Why men like transsexual girls

By Mario Meyer
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Why men like transsexual girls
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Transsexual Girls: Why men are totally into them

That’s why transfemale and TS girls are as hip as ever

Transsexual girls seem to attract many men almost magically. They exert a very special attraction on them and promise all kinds of temptations. But what exactly is it that men like about Transfemales and TS-Girls? Well, maybe they are tempted to get the best of both worlds from these magical beings – and of course to try something new and mysterious.

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Why men like transsexual girlsA huge offer on the Internet of sexy Trans*men

Transsexual girls are very hot right now. You only have to look at the porn portals that have a relevant on the Internet: The supply of videos and photos with transwomen is constantly increasing. One is almost tempted to speak of a new major trend. In addition, a whole series of prominent men are said to have confessed to having had sex with TS girls. There is talk of Stefan Effenberg, Karim Benzema or the Portuguese football legend Christiano Ronaldo, for example, although such statements should always be treated with caution.

In the porn business there are meanwhile even transsexual girls with star status like Mia Isabella or Kimber Lee. And also the live sex on the net via cam offers more and more the possibility to have fun with real TS girls. But where does the hype come from? Why is it that so many men wish to enjoy transsexual girls at least once in their life?

Real transwomen simply have a few centimetres more to offer

The answer to this question is actually obvious. Transsexual girls simply combine the best of two worlds in one body. On the one hand there are the female curves and especially the breasts. In addition, there is often a very feminine nature. On the other hand, however, they also have those few extra centimetres between their thighs that conventional women naturally lack.

Kimber Lee | Exclusive at Eronite.comExactly this combination is what makes TS-Girls so special. Tits and cock in one person, to put it quite drastically, has an enormous attraction for many men. Maybe a certain bisexuality, which is more or less pronounced in every human being, plays a role. Or it is simply pure curiosity.

It is also quite possible that men simply find it exciting to get to the bottom of the mystery that transfemales carry within them. They seem to expect from sex with TS-Girls to experience something new and to be able to expand their previous sexual experiences.

Transsexual girls as a gateway to another world

TS porn star Kimber Lee says of herself and other TS girls that they are the gateway to another world for men. To discover this other world and then to explore it more closely would have men in the area, so to speak. From this point of view, getting involved with transwomen would also satisfy something like the male urge to explore.

However, one can confidently assume that men are not attracted to transsexual girls primarily for scientific reasons. It is much more likely that they simply want to experience something extraordinary – and they hope to find this extraordinary in transwomen. The sex industry has long since made every effort to satisfy this need. Hardly any porn segment is growing as strongly as the area of transsexual girls.

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Aimed is already played with the titles or also the contents with the mystery TS-Girls. Or how else should one understand film titles like “My little stick under the skirt” or “The girl with the surprise egg“?

Ultimately, however, the reasons are unlikely to matter. What counts is the fun and also the tolerance towards transwomen.

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