The 10 hottest Literotica sex stories in german

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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The 10 hottest Literotica sex stories in german
The 10 hottest Literotica sex stories in german

Literotica – ten sensual stories

Literotica can be very stimulating and sensual. It is a form of erotic storytelling. Literotica sex stories are an inspiration for your own experiences. In a moment, here are ten inspiring Literotica stories that are all about the most beautiful secondary matter in the world:

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l1.) The first visit to the swingers club: part 1

Literotica erotic stories: Mona had been with René for five years. Somehow routine had entered the relationship. Therefore, she seriously thought about how she could bring some variety back into it. Mona found out on the Internet about ways to revive feelings that had fallen asleep. Suddenly she came across a term that made her pay attention: swingers club!

The 10 hottest Literotica sex stories in germanWhile this term was not new to Mona, she had never thought about whether she would ever set foot in a swingers club. Mona first acquired Literotica on the subject and read up on why so many people regularly met in a club of this kind. They came together there for a variety of reasons. Some simply wanted to feel foreign skin, while others wanted to try something new.

Meanwhile, Mona was sure that a visit to the swingers club would do her relationship with René good. Only how should she teach him without being misunderstood by him? She decided to approach him freely about it when he got home. Mona read through her literotica on the subject again in preparation and then put on a sexy outfit to fight with a woman’s weapons.

When she heard the key, excitement arose in her. Nevertheless, she was still determined to tell René about her plan. He came up to her, kissed her, and immediately looked up in surprise when he noticed what she was wearing. He looked at her questioningly. Mona took flight to the front. She explained to him what she was going to do and why.

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At first René was speechless. He thought for a moment. Mona showed him her Literotica and was eager to hear his answer. After a moment of silence, he grinned at her, admitting that he had already similarly considered her situation. Monawar was relieved at his reaction.

The day had come. Mona and René entered the swingers club and were led to the changing room. They changed clothes and walked hand in hand to the bar. There they met the other guests of the house. To get a little braver, they both drank a glass of champagne. They quickly struck up a conversation with another couple. The two introduced themselves as Elaund Dennis. To be continued!


2.) The first visit to the swingers club: part 2

Literotica: After every minute that passed, Mona and René felt more comfortable in the swingers club. They didn’t yet know how much their relationship really benefited Mona’s idea. When the time came and the guests were spread around the premises, she felt a little queasy. Briefly, Mona wondered if what they were about to do was really okay. Then she swept the thoughts aside and entered a room with a huge playground together with René. Exactly as it was described in their Literotica.

The 10 hottest Literotica sex stories in germanShe wore a white lace bra with matching panties that exposed more than it hid. René had made a more sporty choice and wore a leather slip in black. In her Literotica sex stories, she had read that the guests on the lawn first got a little closer before things got down to business. And so it came to pass. Ela and Dennis took the initiative and kissed long and hard. Mona and René did the same. Suddenly Mona felt another hand on her body. And it was not from her boyfriend.

Rather, it was a female hand. Ela touched her and stroked her gently as she continued to kiss Dennis. Monam had to admit that she liked the idea of being intimate with more than just her boyfriend. She had dreamed of this ever since she had learned in her Literotica what it was like in a swingers club. Dennis stood up and turned to another couple. He motioned René to follow him. So did the latter, and so the two women were alone with each other at first.

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It came as it had to come and the two pretty ladies pampered each other before rejoining their husbands. In the Literotica stories they had studied intensively, it was explicitly described that whatever pleases is allowed in the swingers club. This was also confirmed. At first, Mona just wanted to watch while having sex with her boyfriend. The other guests accepted her wish, because especially for this purpose many people go to a swingers club.

Mona and René didn’t notice how quickly time passed as the evening drew to a close. They agreed with the others to meet regularly from now on. Finally arriving home, they had sex with each other several more times. Sensual literotica was helpful to them to bring a new stimulus to the relationship.


3.) A promising meeting on the train

Literotica is stimulating and makes you want more. So is this story. Katja was sitting on the train and was on her way home after a busy day. She was on her own, as the train was relatively empty. When he stopped at the next station, a handsome, broad-shouldered man got on, looked around briefly, and walked straight toward Katja. He took a seat across from her and greeted her. She smiled back and he introduced himself as Luke. Katja eyed him furtively and had to admit that he was devilishly handsome.

The 10 hottest Literotica sex stories in germanBut she was also a very attractive woman. She looked as if she had sprung from one of the Literotica erotic stories she read now and then. The fact that she was beautiful had not escaped Luke’s notice and was the reason he sat down with her in the first place. A crackling atmosphere full of eroticism built up between the two. He gathered all his courage and sat down next to Katja. Then he whispered something in her ear that was ripe for a Literotica story. Although she blushed a little, she suddenly decided to dare to do something for once.

Luke had suggested that they get a little closer after the train ride. She didn’t think twice and agreed with him. She had not felt physical pleasure in far too long. Only her literotica had provided her with sensual stories. The train stopped and they got off. Since it was still pleasantly warm outside, they both decided to stroll to a small lake that was nearby and quite secluded.

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Already on the way there, the two could hardly stand it and fell over each other. But Katja and Lukas still had to restrain themselves until they could finally give themselves to each other. Therefore, they hurried to finally be able to do what is permanently happening in Literotica. As soon as they arrived at the lake, Katja unpacked a small blanket she had with her for emergencies and laid it on the ground. Now they could no longer hold back and finally fell over each other.

Katja and Lukas made love all night long down there by the lake. It was already getting light when they sank to the ground, exhausted but satisfied. They stayed down for some more time and promised each other to meet again at the lake the next day to build on this experience.


4.) Literotica from another erotic world.

Sabrina was a young woman who had little experience in terms of sex. Nevertheless, she worked in an erotic store and was popular with her customers for her openness. One day a man entered the store whom she had never seen before. He radiated dominance at first glance. Sabrina recognized that immediately. He went to the BDSM section without giving her a glance and disappeared from her sight. She continued to go about her work. When she looked up, the man was suddenly standing in front of her.

The 10 hottest Literotica sex stories in germanIn his hand he held bondage ropes, a whip and a cane. She looked at him and he looked, it seemed to her, deep into her soul. She stammered a few unintelligible words before scanning the prices of the erotic toys and telling him the total. The man seemed to sense what a diamond in the rough was standing there before him. Therefore, he abruptly asked her if she could meet him later. Sabrina seemed to be remote-controlled when she said yes. She had previously only known such a thing from her Literotica.

He did not tell her his name, but only told her where to appear. Sabrina just nodded, not daring to contradict him. His presence was too great and in his presence she felt small and insignificant. She knew that, too, only from her Literotica. But at the same time she felt a strange anticipation of meeting the stranger. Moreover, Sabrina suspected what she would experience for the first time. This also felt surprisingly good. She longed for her end of work, drove home and got ready for the strange man there.

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She could barely remember how she had made it to the agreed meeting place. That’s how excited she was. She rang the bell and it wasn’t long before he opened the door for her. Wordlessly, he indicated for her to enter. It meets. He went ahead and led her into a room that confirmed what Sabrina had long known. It was the playroom of a dominant BDSM guy and she was to become his playmate. She knew that and gave herself to him. He tied her up artfully so that she could hardly move. Before that, he had torn the outfit off her body. Sabrina stood in front of him in her underwear and was at his mercy.

He spun her around and she remembered what items he had bought in her store. There was a whip with it and now she got to feel it.


5) Literotica: Silvia and Tom get to know each other in chat during dirty talk.

Literotica has an inspiring effect on many people. This was also true for Silvia, whom Tom met in an online chat. It was an ordinary chat, where people talked about anything. He was not necessarily focused on erotic entertainment. And actually it was not in their intention to talk about erotic topics and literotica.

Erotic story: Sex with dirty talkSince she was a pretty woman, Silvia didn’t have to wait long before she could hardly avoid male interlocutors. In the process, one attractive, dark-haired man in particular caught her eye. She decided to answer him. He introduced himself to her as Tom and gave her many compliments on her appearance. Then he asked her if she had any other photos, for example, ones that showed her in full. Silvia thought nothing of it and sent him more pictures,

Now Tom also went into raptures about her breathtaking figure and became more and more brash. Now he actually asked her if she could imagine going over to dirty talk. At first Silvia was shocked. But then she thought to herself, why not? And granted Tom this wish. In her Literotica, she had read that dirty talk can be a particular turn-on. So she ventured further and asked Tom to begin. He didn’t have to wait long and took off.

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He told her what he would do if Silvia was with him now. Tom would take her in his arms and kiss her from the neck down. Gently at first, but then more and more demanding and unbridled. Now Silvia also joined in the dirty talk and said in turn how she would return his touches. He should imagine how she presses herself against his body and explores it with her hands.

It was Tom’s turn again and he told her that he would now slowly undress her. Silvia sighed loudly at the idea. This was just like she had read over and over again in her Literotica. She also now clearly pictured how she would deal with him. The two increased to the point that they wanted to climax together. Since they were immediately familiar with each other, neither Silvia nor Tom had any inhibitions about admitting it. The dirty talk was just the beginning, as they later put their ideas into action.


6.) Literotica sex stories: Broke down with the car

Alexa drove an old car that she relied on heavily. Unfortunately, it was no longer very reliable. One day, when she was on the road, she stopped halfway at a wooded area. The engine just wouldn’t start. Desperation spread as she heard an approaching car. She jumped out of her car to make her presence known. She succeeded and a man put him down. He got out and asked her with a friendly smile how he could help her.

The 10 hottest Literotica sex stories in germanShe described her problem to him and he looked at the engine compartment. He tried a few things, but unfortunately nothing stirred. The man, whose name was Ken, offered to drive her to an auto repair shop so they could take care of her car. As is the way in Literotica stories, however, there is an erotic twist in this one as well. After her car was received and taken by the garage and towed, Ken came to her rescue a second time. He drove her home and since Alexa was grateful, she offered him another coffee at her apartment.

Literotica often talks about how chance encounters turn into erotic ones. So it was this time too, Alexa asked Ken to make himself comfortable in her living room while she prepared the coffee. When he was finished, she sat down with him and thanked him profusely once again for his help. He looked at her steadfastly, suddenly took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. Alexa was so surprised by this that she did not resist, but returned his kiss.

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Now everything went very quickly. Both were overcome by sensual feelings and gave themselves to each other. After there was too little room in the living room for her lust, she took Ken by the hand and pulled him to her in the bedroom. There, a wide waterbed waited invitingly for the two. She lay down and looked at him seductively. With this, she showed him what she now wanted from him. He immediately understood what she wanted to tell him and was only too happy to fulfill her wish.

She then returned the favor to him until they both fell asleep, exhausted from the hot evening. The next morning, Ken stole out of Alexa’s apartment very early. But not without leaving her a message where she could reach him. In Literotica, sometimes dreams come true.


7.) Literotica: An incident in the office

Selma was a young woman who earned her living as an office clerk. She didn’t have very many colleagues there and was often alone. A workshop was also part of it, so there were also craftsmen working in the company, with whom Selma got along well. However, there was one man she was particularly fond of. His name was Ralf and he was a few years older than her. As it is in Literotica. erotic stories can occur, both were alone one day. The boss had already left, the two other craftsmen had called in sick.

Erotic story: Sex in the officeSince Selma and Ralf had already finished their work, he joined her in the office and the two talked. After a while, he abruptly told her how pretty he thought she was and how much he had wanted to get closer to her for quite some time. This visibly surprised Selma. Her face turned red and she was speechless. Ralf remained unimpressed and went to her. Selma felt a little uncomfortable at first, but then she relaxed. He merely wanted to look at them. And then the situation changed. Ralf, on the other hand, would never have expected that. But this also happens again and again in Literotica.

It was now Selma who took the initiative. She sat down in front of him on the desk and opened the top buttons of her blouse. She thus gave him a view of her beautiful curves. Now it was Ralf again who made the next move. He walked up to her and opened her blouse all the way. Selma let it happen and could hardly wait to see what he was about to do. Ralf took off his shirt and she could see his muscular upper body. She pulled him close and pressed her bare skin against his. He put up with it and visibly enjoyed the touches.

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While the two were completely engrossed in the Literotica, they had not considered one thing. The cleaner! And this one now stood in the room and watched in amazement what the Selma and Ralf were doing there. They didn’t even notice her at first until she cleared her throat. The two of them pulled up, startled, and looked a little ashamedly at the cleaner named Britta. The latter suddenly smiled mischievously and told the two colleagues that she would not report them to the boss on one condition. Of course, Selma and Ralf agreed immediately, even before they had heard the condition. Britta wanted to join the two.


8.) Literotica: The strict teacher

The class consisted of young men. Her teacher had a reputation for being very strict and not tolerating any breaking of the rules. The students viewed this with mixed feelings. While some took it seriously, others just laughed about it and wanted to call their bluff. They played all sorts of pranks in this Literotica story and so far have always been lucky not to have been discovered. But on one day everything turned out differently. The class clown, together with his friends, had hidden firecrackers under their teacher’s chair cushion. When she entered the room, they were already laughing behind their hands.

The 10 hottest Literotica sex stories in germanThe teacher welcomed them to this Literotica and then went to her desk to sit down and tell the class what was on the schedule for today. She sat down and the firecrackers exploded with a great roar. Naturally, the good lady was startled – but she quickly regained her composure. She glared angrily at her class. Most of the young men were laughing and couldn’t stop. The class clown, on the other hand, held back. That exactly betrayed him. The teacher took her ruler in her hand and called him to the front. The latter already suspected what was in store for him. With a sullen expression, he stood up and walked over to her.

Many probably know this from other literotica. Such a strict teacher is not to be trifled with. So it was clear that she was not in the mood for jokes. She asked the young man if he had anything to do with what happened. It took him a while to answer her with a quiet yes. For a few moments it was quiet as a mouse in the room. The students knew what was about to follow. She just looked at the class clown and pointed her finger at his pants and then down. He cast down his eyes and did as he was told. She didn’t need to tell him what to do after that. He did it automatically. With that, this Literotica really gets going.

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With his buttocks bared, he bent over the teacher’s desk and held it out to her. She took the ruler in her hand and started to strike the first blow. The young man cried out and she asked him if he would allow himself another prank with her. He immediately denied that. Nevertheless, in this literotica he received a severe punishment by the strict hand of his teacher. He could barely sit without pain for the next few days.


9.) Which plays on the farm

Literotica sex stories that take place on a farm are popular. This one is about the farmer’s wife and her farmhand. She had hired him not only to do various jobs on the farm, but also to take care of her in an erotic way. Literotica stories can develop in different directions. That’s what happened here, too. Instead of taking care of the farmer’s wife, the servant much preferred to occupy himself with the maids of the farm. And not just with one. He loved to satisfy them all or to be pampered by them. One day the farmer’s wife wondered why her servant took so little time for her and went in search of him.

The 10 hottest erotic storiesIt was not long before she found him in the barn with as many as three of her maids. She caught them in the middle of the action. Now it is so with Literotica erotic stories that here the last word was not yet spoken. Somehow excitement spread through the farmer’s wife and she decided to adapt the end of this Literotica story. She took the scepter and instructed her servant and the three maids to pamper her. Each of them was given a different task. Afraid of being fired, the four did what their farmer’s wife told them to do. But actually this one was not angry at all with servant and maids. She just wanted to scare them and repay them for their special services. The sight had excited her too much.

But first it was her turn in this Literotica story. After all, she had often had to do without her erotic servant. After orgasming several times, she smiled at the four servants and asked them what their preferences were. They looked at each other in wonder, but hesitantly they finally explained which practices they liked.

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The farmer’s wife smiled at them and began to treat her servant as he had mentioned earlier. She instructed her maids to occupy themselves with each other in the meantime. They looked a little surprised, but did not dare to contradict their farmer’s wife. After she had finished with the servant, she also satisfied her three maids, who hardly dared to let her go. But her mistress was just too good at what she did. At some point they couldn’t take it anymore and ended this Literotica with a gigantic emotional explosion.


10.) Literotica: The Voyeur

There are literotica that begin like a normal story. This one is about a man who enjoyed watching other people from his apartment with binoculars. He did that pretty much every day, because he didn’t have a partner and he was often bored. Mostly he watched how families lived together and how they arranged the daily routine. One day, however, an exciting change was to occur for the man. A young couple moved in across the street from him and it turned out they had a very special hobby. They had sex with each other every day. Soon the man was no longer interested in the other residents, but looked forward to watching the couple every day in this literotica.

The 10 hottest erotic storiesSince the couple usually succumbed to erotic pleasures in the evening, the man had to come up with something to watch them do. He bought a night vision device so he could see what was happening even more clearly. But then he made a big mistake. He accidentally turned on the light on the binoculars – and was discovered by the couple. It wasn’t long before his doorbell rang. Outside the door was the couple he had been watching for some time. Since it was late and he didn’t want to cause a fuss, he invited them in. However, it turned out that they were not angry with him. Rather, they informed him that they were aroused by the idea of being seen by him doing what they were doing. The man was surprised at first, but then realized what an opportunity he had.

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He was officially allowed to observe from his apartment in this Literotica story what the couple was up to sexually in the evening. And that could really be seen, because the two gave more effort for the voyeur from now on. They thought up role plays and entertained the man as best they could. The latter wanted to show his gratitude and regularly bought the two lovers erotic toys that they could use for evening entertainment. Over time, a friendship developed between them. As they got to know each other better and better, the couple made the man an incredible offer. From now on, if he agreed, he was not only allowed to watch, but to actively participate. So it happened that a normal story became a Literotica story after all.


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