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Jasmin Berger ist seit Januar 2014 als Assistentin der Schluss- und Chefredaktion tätig und kümmert sich hauptsächlich um den Schriftverkehr per Post und Email mit Lesern, Kunden, Lieferanten, Bewerbern etc. Daneben ist sie hauptsächlich verantwortlich für das "Backoffice", also die klassische Büroarbeit.

Seduction tips: Sleeping with a Latina made easy

Have you always dreamed of experiencing a hot night with a Latina? Then you've come to the right place! In this article, we'll give you valuable seduction tips to experience unforgettable moments in bed with a Latina. Whether you're looking for Latina sex or just want to know how to build a special connection with a Latina, we have the answers.

Diamond pussy porn: This MILF loves outdoor sex

The blonde woman is now in her forties and has more than earned the title MILF. Diamond pussy porn is a very special kind of treat. With her 80D bust size, the blonde with the brown eyes drives both men and women crazy by the dozen. The sly diamond pussy is always open to bisexual games.

Two wombs – woman is pregnant in both!

The amazing story of Kelsey, an Alabama woman pregnant with twins in two separate wombs. This rare medical case beats all the odds and offers fascinating insights into the world of reproductive anomalies. Find out more about the challenges and special features of this unique pregnancy.
Free Sex Story: The Dark Haired Beauty

Free Sex Story: The Dark Haired Beauty

The exciting encounter between a mature man and the curious, newly mature Julia, who wants to experience her first steps in the world of adulthood. Accompany her on her way from the first seduction in leather pants, exciting power games, to intense, passionate experiences. An erotic adventure in a class of its own!

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Tricky sperm mixture: child from the partner’s father

Did you know that a British court recently had to rule on the legal situation of a child conceived through an unusual sperm mixture? This case raises questions about biological parentage and paternity and causes a stir in the media. It is about a couple's desire to have children and the involvement of the partner's father in the conception.

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Sex story: Private snoop Jack Taylor seduced in cell

The free sex story: Her nylons are gray, her high heels are black. She looks scrumptious, a bit like Laureen Bacall in the old Bogart movies. Jack Taylor feels exactly that his pants are getting tighter.

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Erotic Fair: Dirty Virtual VENUS goes into the second round

The two actions in the run-up to the event have silenced many a Berlin snout and caused wide-eyed reactions among passers-by. A boat tour through the middle of the government district and a shooting in front of the Brandenburg Gate with plenty of naked celebrities!

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