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Mario Meyer ist seit Juni 2006 als Chefredakteur federführend für das Schreiben der Artikel zuständig und hauptverantwortlich für das optische Erscheinungsbild der Homepage. In seiner Freizeit kocht der frühere Theaterkritiker gern, geht ab und an tauchen und liebt einfach das Leben an einem der schönsten Fleckchen der Erde.

9.2. – Today’s Tara Fun birthday

Happy Birthday - We celebrate Tara Fun's birthday and spoil the blonde camgirl to the point of orgasm today! This time she is sure to throw one of the hottest parties of the year when she celebrates her special day with her fans and users and has all her holes plugged one by one. Let us introduce you to the girl.

That’s why you should go to porn casting as a woman!

Regardless of whether you are a "normal" interested party who would like to get a taste of the porn industry or are already a camgirl or amateur and are fed up with unreliable men on user shoots - at our castings we offer you the opportunity (free of charge) to make our applicants your shooting partners on an already finished set.

The erotic duo: Costas Antonis and Fire Fox

Greek-German porn couple, professional performer and amateur. These are Fire Fox and Costas Antonis. Together they work on their careers, on their dream of being successful in the erotic industry. After working at Magma, Beate Uhse and Hitzefrei, they are now taking the plunge to give one hundred percent together and take off as a frivolous erotic couple with lots of fresh ideas.

Highlights: What makes a good online erotic magazine?

In the world of online erotic magazines, there are plenty of options to choose from. But what really makes a good erotic magazine? What criteria ensure that Eronite is one of the best, highest quality and most popular magazines? Let's dive in and discover some of the features that make an appealing, topical, informative and entertaining erotic magazine.

Top Amateur Camgirls – The 14 best amateur girls in Germany

In this article we introduce you to the hottest German camgirls and amateur webcam girls. We present the most popular camgirls in Germany who are represented on the live sexcam portals MyDirtyHobby (MDH), BIG7 and VISIT-X. We also give you an insight into their profiles and tell you when they are online. Find out more about the best German camgirls and immerse yourself in a world full of passion and sensual live shows.

Fuck story: Wicked gothic slut Ariella Vantara

Sex story: Gothic slut Ariella Vantara is a young woman who could hardly be more attractive. She is captured by a stranger in a greenhouse and fucked hard to exhaustion in a cellar dungeon.

Vicky Fox shocks fans with her preference for rough anal sex

She doesn't just like hard anal sex, but also thick cocks that stretch her rosettes almost to bursting point. For Vicky Fox, a good ass fucking is simply part of the experience. When the sperm drips out of her butt, that's the best compliment for her. "Alarm in the bowel" - that's what the pretty young woman prefers to call her daily routine.

Review of the big porn casting in Sauerland

The porn casting in the Sauerland region was a hotly contested affair - who made it to the "Recall", who will be Germany's next erotic star? 70 men were registered to be put through their paces by the actresses. Would "he" stand and withstand the pressure? What is it like on set when there are so many people around you? A little insight into Eronite's erotic casting. We were there live.

Invitation: Become an adult performer at Pornocasting 2023

The Pornocasting 2023 is just around the corner and YOU can be there with the erotic stars Texaspatti, student Aneta and Manja1998. Don't miss this opportunity to make your own porn movie with the erotic girls. Get into the porn industry and earn money with sex. Register now and take part in the erotic casting!

Why you can read free premium articles at Eronite

Well-researched and carefully written exclusive articles await you at Eronite. Premium article for every reader. Exclusive content delights the erotic fan, because these articles, stories and information is only here in the erotic magazine number 1 - trilingual and always on the pulse of time!

The Future of Erotica: How Technology and Virtual Reality Are Changing the Erotic Industry

The world is on the threshold of a new era of intimacy. Technology and virtual reality are revolutionizing the adult industry. With artificial intelligence, VR and current ethical considerations, the future of erotica is taking shape. An in-depth look at the changes ahead and the unknown potential of desire.

This vegan sucks only meatless cock

Petal Sunshine, a committed vegan, proclaims a philosophy of total abstinence from meat and carnal pleasures. This radical view causes controversy within the vegan community and the scientific community. The question of consistency in veganism and the search for true purity and enlightenment reveal a new dimension.

Measuring nuts: This is how it’s amazingly easy as a man!

Ultimate testicle measuring guide from Dr. Egghead, the trusted urologist. A humorous, satirical look into the mysterious art of measuring testicles. Learn why a pink bathroom and Bee Gees are essential and why this method is not covered by health insurance. Discover the trend #testicleFairChallenge.

9 reasons: That’s why erotic messages excite so much

Erotic news (erotic news) reflects deeply rooted human interests and is influenced by cultural, historical and psychological factors. Learn more about the evolution, social significance, and psychological appeal of these messages in a modern, digitized world.

Erotic story: Sex in call center – So horny fuck the agent girls

Sex story: What happens to customer consultant Marietta when she meets her hot colleague Benno with a headset on her head? Sex in the call center is not as unusual as you might think. Some even refer to it as the "biggest whorehouse around," because employees are constantly having sex with each other - in the garage, the first aid room or the kitchen.

Rocco Siffredi – This is why all women love the Italian porn stallion

Ever heard of Rocco Siffredi? He is THE Italian porn stallion. From strict Catholic family to 1800+ porn and own vodka & perfume! Discover why he's more than just his "bestie." And no, he's not just famous for his 23 centimeters in his pants, with which he has made many a woman quite happy.

No sex on vacation – German wanted compensation

"No sex on Balearic vacation" - A German vacationer confronts uncooperative single beds and a humorous court case. An unusual vacation story with unexpected twists. Humor, improvisation and a vacation that will surely be remembered. A must for all who appreciate a good anecdote!

Sex addict at 19: Gangbang slut Xisca Bond interviewed

The great exclusive interview with a gangbang slut that men could not have thought up better: Xisca Bond. A man's dream made flesh. The three-hole mare can be used - anal, vaginal, oral. She lets herself be inseminated and fucked in public so that she loses her hearing and sight. Xisca is a glutton for punishment - let's be surprised!

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Come to the model finca in Mallorca!

Just visit the Casa Colada model finca: bright sunshine, a blue sky and the gentle sound of the waves in the background. What sounds like a beautiful vacation dream can now become a workplace for creators of erotic content, as the Casa Colada model finca is now available to amateurs and professionals for a wide variety of filming projects.

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Sex slave of a strange taxi driver

The erotic story: Klara was my sex slave. I loved women from Eastern Europe and still wanted to pick up my premium. The taxi driver came right on cue. His trousers were well filled and Klara had to appreciate that. My diabolical plan was forged.

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Day of reward: My training as a pleasure slave continues

Hot sex story with a Latina: First I was bored, but then your gift really got me going and ecstasy. I will remember this experience for a long time. My body was literally jolted by lightning. Thank you for this, that I as a pleasure slave may experience something like this!

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