBE technology is an absolute innovation on the sextoy market, because it does not work with a classic motor, but is based on the patented pulsator technology of FUN FACTORY. Whether gentle knocks, intensive penetration, delicate tapping or low-frequency vibration, the movements of the toy, which are generated by a weight inside, are unique on the market – and whisper-quiet too!

Die geile Sexcommunity

Fifteen different programs invite you to discover and try out. Especially exciting are the three dynamic movement patterns, which make use of the full potential of the toy. The “forward function” of the SUNDAZE is also absolutely ingenious, as it leaves your hands free for even more FUN in the Sunday pampering programme.

More varied stimulation for intense orgasms with SUNDAZESelf-Care and Self-Love – two trend themes combined in one sextoy

Contrary to the trend towards quick orgasm, SUNDAZE is intended to inspire you to enjoy the journey to your goal more intensely again. Through the versatile movement patterns from gentle to intense, the tension builds up bit by bit and its versatility allows you to discover new ways to orgasm. The unfamiliar movement patterns take us out of our routines and allow us to get to know our own body in a new way. So we take the time to experience new and fulfilling orgasms. So you can enjoy the Sunday feeling also during the week and SUNDAZE becomes a sexy companion for relaxed hours alone or in pairs.

Power to the Clit - Der neue Vibrator VOLTA

SUNDAZE is available in the colours fuchsia pink and pistachio. Like all FUN FACTORY toys, this one is also Made in Germany and made of medical grade silicone. SUNDAZE has a memory function to start directly in your favourite program as well as a flashback function in case the device is accidentally switched off and is available for 139,90€.

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