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In the interview we have not only porn stars and starlets, but also well-known personalities of the erotic scene from Germany and Austria.

Camgirl LisaLinda in an erotic interview

What is LisaLinda planning with women in the near future and what are her dreams? Which is her favourite sextoy and how does she describe the feeling of a climax? The camgirl from the Free State of Saxony answered the questions of Eronite erotic magazine.

Are porn stars allowed to have kids?

In the interview, a Cologne women's rights activist takes such a strong stand that we had to break off the interview. She believes that porn stars should not bring children into the world. Read here with us her really crass opinion until our interview team breaks off the interview!

The big interview with Twen-Girl Jenny Style

She would like to have more sex and who could blame the hot girl Jenny Style? We had the redheaded amateur in the interview for you! Here she also chats about an unpleasant stalker, her fondness for computer games and what she thinks about meetings with strange men, if it's only about one thing.

Texas Patti in interview about sex with a transsexual woman

Sex with a transsexual is undoubtedly a man's dream. No wonder: The best of two worlds united. Porn star Texas Patti also appreciates this. In a video that she shows in an interview with Hera Delgado, she talks about this very special charm.

HOT SLATE – New Magazine on the Erotic Market

Nowadays, when the world is dominated by multimedia, a new, cool erotic print magazine appears: HOT SLATE. The first issue will be published in January 2020 and three issues of 60 pages each are planned per year.

We want to have you and your news with us!

Tell us your news about sex dates, erotic shows, side leaps, projects, trends, toys, your individual tendencies and dirty experiments! So we publish interesting, amusing and exciting things.

Interview: This is what sex with a hermaphrodite feels like

Anita and Peer betray in a personal and intimate interview: What does sex with a hermaphrodite really feel like? Who penetrates whom first and what special fondness of Anita makes the whole bedroom a mess when fucking?

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