5 sex positions that will solve your problems in bed

By Marco Dorada
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5 sex positions that solve our problems in bed
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When it should work again during sex

Small problems in bed can cast a dark shadow over what should be a fun lovemaking session. This can be premature ejaculation, a penis that is too small, or the lack of orgasm. We present five sex positions so that problems in bed will finally be a thing of the past.

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With these 5 sex positions problems in bed are a thing of the past

Cowgirl position: when the penis is too small

There are countless discussions about the right penis size. What size should be the penis of the man to please a woman in the best possible way? The fact is, it’s not how big the link is, it’s how it’s used. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that a short penis may slip out of the vagina during sex, causing problems in bed. If this happens more often, it can be very frustrating or even painful for both sides.

5 sex positions that solve our problems in bed

In such a case, the cowgirl position is perfect. This helpful sex position works as follows: The man lies on his back and the woman sits on him. However, there is a small difference from the riding position. Namely, the woman refrains from moving up and down. Instead, she remains seated and makes circular movements with her hips. In this way, the penis can penetrate deeply and slipping out is impossible.

Vienna Oyster: Problems in bed due to premature ejaculation

If the man comes too early, this quickly causes dissatisfaction in the woman. Not only that this fact makes the female orgasm almost impossible. Sex is passion, being close together. These moments want to be enjoyed and may quietly last a little longer. As long as there are no health reasons behind it, this problem is rather harmless. A certain sex position can strengthen a man’s stamina: The Viennese Oyster.

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Even if many are not familiar with this designation, most have already tried this position once. As in the missionary position, the woman lies on her back and the man is above her. Now comes variety into play: the lady bends her legs and puts them on the shoulders of the partner. In this position, the man gently but deeply penetrates the woman. He can control the intensity and thus last longer.

CAT position: when the female orgasm is missing

For many women, it is by no means easy to climax during vaginal penetration. In the long run, this frustrates not only the woman, but also the partner. There is a solution to this problem as well: the CAT position. CAT stands for Coital Alignment Technique and while this sex position may seem boring at first, both parties benefit from it. What does the whole thing look like now? At first everything starts as in the missionary position.

5 sex positions that solve our problems in bed

The woman lies on her back and the man above her. The man’s shoulders should be above the woman’s shoulders and both abdomens should be touching. Although the G-spot is left out in this case, this position increases clitoral stimulation. With powerful movements and intimate closeness, the man may bring his partner to orgasm faster than expected. A lack of orgasm thus rarely causes problems in bed.

Riding position: banish problems from the bed with confidence

Whether two lovers have just met or the couple is already in a long-term relationship, showing yourself naked in front of your partner always requires a certain amount of self-confidence. Especially women who feel insecure should take control exactly then. Riding position is one of the most popular sex positions and is perfect in this case. Sitting on the reclining man, the woman has the opportunity to take the scepter.

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She can control the pressure and speed herself, while the man looks at her in all her beauty. The woman can decide for herself whether she sits with her face or with her back to her partner. If you dare a few times, you will quickly forget all your fears and worries. This makes for growing self-confidence and automatically brings fewer problems in bed.

Missionary position: the best position to get pregnant

If a couple has decided to create new life, this is possible in principle in any position. Nevertheless, experts expressly advise the missionary position. With a cushion under the buttocks, a perfect angle is created, which facilitates the sperm’s journey to the egg.

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The man can penetrate deeply into the woman in the missionary position and stimulates the clitoris at the same time. This increases the chances of an orgasm in the woman, which helps the sperm to progress. In addition, the sperm stays inside the body longer than in an upright sex position.

Problems in bed are water under the bridge

No matter what the problem is in bed: The choice of sex positions is almost endless. There is something for every problem and every taste. Frustration and anger during the loving act are thus a thing of the past. Instead, sex becomes more varied and, of course, more satisfying.

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