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Jasmin Berger ist seit Januar 2014 als Assistentin der Schluss- und Chefredaktion tätig und kümmert sich hauptsächlich um den Schriftverkehr per Post und Email mit Lesern, Kunden, Lieferanten, Bewerbern etc. Daneben ist sie hauptsächlich verantwortlich für das "Backoffice", also die klassische Büroarbeit.

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Former porn actor Max Hardcore died

The death of Max Hardcore, a former porn legend, has caused a stir in the industry. His extremely controversial style has pushed the boundaries of pornography and sparked debates about ethics and value. Although his work was polarizing, he is considered an important figure in the industry. His legacy will continue to be discussed and analyzed.

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Sex story: Fucked at the party on the swing

The erotic story: Totally exhausted we went back to party after he fucked me on the swing in the garden. I didn't care how I looked just now, I wanted the others to think what they wanted. It was a really great fuck with my long-term friend.

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She fingered herself in the car while I….

My breath was taken away because, unlike all the other days, she was sexily styled. I got out, walked to my car, and she drove away. Instead of getting in, I first opened my pants and jerked off properly. It was just too horny to see how she fingered herself in the car.

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