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There is certainly a lot to tell about an erotic fair – and we do! Whether in Prague, Frankfurt, Berlin or Lisbon, we are there and report!

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Four fun facts about the best piece of the man

Often, choosing the right condom is a matter of personal taste. Whether studded, colorful or flavored - one thing is important in any case: the size, or more precisely the width. Four Fun Facts reveal a few interesting, funny and interesting details about the male penis.

A sex story

Satisfaction in a roundabout way – The erotic story of young...

I just wanted my sexual satisfaction and for that my acquaintance Adrian came just in time. Being single, I was tired of having to do it myself all the time. And so I experienced one of the hottest evenings of my life.

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That’s why you should definitely follow group sex rules

Making love in a group is first and foremost a game. Therefore, it is essential to follow certain rules of the game. That group sex follows its own rules should therefore be self-evident. If you enjoy it properly, gang banging can be enormous fun for all involved.

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