Ziemlich heiß: Das erste Mal Sex mit einer Latina

By Jens Haberlein
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Ziemlich heiß: Das erste Mal Sex mit einer Latina
Ziemlich heiß: Das erste Mal Sex mit einer Latina
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A really horny fuck with a really greedy Latina

The first time sex with a South American girl from Colombia

Well, I am not so young anymore, but I like girls who could be my daughters. Okay, they should already be of age. This is condition. I want to tell you and report all the details of my first sex with a Latina. So far I’ve only had European women – but I have to tell you, South American women are a blast in bed!

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Ziemlich heiß: Das erste Mal Sex mit einer Latina

Sex with a Latina has always had an attraction for me

I met Fernanda at a party at a friends house. We celebrated the birthday of my best buddy, the alcohol flowed in streams and horny girls were also at the start. Already there she caught my eye with her dark eyes and the racy charisma. She seemed young, but that didn’t bother me. I liked young women who had just outgrown girlhood.

Fernanda had long black hair and an ass to fall in love with. Round, yet firm and crisp. Her ass corresponded exactly to my idea of a delicious and crispy woman’s butt. Later it turned out that she had just turned 19. Perfect. Exactly my prey pattern. And she didn’t seem to mind that I was already 46. But as they say? On old horses you learn to ride! But today sex with a Latina should be on the program first.

I approached Fernanda and I had her give me her cell phone number for later. I could tow her today as well as not, because she was with her mother and the rest of the large family on the celebration and would certainly not have gone with me. However, the very next day I was to contact her.

Very directly I asked Fernanda for a meeting

On Sunday, I wrote to her on WhatsApp and asked without further ado for a meeting. Since many Latinas like German men, it was not difficult to ask them out. To my surprise, she suggested a meeting at my home. Until now I did not know this ease, most women preferred a neutral place for the first date. If only for security reasons or if she simply didn’t like the guy, to be able to dump him faster instead of having to worry about breakfast together.

Meet hot Latinas and go on a date

That same evening she wanted to come to me. I took a quick shower, put on my favorite perfume and looked forward to a nice get-together without any ulterior motives. Let’s see if it would come to sex with a Latina or if we would just have a nice evening. In any case, you could also have a good conversation with her, I already knew that from the party where I met her.

At 10 p.m. on the dot, Fernanda rang my front doorbell. For several years I lived alone, but now and then I took a woman home with me or even ordered a pretty escort girl now and then. With my earnings as the area manager of a large commercial agency, I could easily afford this, as well as my fancy home with an elegant living room with a huge couch, which I had often turned into a playground.

Süderamerikanische Frauen im Bett haben's drauf!My breath caught when I saw the sexy Latina in her horny outfit

Insanity! There stood this just 19-year-old woman in front of me with her tight blouse and short skirt and my heart was pounding like a newly in love teenager up to the neck. She smiled, pressed a kiss to my cheek, and sidled past me into the salon. “Nice place you have here,” she winked at me appreciatively and sat down on the sofa without being asked.

“Can I have a glass of champagne, please?” she asked bluntly. I was only too happy to comply with her request. Of course, it didn’t stop at that one glass. We laughed and joked around like little kids, talking about God and the world. We threw the sofa cushions at each other and as we wrestled, suddenly our faces were very close. With both hands I took her head and pulled her towards me. She did not resist and I took this as a sign that I could kiss her. Our tongues played with each other and Fernanda’s lips were soft as velvet. So we made out for half an eternity, it was just very, very nice.

I enjoyed her caresses very much and of course my little friend was already making himself known. For sure, the little Latina had also noticed that I had become horny. At that moment I did not even think about sex with a Latina, but I would not have minded. Sure, what normal man could have said no to that?!

Did she want to fuck me out of my mind? She was well on her way!

She rubbed her crotch against my hand and looked at me with her big, dark eyes. Fernanda winked at me, stroked her fingers over my unmistakable bulge in my pants and stroked my now increasingly hard cock through the fabric, which was already stretching mightily under the pressure of my hard piston. The hot Latina murmured a few Spanish words in my ear, but I did not understand them. Again the little Latina looked at me with her huge eyes, opened her mouth slightly and licked her lips seductively.

Just the sight of her full, darkly made-up lips made my mouth water and my blood rush to my abdomen. While she continued to skillfully massage my hard with one hand, she opened my hoe with her other. My erect cock literally jumped out and towards her. Sex with a Latina was now within reach. A drop of pleasure had already formed on the tip, which she simply licked off. She kissed my plump and glistening with pleasure glans and let my strap disappear in her sweet blow mouth. At the same time, she looked deep into my eyes again and really sucked in.

Blowjob she could like a world champion – wet and slippery-horny was the blowjob

I stood in front of her and with her mouth she created a vacuum like I had never experienced before. My now steel-hard tube was virtually sucked in, while her tongue tip continued to dance cheekily on my glans, even swirled and elicited a deep grunt from me. A pleasurable moan escaped me as she penetrated the small hole at the tip of my penis with the ball of her tongue piercing. She sucked on my shaft as if it were the most delicious ice cream in the world. Fernanda massaged my balls, my cock disappeared over and over again in her greedy blow mouth. Saliva ran from the corners of her mouth and I enjoyed this wet blowjob.

Invite sexy Latinas for a date

Without using her hands, the little Latina blew and seemed to visibly enjoy how I got hornier and hornier and my hard-on in her mouth got harder and bigger. My little friend was already starting to twitch and was about to shoot the full load down Fernanda’s throat, but she seemed to notice and released me from her wet maw.

Sex with a Latina was more divine than divine

Fernanda stood up, eluded me, and brushed off her skirt. Halter stockings flashed out, perfectly matching the color of the sneakers she wore with them. An unusual combination, but still somehow incredibly sexy. She was wearing snow-white panties. Then I met this young Latina and right on the first date – and then also at my home – she came along so frivolous. Sure, I liked it. What middle-aged man is not flattered when such a young lady is interested in you?

The girl sat on me, pressed her big breasts in my face. With one hand I skillfully opened her bra and her heavy boobs fell out. Was I in paradise? At least that’s how it felt. I began to massage the thick hooters and nibbled on her nipples. In no time her nipples were hard and she seemed to enjoy this treatment. I could tell from her gasp that I wasn’t wrong and sucked the nipples protruding from her breasts into my mouth, licking over them again and again with the rough side of my tongue. Sex with a Latina was really not far away!

Süderamerikanische Frauen im Bett haben's drauf!

Deep and hard I thrust my piston into the sexy maw of the sweet Colombian girl

Strongly I pulled her hair and pushed Fernanda so on her knees, so that she now sat in front of me again and looked at me with a lustful look. As if automatically, her lips opened again and I stuck my now bursting hard cock deep into her mouth. She had to gag a little and wanted to pull her head back, but I held her by the scruff of the neck. So she could no longer escape me and I now determined the pace as I fucked her mouth. Deep and hard I thrust, she tried to resist, but because my grip was too strong, she did not manage to free herself. Tears ran down her cheeks, mixing with her makeup into a dark trickle that ran down her delicate face.

Her eyes were already red, but I hammered my greedy piston mercilessly into her gluttonous fuck mouth. Never before did my cock feel so big and with horniness it grew thicker and thicker in her mouth and had already grown to a considerable size. She felt it and had trouble keeping it in her gullet. I was about to cum and would have loved to give this young Latina an extra dose of cream, a really nice slimy cum cocktail straight down her throat. But I had other plans today for the time being, the sex with a Latina had to wait a bit. Sure, she should get my sperm today already. But not now.

Her wet pussy shone with horniness and waited for my throbbing cock

With a jerk, I turned her around. A horny sight, as she knelt there on all fours in front of me. The tits dangled with every movement and rocked back and forth. With a strong pressure on her back I pushed her upper body on the sofa, so that her ass stretched out to me in all its glory. With both hands I pulled her buttocks apart, her tender cleft shone wetly in the pale light. Should I fuck her in her ass now? The opportunity would have been favorable, but I did not really feel like anal intercourse today. I wanted to fuck her wet pussy and spread my cum on her face while she licked my cock clean afterwards. Now the young Latina presented me her body. Horny fuck meat.

Meet cute girls from South America

With my fat glans I spread her labia and pulled my cock tip several times through her dripping cleft. Her open pussy just invited me to fuck her properly. And that’s exactly what I was about to do. With my left hand I hit her hard on the ass cheeks and just as she started to protest, I rammed my hard cock into her wet pussy. She moaned loudly and screamed as I pounded into her as if I wanted to blow up her pussy, while I just wanted to fuck her hard.

Süderamerikanische Frauen im Bett haben's drauf!Hot sex with a Latina I always wanted to have

I fucked her brains out of her soaking wet pussy and she came with a mighty roar. I could hardly hold her body, so much twitched the naked flesh under my cock ready to squirt. Fernanda looked at me blissfully with her big brown eyes and touched my glans with the tip of her tongue and licked over the little frenulum until a pleasant moan escaped me. Her lips formed the entrance to her mouth, which she now offered me as a warm, moist pleasure grotto. The little Latina literally sucked in my cock and with her gullet she formed a vacuum that made my already hard beating even bigger and harder. With deft movements she let her head slide forward and backward and sucked on my fat dick.

A horny family: dad fucks daughter, son fucks mom

My strap twitched and was about to empty my balls when she stopped abruptly and sat on me in the upside down riding position (“reverse cowgirl”). In her soaking wet pussy she made my cock disappear. Fernanda gyrated her pelvis, moaning and screaming loudly in pleasure. She bobbed up and down and rode me again almost to orgasm. Fernanda took my cum-smeared cock in her mouth, sucked hard on my glans a few more times and I was already squirting my whole load of cum down her throat. She swallowed everything and not a drop was missed. She snuggled up to me, sex with a Latina had really done me in. We fell asleep arm in arm and in the morning there was first breakfast at the bedside and right after that again my hammer, which the little Colombian girl already had in her mouth again. Good girl, Fernanda!

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