Sex story: Mom fucked at devastating sleepover

By Jens Haberlein
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Sex story: A devastating sleepover with sex
Sex story: Mom fucked at devastating sleepover


Porn fuck with my mom

It was the third week of summer vacation before my senior year of high school. I was 18 years old and enjoying the last summer where I didn’t have to think deeply about my career yet. It was Tuesday, at least I think it was. I usually don’t think about the days of the week that much during summer vacation. Anyway, it wasn’t a typical hot July day, it was pretty rainy, but that didn’t dampen my spirits. One or two rainy days during the week are quite dear to me, because that’s when my favorite hobby is the most fun.

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The sleepover took a horny turn

What’s better than playing a game on a rainy evening? That’s right, a round of gambling with his best friend. Paul was 18 years old just like me, we go to class together. He is very sporty and does a lot of sporty stuff in his freedom, that makes him more or less the girl crush of our class. Every week he literally rotates between our classmates. He lives in the same small town as me and also just a few blocks away with his family. We live in a very family oriented neighborhood with lots of single family homes. I live with my mother in a relatively small townhouse.

Incest story: a devastating sleepover

My mother is 41 years old, but you can hardly tell by looking at her. Even I, as her own son, have to say that I still think she’s pretty as hell. She is about 1.75 m tall and has long black hair, beautiful bright blue eyes and – not to forget – a body that any 20 year old would envy. She has a pair of breasts, or rather melons, with size 80 D and a plump big ass that I don’t think fits completely on any of our chairs. Yes, my mother is already a dream of a woman. I’m not sure yet if I desire her sexually either, but I’m sure thousands of other men do.

Xisca loves Rape Games

It was 8 p.m. by now and Paul had been there for a while. We had a lot of fun as always. And talked about everything that was so important at the time. However, Paul now put down his controller and stood up. “Hey I need to use the bathroom, I’ll be right back.” I answered with a simple “Jo” because I knew I didn’t have to give him directions, after all, he’d been to visit often enough. So Paul went to the bathroom and I concentrated on the next level. What I had no idea what the consequences of this brief visit to the toilet would be.

Paul’s plan was clear – I knew exactly what he wanted

Sex story: A devastating sleepover with sexPaul went up the stairs and was quickly at the bathroom door, but it was locked. He wondered briefly, but then clearly hears the shower. Paul quickly realized that it had to be my mother, because no one else lived here. When he grasped the thought, what I had predicted earlier happened. His penis immediately shot full of blood, because Paul was apparently also into my mother, which he obviously can’t be blamed for. So he reached into his pants and tried to peek through the keyhole. However, the shower curtain was completely in his way and he could only glimpse my mother’s silhouette.

Nevertheless, he jerked his cock until just before cumming. As his gaze roamed the room a bit, he noticed that there were no worn clothes of hers lying around, only a white bathrobe. He knew immediately what that meant. In fact, my mother is very neat and always undresses right in the laundry room to throw her worn clothes directly into the basket that goes with them. Then she puts on a bathrobe and struts into the bathroom. So Paul’s plan quickly became clear. He quietly slipped into our laundry room and rifled through the worn linens. It must have been a bit like a pirate looking for a gold treasure – only in this case the gold was my mom’s panties.

It wasn’t long before he found a black thong. Immediately meanwhile, his blood began to boil and his cock to throb. He sat down on the floor and leaned his upper body against the wall. In one hand he had mom’s thong and smelled it strongly, in the other hand was his cock, which he jerked firmly to the juicy smell of my mother. However, that didn’t last long, because Paul could clearly hear the bathroom door, which was just opened.

Xisca loves Rape Games

Quick as a flash, he threw the briefs back and slipped into the hallway, hoping to catch another glimpse. And mom completed his hope. Just as he got a glimpse of the hallway, she strutted beautifully as always into her bedroom. Paul meanwhile only thought to himself “Wow, how can you have such a horny mother?!”. My mother then finally disappeared into her room and Paul pulled himself together – but not without ulterior motives.

My best buddy could only think about my mother

In the meantime, I was already playing the second level alone, but I wasn’t surprised that Paul didn’t come back until quite a while later. He has always taken quite a long time in the bathroom, which has also always been a mystery to me. “I’m back,” Paul said, sitting down next to me. “Take the controller, you’ll be able to join in again in a minute, we’re already two levels ahead now,” I said happily. “Say, can I maybe crash here? Then maybe we can still make the game today,” Paul suggested, but was actually thinking of something completely different. “Yes, no problem at all, my mother will have gone to sleep by now anyway. We just shouldn’t get too loud,” I said, looking forward to the extended gaming session.

We played until two o’clock in the night, then we just couldn’t anymore. We didn’t manage to play through the game, unfortunately, but we just had to sleep now. Paul lay down on a mattress next to my bed and I lay in my bed as usual. Quiet quickly returned, at least for me. With Paul, on the other hand, it was completely different; he just couldn’t stop thinking about my mother. He was so keen on her by now that he could no longer grasp any other clear thought. And then he did something that was typical of Paul. While I was sleeping, he got up and went to my mother’s bedroom door. Paul has always been one to follow through with what he wants in the end.

Xisca loves Rape Games

There he was just standing in front of her door with a huge bulge in his pants. He considered and hesitated, but then took heart. He took off his underpants right in front of her door and his stiff, gigantic cock literally showed him the direct way to my mother, only the door was still between them. Paul grabbed the door handle and opened the door not exactly hesitantly. My mother woke up. She wasn’t wearing much, just a black thong and a very thin black blouse which was buttoned up. However, you could clearly see through and saw so clearly her nipples. She straightened up in surprise and fear. “Pa… Paul?” she stammered, “What…are you…doing here?” she asked hesitantly, becoming more anxious. Paul, on the other hand, only got harder and climbed onto her bed without shame or hesitation.

My mother fucked by Paul against her will

“Paul… please stop… stop! And… Go again…”, my mother tried to assert herself, but that didn’t work with her quiet hesitant tone. And her eyes tracked the swinging, huge cock that was getting closer and closer to her. “Turn around!” sternly ordered Paul to my mother, ignoring any form of her authority. “No… I… don’t… not…” my mother stuttered unbelievably scared and already got tears in her eyes. Paul grabbed her very hard by the shoulders. My mother squealed slightly in pain. “Turn around!” repeated Paul now louder and more sternly, trying to turn her with his own strength. My mother relented, and almost gasped in tears. “Why are you doing this?” she whimpered. Paul did not answer. My mother was now sitting on all fours in front of him, as you know from the doggie position.

Mom doggystyle fucked

Paul grabbed her panties on both sides and yanked them down her legs with all his might. “Ahhh!” my mother cried, crying. Paul slapped her ass lightly and then pinched it with his hand. “Is Mom ready for some fun?” he asked, dirty and ironic. My mother was crying and panting louder now, but did not answer. Paul pulled my mother’s ass cheeks as far apart as he could. He now saw the maximum stretched asshole and dripping wet column of my mother. “Now don’t pretend you don’t like it,” he spoke to her as he trailed a finger through her wet cleft. Mom did not answer.

Xisca loves Rapegames

“Then let’s see if the bitch can take my gigantic cock,” Paul said with a dirty grin and immediately hammered it as deep as he could into Mom’s crack with the first thrust. “Aaaaa-Ooooh!” my mom screamed before she started moaning and whooping in time. This very scream, however, was so loud that it reached my room. I startled and wondered what it was. I looked around and saw that Paul was no longer lying on his mattress. I listened to hear where the sound could have come from. Quietly I heard relatively muffled and far away a soft moan and again and again a whimper. I stood up and tried to figure out where exactly it was coming from.

I watched my mom and my buddy having sex

I went up the stairs and it got louder. I looked down the hall and froze for a moment. The moans and whimpers were clearly coming from my mother’s room. I now crept even more quietly than before, up to her door. Now I heard it very clearly “Ahh, please, ohhh ohhh, stop, ahhh”. I became curious and tried to look through the keyhole. I froze, my eyes widening. I couldn’t believe what was happening right there in front of me. My mother was fucked from behind only in her night blouse. Her tits were bouncing and her hair was all messed up.

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She looked excited and horny, but on the other hand also very scared and crying. She didn’t seem to want anyone fucking her ass so hard right now. Then, only when I could take my eyes off my horny mother, I noticed that she was not fucked by just anyone, but by Paul. Paul fucked my mom doggy! I couldn’t believe it. Again and again he hit her ass and pushed harder and harder. My mother got louder and her face was bright red from crying and her excitement. I probably should have helped her more in this situation, but I could not. Already at the first sight of my mother in this position my cock was pumped with blood. From that point on, there was no more room in my head for rational decisions. So I took him in my hand and jerked him while my mother was just fucked more or less against her will.

Sex story: Mom fucked at devastating sleepover

“I’m not the first one to take you like this, am I!?” Paul asked my mother pressurefully and sternly. My mother whimpered less by now, because her fear was probably displaced by sheer horniness. Still, she didn’t answer. “I don’t need an answer either,” Paul laughed, “your cleft is already so stretched, you slut has probably had triple digit guys,” he said, speeding up considerably once again. At this point I didn’t know if he wasn’t pounding even faster than a jackhammer. What I could observe quite clearly, however, was how he literally hammered my mother’s mind out of her skull.

Xisca loves Rape Games

She screamed like mad, it sounded like a mixture of pain and horniness, with the horniness prevailing. Suddenly after more than five minutes of sledgehammer, he pulled it out completely. His cock was easily twice as big as mine and throbbed violently. I really wondered how deep he went into my mom, he must have actually fucked her almost to the gut. My mother was breathing very heavily and was completely out of breath. Her juice dripped from her extremely stretched cleft onto the bed. She was really stretched to such an extent that I could literally look inside her. “So, now you get to do some work!” he ordered her very sternly. My mother knew she had to do what Paul said. Paul lay back on his back so that his head was facing the door.

She was really worked hard, but she liked that

“Get on, you old mare!” he commanded my mother, pointing to his tail as it rose vertically. Mom swallowed hard, but then dragged herself to him as well. After a moment’s hesitation, she reluctantly sat down on his tower. Mom squinted her eyes and bit her lip. It was obvious to her that this giant boner went so deep inside her that it hurt. “Go on! Ride, you horny mare!” Paul shouted very sternly and grabbed my mother’s hip. Mom began jumping up and down, her face contorted with excitement and her eyes rolling back with each stroke. It was an incredible sight for Paul and especially for me.

Sex story: Mom fucked at devastating sleepover

My 41 year old mother, the hottest milf I had ever seen at least, was taken through harder than she would have liked. Her face was bright red from exertion and completely weepy. Her hair was completely disheveled and her huge ripe tits bounced and jiggled up and down in front of me. And these two beauties were held up only by this thin blouse, where the tiny plastic buttons threatened to rip off with every up and down. It was an incredible sight and I had to stop masturbating for a moment because otherwise I would have already come.

Xisca loves Rape Games

“You like that? Well, does mommy like it?” Paul asked completely dirty and couldn’t be far away from orgasm himself. My mother looked down at him submissively and bit her lips again. Her face looked sad, but also very excited. Then she nodded slightly. But she nodded! So my mom had actually enjoyed being fucked senseless against her will by her son’s best buddy! From then on I started jerking my own cock hard again. “I knew you’d like it,” Paul said with a dirty smile. From now on, mom really tried hard, she rode my buddy off like a wild one.

Paul choked and fucked my mom like a wild stallion

She moaned louder, but now all you could hear was pure arousal. The whole thing went on for a quarter of an hour, then Paul spoke up again. “You know what bothers me? This stupid blouse covers all my vision!” he said again in a powerful voice. However, it did not stop at words. He reached into Mom’s collar and tore her blouse apart with all his strength. Mom cried out “Oooooh, yaaaa” as the torn blouse now slid haltingly off her body. The little plastic buttons flew everywhere, some hit Paul and others even flew up to my door! Mom’s tits were incredible, such horny natural boobs are in almost no porn. This one was better than porn. Mom jumped up and down faster and faster and Paul kneaded her tits violently.

Sex story: Mom fucked at devastating sleepover

Then it was time, Paul must have been about to come, when he pushed my mother off his cock and she fell backwards onto the bed, startled. “It’s time for the glorious conclusion,” Paul said sternly, getting up and standing next to the bed. He took both of my mother’s arms and pulled her to the edge of the bed so that only her head hung down. My mother was upside down now looking directly at Paul’s cock while the blood was rushing to her head. “It’s time for a midnight snack!” said Paul to my mother and stuffed his cock into her mouth cunt. He didn’t hesitate long and pushed it in as far as he could right away.

Xisca loves Rape Games

Suddenly my mother didn’t look so excited anymore, you could see the panic written all over her face. Which was not to blame her, because his cock reached far down her throat. Immediately she had to gag loudly, but Paul made that only more horny. He got faster and faster and fucked my mom’s mouth like he fucked her cunt doggystyle earlier. My mother choked and struggled for breath. She was bright red and her eyes were rolled back. Her nipples were rock hard or stuck out further than I had ever seen. She seemed to be barely conscious, but despite that she fingered her cleft fiercely. Paul now began to moan as well, while violently choking my mother.

Paul made my mom swallow his sticky cum

Suddenly the time had come. “Aaaah, swallow my semen, bitch,” he roared at my mom, shooting his cum into her mouth. My mother’s body cramped completely and she abruptly stopped fingering herself. Paul pulled his cock out of her and was also breathing very hard. He never seemed so exhausted to me after sports. My mother, at least, was not able to swallow this gigantic load.

When he pulled his cock out, a very thick mass ran right out of her mouth cunt. The white slime and her spit covered almost her entire face. Briefly, it appeared to me that she had been unconscious, but then she coughed and regained some consciousness. Both were extremely exhausted and didn’t exchange a word, my smeared mother didn’t even try to clean herself up, neither of them moved.

And what can I say, well, I had shot the biggest load of my life against my mother’s door at that moment, right when the slime was running down her face. It was an unimaginably horny sight. My mother lay on her bed, completely smeared and more exhausted than ever, her fat tits laid flat on her torso and the blouse she was wearing earlier lay torn next to her with the buttons spread far and wide across the room. Her face was completely smeared with cum and her long black hair was completely disheveled. She was breathing heavily, we were all breathing heavily….

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