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In the interview we have not only porn stars and starlets, but also well-known personalities of the erotic scene from Germany and Austria.

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The antelope: an intense sex position for the experienced

Sensual pleasure through the use of strength and endurance offers the position of the antelope. Those who do not shy away from effort on the way to sexual fulfillment will be offered a lot. Numerous women are particularly enthusiastic about this position. Read this premium article now and educate yourself!

A sex story

Free book: Only 50 nights – Love as a project

Exclusively at Eronite, read the full book for free: Can Love Be a Project? Is it possible to build up a sincere affection for 50 days for a man with whom you are only playing for time in the first place? A game with time and against time.

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Sex toys in woman forgotten – Who is liable?

Sometimes stories happen that only life can write. This includes a case that ended up in court because a man had forgotten his sex toy in a woman! But who is legally liable if such an accident happens?

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