Free Sex Story: The Dark Haired Beauty

By Jasmin Berger
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Free Sex Story: The Dark Haired Beauty
Free Sex Story: The Dark Haired Beauty

I gave free rein to my lust

I was working as a sales representative for a steel construction company in the field, selling high-end carports. I had a lot of fun advising people on a beautiful product. Although it sometimes took quite a bit of getting used to being out late at night. But I had come to terms with that, as well as with the fact that I always had to be very respectable and follow the usual dress code. But on a Friday evening everything should be different. I was allowed to discover new sides of myself, which I did not know about myself. I enjoyed it to the fullest and was able to give free rein to my lust with a dark-haired beauty. But now one after the other.

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A long Pentecost weekend was coming up, which I had been looking forward to for a very long time. For Whitsunday I had planned that I could finally go for a ride with my 6er Oldtimer once again. I had already gotten my new seasonal license plate and could hardly wait to finally call it a day. I had already shut down my computer when suddenly the phone rang. I briefly considered ignoring it, but then I was tempted by the possibility that I could get hold of a new order.

The short term consultation appointment

Very private dominatrix phone sex from cell phoneI picked up the phone and called in. “Yes, good afternoon, my name is Berger. What can I do for you?” “Mr. Kaiser here, I don’t want to bother you for long, but my wife and I saw your booth at the trade fair in April and were immediately thrilled with your carports. Would it be possible for us to sit down together there?” “Of course, when would be convenient for you?” I asked. “Yeah, see, that’s my problem now. I have to go to rehab right after Pentecost. Of course, I don’t want you to have to work Pentecost. Would it therefore be possible for you to come and see me at my workplace as an exception?” “So if I understand correctly, you would like me to visit you today, right?” The customer pressed around. “If you don’t mind, yes!”

I had to catch my breath for a moment. “Yes, okay. Then please tell me your address, where I can find you! ” He gave me his company address. “That’s Haiger in Haiger, isn’t it?” “Exactly, above the railroad. There’s another company in the building too, but when you come, someone will come to the door and bring you to me.” “What time do you want me to be there?” I asked. “I’m on the late shift, so if you don’t mind, 6 p.m. would be fine.

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Then I have all the machines running and the temps scheduled” “Well, good, then I’ll be at the gate at 6 pm.” “Thank you very much, a coffee they get of course with me! No question!” “Let it be! But don’t be surprised if I show up in casual clothes!” “That’s no problem at all, I’m glad that you still take time for my request at all!”

My eyes discovered the beauty

After peeling myself out of my suit, I showered and changed into my casual clothes. A blue shirt, black tight leather jeans, white sneakers and so that it was not too flashy, a black jacket! I went to the garage and screwed on the license plates. As I got into the car, a chill ran down my spine as the engine immediately came to life. I put it in gear and let the V8 bubble. I had the sunroof open because it was a nice warm May day and the air was nice and pleasant. I drove over the country road and then over the federal highway. Until I arrived in Haiger after a good half hour. Since I knew where the company was located, it was easy for me to find my way around. I parked, tucked my documents under my arm and waited for someone to arrive.

Free Sex Story: The Dark Haired Beauty

A young man finally took me in. We came to a hall where several machines were lined up. Plastic products were manufactured with them. The air was sweltering with the smell of plastic. There were a few employees jumping around while I waited patiently for my customer to come to me. A tall man emerged from between the machines and with him a very young woman. He gave her a few more instructions and approached me. “Mr. Kaiser, please wait, can you still dump the bag of granules into the extruder for me?” asked the young woman, who immediately piqued my interest.

Her nipples flashed through the blouse

She was obviously not yet 20 years old, had quite a womanly, beautiful figure, dark, very long, shiny hair and a beautiful face, which looked even more beautiful through her fashionable glasses. Her curves were perfectly proportioned, but ultimately her outfit left me breathless. She wore a dark blue satin blouse, whose long sleeves she had pushed up a little. She wore her blouse wide open and her balls stretched it so much that the top button looked as if it had reached its breaking point.

Very private dominatrix phone sex from cell phoneIn addition, the hot mouse wore extremely tight-fitting black leather jeans, which were so tight that they hardly threw wrinkles. The pants were so long that they almost dragged across the floor, but were ultimately prevented from doing so by the black balloon boots. I could not take my eyes off her at all. If she had crossed my path on the street, I would have done anything to get her into bed quickly!

“Herr Berger, it’s nice that you can still advise me tonight, but my wife has been on my case for days. Since I have now been prescribed rehab for 5 weeks and I am also very busy, time is pressing. Would you like to follow me to my master’s office, please?” “Of course, with pleasure!” I looked again at the beauty and realized that she was smiling at me and a hard bump appeared on me, which became more and more bulging and hard. My leather jeans were so extremely stretched that I could barely walk properly! I was glad when I could sit down and hoped that my boner swelled again!

She noticed my excitement in the pants

I immediately tried to distract myself from my excitement and began to advise the customer. We were in the middle of a consultation when there was a knock at the door. “Come in!” the customer called, and we turned around. The door opened and the dark-haired beauty came in. “Mr. Kaiser, I think there’s something wrong! Can you take a look at it?” Excuse you?” “Sure, work comes first!” I said, giving me time to take a closer look at the young thing. She looked at me with interest and grinned. I got a bulging, hard boner in my crotch again. My thick cock pressed its contours into the soft leather of my pants.

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The pretty girl grinned even more and giggled softly but audibly. Obviously, she liked what she saw. I turned a little further towards her so that she had a clear view. She looked at me admiringly. “Can you just hand me the caliper that’s on the front of the cabinet?” the customer asked the cute employee. She walked the two steps and took the caliper. Again she looked briefly at me and stood with her back to me next to my customer. She leaned forward a bit at the desk and had her legs slightly spread. Her butt was crisp and nice and round. The leather pants hardly wrinkled, so tight they sat. Her dark blue satin blouse was also still very taut.

Her hard nipples turned me on beastly

The rear view already excited my fantasies. I put my hand on my bump and began to stroke myself slowly and carefully. She bent back again, and shoved both hands into her pot pockets! I found it very difficult to control myself anymore. She turned around unobtrusively and saw that I was stroking myself. Grinning, she walked to the other side and now stood facing me. Again and again she squinted at me and grinned. Her breasts had lifted and her nipples were also visibly hard. I could see that well through the light satin blouse.

Free Sex Story: The Dark Haired Beauty

“Everything is fine! Keep going so we can get some more parts done!” said my customer. “Sure thing!” She looked at me and grinned again as she walked past me. As she closed the door, she looked at me again and winked. I quickly turned to the customer and hoped that he had not noticed anything. But I had become extremely sharp and it was hard for me to concentrate anymore. The sweet girl just could not get out of my head.

Where was the sweet mouse now?

I had calculated the carport and submitted my offer to the customer. “So, Mr. Kaiser, that’s your price! With all the trimmings, including assembly. Delivery time about three months, so I say from the end of August!” The customer looked at my offer. “Yeah, okay. Is there still a little discount in it? Oh, I see, what about the building application? I have no idea about that at all?” I looked at him and said:” Well, I have had a nice day, the weather is nice, we have Pentecost soon, I’ll make the building application for you. That costs normally also 500 euros, I make you free of charge. Then the carport costs them exactly that amount!” I wrote down an amount for him.

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“Herr Berger, we don’t need to negotiate any more, I hereby place the order with you! My wife will also agree!” I had the order signed and gave him another list of the documents I needed for the building application. “Mr. Kaiser, thank you for the assignment and we’ll do the rest when you get back from your rehab!” He also thanked us. In any case, I still wanted to see where the sweet mouse is now. At the last moment, I saw her leave the company premises with a young colleague.

I took the chance to drive her home

Very private dominatrix phone sex from cell phoneI got into my car and drove off. She had disappeared from the face of the earth. Which made me a little sad. Surely I would have made for an unforgettable evening. I came to an intersection and while waiting for the traffic light to change, I saw her again. She stood at a bus stop and studied the timetable. The light turned green and I immediately took this opportunity and drove to her. I open the passenger door and asked, “Are you waiting for the bus?” She looked at me and smiled. “Yes, but the next one won’t be here for another half hour, so I was almost ready to be home!”

“Where do you have to go?” To my aunt in Niedereisenhausen! That’s where she lives. Do you know where that is?” “Oh, yes, I know that, but that’s at least 30 kilometers, if not more!” “Thirty-six, to be exact!” “And that’s by bus?” “Yes, at least 1 change!” She looked at me almost pleadingly. “It’s not exactly my direction, but… get in, I’ll take you there!” Without hesitation she got in and I enjoyed the sight of her outfit, especially the creak of her tight leather pants. We had just driven a few miles when I noticed that she kept eyeing and staring at me. “Is anything wrong?”

Suddenly she touches between the legs

“Yes, yes, I just admire her beautiful leather pants. I like them very much! Men in leather attract me very much anyway!” She smiled at that. “And, what do you like so much about it?” “Well, I find leather very attractive anyway, but when it’s worn by someone as handsome as you, it really turns me on!” I smiled. “Then we already have something in common! I like beautiful women in hot leather outfits!” “Really? That’s awesome!” She stroked her thighs and let her hands slide between them. Only she rubbed incessantly between them and smiled at me.

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“My name is Julia, by the way! And you? I’m allowed to say you, right?” “My name is Jan!” She now looked at me with a lascivious look. I felt her hand on my right knee and I was already getting a bulge again. “Do you mind if I stroke your pants?” asked Julia. “I think you’re almost a little too young for me, aren’t you?” “Why, I’ve been of age since the day before yesterday and I’m finally allowed to do what I want!” She now slid her hand directly to my hard cock and stroked the soft leather. I groaned briefly. “Since the day before yesterday, yes? Then when were you born?”

Her outfit alone brings everything to a standstill with me

I asked because I wanted to know exactly when she was born. “July 5, 2005!” “That was very fast!” “Do you believe me now?” I looked at her. “Yes, you have to understand me, I don’t want to get into trouble!” She lifted her butt and pulled out her purse. “Do you believe me?” She held her ID in front of me and it said it in black and white!” She put the ID back in her pants and immediately I had her hand on my bump again. “And since when have you been wearing leather pants?” I asked. “I’ve had those since Monday. I saved them up and then bought them in Dillenburg! Do you like it?” “Already, she forms a nice tight butt! Add to that the tight satin blouse and everything looks good on me!” Julia laughed: “You can see that! I definitely wanted to stand out today. It is the first week of my coming of age and I have a date with my girlfriend in Biedenkopf.

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Tonight we want to let it rip, let’s see if we can’t still have fun. You know, get more experience!” I looked at her with a smile. “Oh yeah, what does that look like for you guys then? Gaining experience?” She smiled. “You know, I only fucked a boy once and it wasn’t very good. He came quickly and cum. I didn’t even get an orgasm! It was so dull!” I smiled. “And never had sex otherwise? I ask because otherwise you young things are already earlier?” She sighed, “Actually, yes, but I was brought up very strictly. My parents belong to the Free Evangelical Church. Do you think I’m allowed to have sex there first? Leather pants are also a total no go, for them. I have been stressed all week. That’s why I want to be with my aunt, she’s different, not so screwy.”

From now on I told her what to do

Very private dominatrix phone sex from cell phoneI looked at her again, guided her hand right to my crotch and asked her to continue stroking my bulge. “So, you don’t have any experience yet, right?” Julia replied, “As I said, he was inside me then, but before I could come properly, he was out of me again!” “Do you feel like getting it on from me tonight?” I noticed that she was getting horny, her nipples were really jumping up and pushing little mountains into the blouse. “Would you give me a hard time? Really?” I looked at her and said, “Why not! You please me, I please you and before you get back to such a young guy who squirts and you get nothing out of it, then it’s better I give it to you really hard!” Julia was visibly delighted!

“Will you teach me everything? Can I feel a real orgasm? Really?” I nodded and said, “Yes, but I’ll tell you right now, there’s no flower sex with me. Things are already a bit tougher there! You may have some pain afterwards, but once you’ve experienced it, you’ll want it again and again! “Julia still looked at me excited and her lust seemed to be great! “So, do you want me to give it to you real hard? If not, then say it right away. I’ll take you to Niedereisenhausen and we’ll never see each other again! But then you will never know through me how exciting sex with me can be!” Julia thought about it for a moment and then said: “I finally want to know what can be fun! Show me! I’m ready!”

The excitement increased immeasurably

I turned off the main road onto a small country road. After a few kilometers we reached a quiet forest area. I found a small forest parking lot, drove onto it and turned off the engine. Julia was full of excitement, this was clearly noticeable to her. We looked at each other. “So, are you ready?” She blew a breath and said, “Yes, I’m ready!” Now I leaned over to her and looked into her beautiful dark eyes. Her eyes were wet with horniness! Now I grabbed her head with both hands and kissed her breathtakingly. My tongue penetrated deep into her mouth and we became passionate.

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After a few minutes, we looked at each other again. “That was pretty good before!” said I and immediately began to open her blouse. She was breathing heavily and her horniness became even stronger. I took off her blouse and unhooked her bra, from which two beautiful tits popped out. “Wow, they’re nice and round and nice and firm! You can be proud of that!” I said and started kneading them. Julia moaned. I nibbled and bit at her hard nipples. Julia hugged me and moaned. “So, now we’re going to take it a step further! Are you ready?” Somewhat hoarsely, Julia moaned, “Yes, definitely!” She looked at me full of horniness.

I first had to show her how to jerk off properly

Very private dominatrix phone sex from cell phone“Tie your hair in a ponytail!” I ordered, opening the door and getting out of the car. I went to the passenger door, opened it and waited until Julia had tied her long hair into a sexy ponytail. She looked at me. “So turn your legs out of the car and spread them!” Julia was under tremendous power. She was completely tense as she stuck her legs out and spread them apart. She hardly seemed to be waiting for the next order. “So, now you’re going to unzip my leather pants and carefully reach inside. With feeling she opened my zipper and fingered around in my pants. She seemed to enjoy it when she got a hold of my hard cock and pulled it out. He jumped right out at her.

She seemed to be very impressed, because she smiled. “Like this, take him in your hand and then you will stroke him!” Julia hesitated a bit, touched him with her fingers and stroked him very gently! He continued to stand, but it didn’t feel good the way Julia grabbed him. “Have you ever jerked a dick before?” Julia looked at me ashamedly. “No, never!” I held my phallus, took her right hand and showed her how to grip it. “There, now slide your hand up and down it until it’s hard as a steel bolt!” Julia nodded and did as I told her. “You’re already doing very well! Beautiful jerk off! “She jerked off consistently carefully. “Jerk off faster!” I commanded. She looked at me and jerked harder.

Gurgling she finally sucked my cock

“That was already very good. Now you’re going to pull my foreskin all the way back and touch and suck my glans with the tip of your tongue!” Julia looked at me incredulously and hesitated. “What is it? I want you to touch my glans with your tongue and suck it!” Julia hesitated. “Bend over! Go!” I commanded. Julia slowly bent over, carefully opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Just before my glans, she wanted to retreat again. “What’s wrong? I want you to give me a blowjob! That can’t be so hard!” I now grabbed her ponytail, twisting it in my hand as Julia cried out in pain. She had now already opened her mouth a little.

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“I want you to open your fuck mouth! Go!” I yelled at them. I left Julia no choice, she had to bend over and let my hard penis slide in! I pushed it deep into her throat. Julia gurgled and smacked her lips. I left it in her mouth and throat while pressing her head firmly into my crotch! Only briefly Julia was allowed to catch her breath, before she had to gargle and blow again and again afterwards! I had done this a few more times with her before I realized that Julia was gasping for air! Meanwhile, I went to the trunk, where I still had a few things that I could use now.

On the hood I put on her handcuffs

I went back, she saw me, “What are you going to do?” “Come on, come here!” I ordered and pulled her towards me. I flung her against my side and twisted her arm behind her back. Julia moaned while I cuffed her hands. “What are you doing?” she asked. “Open your mouth!” said I and put a mouth gag on her. I saw their fear, but also the desire for the unknown. I turned her around again and saw her arousal again. “Now you’re going to get what you’ve earned, you horny little sow!” She looked at me with shining eyes and shrugged. Her horniness could no longer be ignored. The nipples stood taut. Immediately I started sucking and nibbling on her nipples. Julia moaned and squirmed with horniness!

Very private dominatrix phone sex from cell phoneI grabbed her, threw her on the hood and pressed her head on it. Now I pushed her legs apart and let my hands slide up and down between her thighs. Julia moaned. My hands I pushed into her cunt and pressed them deep into her there. Julia’s excitement was unstoppable. I now took a leather paw to hand and stroked her tight butt with it. Her leather pants still sat very tight, the butt just invited me that I had to work him with the leather paw. I took a swing and let the paw bang loudly on the smooth soft leather. Julia screamed and I did not allow a pause and struck again. I saw Julia tighten her butt in pain and struck again violently. Julia screamed again and I heard a wail.

From sheer horniness she just wanted to be fucked

I looked into her face, which was distorted with pain. Her looks were pleading, but although I felt some pity for her, I would continue until she was moaning and gasping for mercy. The pain would become so intense that she would beg for me to take her from behind. So I took another swing and repeated the blows several more times. Julia seemed to like it, because she became more and more silent and soon she moaned more and more throatily and violently. I looked at her again. Her looks told me that she wanted it now. I took off her mouth gag.

Deutsche Erotikstars

She gasped and could hardly catch her breath as I pulled down her leather pants, freed her from her thong and thrust my hard phallus into her wet grotto with hard firm thrusts! Julia cried out excitedly and I could push directly deep into her tight hole! “Fuck me! Yes, fuck me!” Julia now screamed continuously. I grabbed her hair again and pulled her close to me as I continued to take her fiercely. She looked at me and I saw her rising orgasm. She still screamed and I rammed my hard cock deep into her hole again and again.

Finally she sucked the juice from my hard cock

I then pulled out of her, lifted her left leg, grabbed it at the back of her knee and pulled her against me. She looked at me and I penetrated her again with hard thrusts. Julia moaned throatily again and it seemed that soon she would have another violent orgasm. She screamed and screamed. Now I also realized that it would not be long before I came, too. I pulled out of the sweetie again, turned her around again and saw her complete horniness. Without me having to say anything, Julia slid down into a crouch on the fender and opened her mouth.

Now I penetrated again oral deepthroat deep into her and let her blow my hard cock gurgling from her mouth cunt. At the back of her head I held her and pushed into her again. Now I felt how the pressure in me also rose and I came screaming loudly to the outpouring. Julia sucked and sucked while I came moaning loudly. After I splashed, I propped myself up on the fender and dropped to the side. Completely exhausted, I also slid to the ground on the side of the car. I gasped and looked at Julia. She smiled and I took her in my arms. “So, did you like it?” Julia smiled:” Sex is really something very beautiful!”

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