Sex story: The daughter of the school friend

By Jens Haberlein
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Sex story: The daughter of the school friend
Sex story: The daughter of the school friend

Not only was my schoolmate willing

Every five years they met at the class reunion. Nothing really happened at school. But after all the conversations were done and the buffet was looted, more was drunk and danced. It was the old songs, NDW, Guns n’ Roses, what was played up and down at that time. You were 18 again, but the dancing made you sweat and the thirst was quenched with alcohol. The later the evening, the lighter the mood. Between Melanie and me it crackled more and more every five years. At every further meeting >/g> we were secretly looking forward to see if anything would happen. But we were married, we had children, we were reasonable somehow. At the end there was a kiss, and the last one also included the tongue.

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Sex story: The daughter of the school friendDespite the Covid crisis, only meet once

But three weeks ago we had a date like this. A short coffee standing outside, and then the question, would you like to have a drink with me for a short time. Without any real intent, I went along.

A semi-detached house. The husband was at work, the kids probably on the road. We sat in the dining room and had a beer each. We talked this and that, but our eyes were fixed. It felt unreal. At the reunion we were 18, teenagers, talking the same shit as before, in the same reduced language. Here, holiday memories of a happy family hung everywhere. Daughters in their early 20s. Melanie mentioned they were going to college.

She brought me the third beer and put it in front of me. She looked me in the eyes and opened her mouth slightly. Like magnets our lips came together. A wild kiss. I put my hand by her side, pulled up her blouse and slid under it. She pulled me up by my shirt, kissing wildly. I unbuttoned her blouse, she unbuttoned my shirt.

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The tops fell. For a moment I thought about whether I should open the bra, but she pulled it off herself. She stretched briefly and I could look at her breasts. While she was fixing me, she unzipped my fly. I was very irritated, but my dick was already very hard. Those family pictures on the wall, what was I doing here?! But when she licked her hand briefly and started massaging my cock I stopped thinking.

I practically jumped out of my pants. I thought I noticed her surprised and ecstatic look when she saw my erection. Then I grabbed her by the hips and laid her on the dining room table. Opened her pants, stroked them together with the panties and took directly her clitoris between my lips. She moaned and I imagined that she probably hadn’t felt this so often.

Our work pants didn't let us see deeplyMy high school girlfriend was in quite a hurry

She spread her legs and pushed my head closer to her while I licked her to my first orgasm. She moaned. “Please, fuck me. I don’t know how much time we have.” I was a little more confused again. But no less awesome. I was thinking about birth control for a minute. But very quickly my cock found its way and she moaned comfortably.

I put her legs on my shoulders and began to penetrate her rhythmically. She liked it very much and since she was a little embarrassed by the moaning, she bit her finger. But she couldn’t hide the fact that she was climaxing time and time again. It was quite wet and so my shots were quite fluid and fast.

Slowly I noticed how my orgasm built up. I was a little insecure. Should I just come inside her? If I pulled it out before, I’d probably squirt down to my breasts, if not all the way to my face. In the dining room. But suddenly from the side came a horrified “Age…?!” Shocked, I looked to the right, in the door frame stood a young woman who looked very similar to the one in which my penis was just stuck.

Sex story: The daughter of the school friendThe daughter was pretty freaked out

Melanie cried out and held one hand in front of her mouth and the other in front of her breasts. Shrill she started to laugh. The daughter just babbled, “What the…?” I went back slightly and pulled out my shiny, wet cock. I saw the look on her face and I wanted to reach for my pants. She said, “Stop!” Again irritated I first looked at the daughter, then at Melanie.

My schoolmate’s daughter said, “Mum, you’d best go straight to the bedroom, stay there and make sure dad doesn’t notice, okay?” Melanie slipped from the dining room table, collected her things and fled the dining room with an embarrassed look. The daughter took a step towards me, looked at my erect dick and whispered, “Doesn’t look like you’ve come yet.”

My mouth was dry as dust. “You now have two choices: Either you leave now and jerk off in the car later. Or you can do exactly what you did before, but this time until the end. I couldn’t believe it. She took off her sweater, she had nothing underneath. “So?”

Reason told him variant A. His gaze swept briefly over the happy family pictures. His irrationality told him that the pictures were deceiving when one daughter talked like that and the mother acted as if she hadn’t been spoiled like that in years.

I grabbed her by the hips and stroked the jogging pants down her. No panties. My dick got even harder. I still had the taste of Melanie on my tongue, which was now covered with her freshness. She moaned comfortably. I laid her legs on her shoulder and penetrated her. For a moment I thought of Melanie, but her look made the previous events fade away.

Sex story: The daughter of the school friendSuddenly the disillusionment set in and she just laughed

I had licked her well wet, but her vagina was tighter. I felt myself going for her, but I also felt myself getting closer to my own orgasm faster. She also seemed to notice this and said panting: “You have to make another decision and this time you have three options. You can cum inside me, but I’m not using birth control and Melanie could already be a grandma.” I looked at her in horror at “What… what other choice is there?” “The second is you get back in your car and you do it to yourself! Or…” and she looked at me with a diabolic smile “you fuck me until you come, pull it out first and spray me on my stomach!”

I thought about option four for a second, just passing out. But my subconscious controlled my hips back and forth. I grabbed her thighs and started fucking her a little faster. She giggled. I was getting faster and faster. I didn’t want to do it with my hand in front of her, so I waited until just before and pulled it out. I aimed my hand at her stomach.

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She looked right at my dick. My sperm spurted out and landed on her flat stomach and between her sweet teenage breasts. One splash after the next I hurled out while moaning full. I had splashed all over her upper body and I also saw that her chin was shining a bit.

At that moment disillusionment set in. I drove around, jumped into my pants, threw my shirt over my head and stormed out of the house. I just heard her laughing.

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