Test: SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator

By Faizel Ahman
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Test: SVAKOM Alex Powerful Thrusting Masturbator
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Heavenly pleasure for the modern man

The masturbator Alex Powerful Thrusting from SVAKOM was thoroughly tested. It promises fantastic experiences and ultimate pleasure. The seven intensive modes, for example, ensure this. The masturbator offers a very realistic feeling, which is due to the soft material inside. The five different sounds of sexual fantasies give the pleasure-giver a completely new experience.

Informationen zum Masturbator SVAKOM AlexInformation about the seven selected modes

The intensity of the SVAKOM Alex masturbator is powerful and can be adjusted as desired. It now provides even stronger feelings and guaranteed orgasms. The soft material creates an incredibly realistic feeling. The complex equipment inside SVAKOM Alex creates intense touches that nobody will forget so quickly. The special design of the interior of SVAKOM Alex automatically provides a realistic grip feeling. All sexual fantasies can be fulfilled thanks to the five sounds.

Further information about the masturbator SVAKOM Alex

The masturbator is equipped with a powerful battery. It ensures that the user experiences an hour of fun and enjoyment. The length has been scientifically researched so that the SVAKOM Alex masturbator offers the perfect length for all sizes. The sucking tunnel can be taken apart. This is possible by simply turning it. By turning it in the other direction it snaps back into place.

Technical details of the SVAKOM Alex

The masturbator is made of ultra-soft TPE and skin-friendly ABS. The length is 152 millimetres and the weight is 1,200 grams. The polymer lithium battery and the necessary USB charging cable are already included in the scope of delivery. The masturbator measures 33 centimetres in total and has a diameter of 9.6 centimetres. The insertion dimensions are given as approximately thirteen centimetres and 3.5 centimetres respectively.

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The automatic masturbator has a headphone jack and a speaker and is available in dark blue. The material inside SVAKOM Alex is studded and can be removed if necessary. The support provides an optimal hold, but can be removed if desired. The masturbator can be used with a water-based lubricant. Oil-based lubricants could damage the high-quality material.

Luxurious masturbator SVAKOM Alex

This masturbator is a completely new kind of sex toy for men. SVAKOM Alex promises absolutely innovative pleasure. He spoils his owner in a way never seen before. There is a special reason for this. SVAKOMAlex not only provides intensive body feelings, no, it is also equipped with five different sounds. This does not exist in this form otherwise. The different settings are made at the touch of a button.

Depending on the selection, the owner of SVAKOM Alex is taken to a classroom, for example. There an artistic seduction awaits him. Or he indulges in erotic fantasies on a wonderful beach. Anyone who dreams of being pampered in an airplane simply chooses this setting. The five sounds can be heard through the built-in loudspeaker or through headphones. In addition, there is the combination with the seven different pushing movements, which are completely automatic. These are supported by the powerful engine. The soft inner life of SVAKOM Alex completes the sensational features of the masturbator.

Die Verwendung des Masturbators SVAKOM AlexThe use of the masturbator

It is very easy to use SVAKOM Alex. The penis is inserted into the masturbator and immediately it starts to pamper the user. Without a holder, the up and down movements are done by hand. But it is even easier to use with the holder. For example, SVAKOM Alex is suspended in the shower. The movements are made through the man’s abdomen, which gives an even more realistic feeling.

Who is the SVAKOM Alex suitable for?

The answer to the question for whom the SVAKOM Alex masturbator is suitable is simple. It is suitable for any man who loves to masturbate and does not want to use his hands. The age does not matter, because using SVAKOM Alex is very easy.

Whether with or without a partner, SVAKOM Alex offers ultimate pleasure that has never been possible before compared to other masturbators. Of course, it is also possible to include SVAKOM Alex in the love play with your partner. Another important point applies to the masturbator. If you use it regularly, you will increase your endurance.

How does the masturbator feel?

As this masturbator is a sex toy of a new kind, it offers an even more realistic pleasure and pampering. The experience is especially realistic and supports many erotic fantasies. Soft material inside the pleasure channel feels very real. This is also due to the nubs. High-quality material, structure and workmanship are perfectly coordinated and increase the pleasure to immeasurable levels.

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SVAKOM Alex almost feels like real skin inside. To make Alex feel even more like real skin, it is recommended to warm it up before use. In its normal state it is at room temperature. This can be remedied by warm water, for example. To do this, simply take out the inside and hold it under warm water for some time. There is another way to warm Alex up, namely with warming lubricant. It is simply applied inside and off you go.

A summary of the SVAKOM Alex

This masturbator offers a pleasure of a previously unknown kind. The equipment includes not only seven intensity levels, but also five different sounds. Thus the masturbator contributes to an even more realistic experience.

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