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In the interview we have not only porn stars and starlets, but also well-known personalities of the erotic scene from Germany and Austria.

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Sweet Mia XXX Porn: Hottest Amateur Blonde Videos

Sweet Mia masters the blowjob like a trained flutist. As you can see in the blonde's amateur videos, she also doesn't mind blowing to the climax and getting the man juice squirted deep down her throat.

A sex story

Free book: Only 50 nights – Love as a project

Exclusively at Eronite, read the full book for free: Can Love Be a Project? Is it possible to build up a sincere affection for 50 days for a man with whom you are only playing for time in the first place? A game with time and against time.

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BDSM play: The feminisation of the man

Feminisation - for many men, the change of sex is a great sexual attraction. This is about giving up power and even being humiliated. Often this sexual variety is part of the BDSM. Sometimes under duress.

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