Our erotic magazine for women inspires female readers

By Mario Meyer
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Eronite: erotic magazine for women?

So much for the porn industry only being for male consumers. 32% of regular Eronite users are female. That’s a good third. Thus, our website as an erotic magazine for women proves that the world of eroticism is not just for men. Women also have interest and fun in the topic of sex. Enough with the common clichés: women also like to watch porn and read erotic stories.

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One third of our readers are women

Seriously, who would have believed it? But the analysis of the statistics speaks for itself. 32% of Eronite readership is female. And we are not talking about camgirls and amateurs here. So gals, after an interview, click on the appropriate page and scan it for errors. No, our readers are normal women who have a pronounced interest in the topic of sex.

Our erotic magazine for women inspires female readers

Eronite apparently lives up to its claim of being an erotic magazine for women. In any case, the numbers speak for themselves. We are also an erotic magazine for women.

Lust for eroticism – sex magazine for women

Even though the motivations may be the same. Women usually have a different approach to the subject of eroticism than men. A German erotic magazine for women should recognize this fact and also implement it in its reporting.
For women, for example, backgrounds are more important than for men. Even a porno needs a comprehensible plot and not just mindless babble. In addition to the film itself, there are many other and interesting facts. How was the shoot from the point of view of the leading actress? Who chose the actors and the location? Who was responsible for choosing the clothes and who chose the background music?

Deutsche Erotikstars

This is where a good erotic magazine for women comes in, because this background information is important to most female readers. They complete the whole and make watching the porn an even more intense pleasure. After all, when watching the action, the viewer wants to mentally slip into the role of the leading actress. The more she knows about them, the easier it will be for her to mentally submerge herself. All the more intense and horny she will experience this film.

More fun in togetherness

Another cliché. Porn is consumed only by men, and alone. After all, only singles do this, because with a partner you would not have to watch erotic movies.

Our erotic magazine for women inspires female readers

Of course, this statement is not correct. Especially within a partnership, watching a good porn together can lead to highly enjoyable and intimate situations. If both get hot by watching the little film, an erotic climax is virtually pre-programmed. Many couples use porn as foreplay every now and then. Of course, an erotic text can also serve as a turn-on. A German erotic blog for women can provide the necessary stimulants for your own imagination.

Deutsche Erotikstars

While looking at the pictures together and reading the text, the couple can discuss what they would like to try for themselves. Does the lexicon describe a position or type of play that is not yet known? Immediately, they get down to some lively trial and error. This is how the erotic magazine for women ensures more fun in bed.

Is there such a thing as the typical Eronite reader?

Even though there may be a lot of clichés and prejudices. There is no such thing as the typical user. People are different and so our target group is also made up of a diverse bouquet of personalities. Among our readers are women of all ages, who are distributed throughout the German-speaking world. Moreover, as already described above, they are not exclusively porn actresses. They are just normal girls that you can meet at any time at work or in the streetcar.

Our erotic magazine for women inspires female readers

But then they all have one thing in common: an interest in eroticism. There is hardly a woman who does not like to deal with this issue. But our readers go one step further. You want to know the background of the current erotic stories. You want to educate yourself and discover new things with the help of our lexicon. They want to immerse themselves in erotic stories and enjoy their head cinema. Some of what they discover in the erotic magazine for women is later tried and tested with their partner. So, an online porn magazine for women enriches your own love life.

Eronite is an erotic magazine for women

As a German erotic magazine for women, we have made the interests of our readers our top priority. Of course, without neglecting our male readers. If you want to be seen as an erotic magazine for women, you have to take the reporting up a notch.

Deutsche Erotikstars

Women immediately notice when the images are not lovingly selected or the text is unimaginative. Being an erotic magazine for women is also a kind of seal of approval.
Lust auf Erotik – sex magazine for women made by Eronite.

Erotic magazine for women as a career start?

Of course, there are not only passive consumers among our readers. Some are also toying with the idea of entering the world of porn themselves and getting in on the horny action themselves. Why not? Those who find their purpose here should consistently pursue their own goal.

Our erotic magazine for ladies inspires female readers

For women with intentions of this kind, a German erotic blog for women is a welcome source of information. Corresponding articles at Eronite explain exactly how to apply for porn casting and how the process will be. The interested reader can read through everything at her leisure, let the text sink in for a while and then decide. In addition, the interested reader can meet like-minded people here.

Deutsche Erotikstars

After all, a German erotic magazine for women has more than one reader. So if you don’t dare to go to the casting alone, you can look for an escort here. Together you feel safer and the fun factor is also higher. Through an online porn magazine for women, even friendships and possible business relationships can develop.

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Girls who decide to take such a step will hopefully give us exclusive interviews later. The title “at Eronite it all began” would even be ready. The only thing missing is a Q&A session with intimate answers from the freshly minted porn actress. This can then again animate new girls to switch to the porn industry. An erotic snowball system, so to speak.


Eronite is also an erotic magazine for women and proud of it. Whether for budding porn stars, experienced amateurs or just the silent reader. We are glad that the topic of eroticism attracts more and more women and they openly admit their passion. On a website like ours, users can find out about their favorite topic and find people with common interests.

Erotiknews – Jeden Tag erotische Neuigkeiten

Registered users can chat, get to know each other and experience a virtual chat or two with each other. How hot it gets on this occasion is up to the respective chat partners. At this point, there are no limits to your own imagination. If everything goes great, you might even be able to meet up later. In the real world away from the Internet. Because here the eroticism is of course still by far the most fun.

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