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I gave my boss a head and I’m still not at the destination

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Meinem Chef einen geblasen und trotzdem nicht am Ziel

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I quickly became aware of my cause

My name is Lena, I am 19 years old and am currently completing an apprenticeship as a media designer in a medium-sized company, I like working there and my boss is nice. I still live with my parents in a small village in Lower Saxony. Although I have my own floor here, I would like to move out soon. Just stand on your own two feet. Sure, it has its advantages, but visiting men, for example, is almost impossible, especially not overnight.

My parents are unfortunately very conservative, my father fears for his reputation as a pastor in the Protestant parish. My friend is therefore my first husband ever. Of course he is not allowed to stay overnight with me. And that, although I am already of age! So I had to make my sexual experiences somewhere else. That’s exactly what I want to tell you.

Meinem Chef einen geblasen und trotzdem nicht am Ziel

She was with my boss on business trip

My direct supervisor is a department head, 38 years old and looks damn good. The women have to run after him in droves. He never paid much attention to me, only I went to his office for an interview. But then he stared at my big tits. Otherwise I have to do actually only with my trainer and the other apprentices. His secretary is a stuck-up goat and I think he also fucks her secretly. At least he always looks at her quite lustfully when she wears tight clothes. She also seems to enjoy his looks. Typical slut. My boss was quite often on business, mostly in Portugal or Spain. He mostly took his secretary with him, while I took care of the office stuff, the inbox and all that stuff.

I hated the secretary! She is always very hostile to us trainees, never had a nice word for us. When I left the office a little earlier because I had a date, she told my boss about me. She knew exactly how important this date was to me, this bitch. But she was going to pay for that! She looks good, has for her age, I guess she’s in her mid forties, still damn crunchy figure and great legs, which she doesn’t exactly hide.

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Okay, I don’t have to hide either, but she is also very self-confident and eloquent. I’m sure a lot of men lick their fingers after her. Exactly that should be her undoing now, because one day I found out that she is married to the butcher from my village. A rather coarse guy, who doesn’t seem to fit this dainty secretary at all.

The love letter revealed her unequivocally

When the two were once again together in Lisbon and their tasks were assigned to me, I was also supposed to accept the telephone calls. One day something strange happened. I have to say that the secretary’s voice and mine are very similar. That is what should be important now: on Tuesday morning, a man called. When I answered the phone (we should never say our name, always the name of the company plus “secretary’s office”) and “recognized” my voice, he immediately started: “Darling, please give me your fax number again. Are you alone in the office? I want to send you something!

Sure, I played along with the game and answered: “Yes, I’m alone, you can send it right away”. We exchanged some nice words, then we hung up and I waited eagerly for his fax. But nothing came. So I went to the canteen first, had lunch and devoted myself to my daily business again. When I had forgotten the fax for a long time, the machine suddenly beeped. Excitedly I hurried there and read the display. Eight pages were to be transmitted. Well, I had time. Then the printing process began, my nervousness grew. That I would hurt the letter secret immediately, was in this moment indifferent to me.

Meinem Boss einen geblasen und trotzdem nicht am Ziel

The bitch of the boss was a horny sow

The eight pages from the printer shaft tortured each other miserably slowly. It was a love letter – how romantic! But what I then saw not only took my breath away, but also my language. One page was handwritten, the other seven only showed photos. Whereby “only” in this case was slightly understated. Our secretary together with no less than three men looked shamelessly into the camera, while she had spread her legs wide.

But that was by no means all. This bland and good wife, for whom she always pretended to be, was not her. While one man sunk his big beating in her mouth and sucked her on it with relish, the other one literally impaled her vaginally. The third guy in the bunch made the sandwich perfect and hammered his hard pleasure stick incessantly and with full verve into her bottom. “Such a slut”, I thought to myself and looked at the other photos. It went harder and harder, on the last she let herself be injected by all three at the same time in the face and the opened mouth, the sperm ran from her mouth corners. I have to admit, these pictures somehow turn me on. I noticed how I got wet in my crotch. Without further ado I disappeared to the toilet and secretly made it myself.

Three weeks later I was on my next business trip

Later a perfidious plan matured in me: I wanted to blackmail the secretary and thus gain an advantage in the company. She deserved it! Precisely because she often treated us apprentices and therefore me so badly. I copied the eight pages that the fax machine spat out without turning red, and put the originals back so that it wouldn’t be noticeable that I had them in my hand. Especially since the secretary and my boss were supposed to come back the same afternoon. My hour was still to come.

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As I noticed, the secretary planned another trip for her and the boss shortly after our arrival. To Palma de Mallorca.    But this time I wanted to go with her! When I told her my request, she really laughed at me. What I would imagine as a trainee! Without saying a word I put the photocopies on her desk. She immediately turned red like a tomato, stammered some incomprehensible sentences. I whispered that she should do her best so that I could go away with the boss instead of her. “I also know what your husband thought of these pictures,” I added with a grin. She said she wanted to see what she could arrange for me, narrow-lipped.

Meinem Boss einen geblasen und trotzdem nicht am Ziel

With my boss to Majorca

Two days later, the boss called me into the office. It’s a good thing that I wore a belly top on that day, which really showed off my large bust. He first gave me a lecture on the company’s future plans and then asked me if I could imagine accompanying him on his next trip abroad. Business of course.

When he noticed that I was hesitating, he said that the secretary had raved about me and suggested that she reward me and give me a chance for further development. I was stunned. Even if I wanted to blackmail her, I had not counted on it now. Sure, I agreed and was already looking forward to the days on Mallorca. What I should there, however, I did not really know. My boss said that I shouldn’t think so much and would get along there, after all I just have to be there and keep my eyes and ears open. The rest would be done on the spot.

Two and a half weeks later we were sitting in the plane heading south

One Monday we met early at the airport in Hannover. My boss had arranged everything and also my boarding pass on his mobile phone. Seats were reserved and we sat right in front. So that one did not have to wait so long when getting out, he explained to me. He ordered me a Coke and for himself a glass of wine. He had not asked me. I liked this dominant kind however. Men, who are substantially older than me, have no more nonsense in the head and know, how they have to treat a woman. That impressed me then and it still impresses me today. During the flight I notice in the conversations that the chemistry between us was right.

Caught having sex in a tram

Almost two hours later we landed at Sant Joan airport in Palma. In contrast to Hanover it was very warm, I took off my sweater and Tom – my boss’s name – also got rid of his jacket. The shuttle was waiting for us, we sweated and sweated. Finally it was there and we drove to the hotel. Once there we drank a nightcap in the lobby before saying goodbye to our room. I was already looking forward to a warm shower, but was then bitterly disappointed, because from the tap came only cold water, where I also turned the lever.

Meinem Boss einen geblasen und trotzdem nicht am Ziel

Take a cold shower? Me? Well, thank you but also…

I called the reception desk, asked for repairs and they immediately sent the janitor. However, he immediately saw that the problem was not with the fittings, but said that a plumber had to go and examine the pipe. But he could not come until tomorrow. The receptionist wanted to give me another room, but to her regret no other room was available. Instead I got a voucher for a wellness weekend in the hotel as a small excuse that I would have to take a cold shower today.

Yes, I like to take a shower very much and also a little more extensively. Then I let the water run for a long time, enjoy the warm rays on my naked skin. But cold showers? Damn, that’s not possible. But what to do? I sat on my bed and felt like crying. The whole day I was now on the way, my clothes were sweaty and I probably stank terribly. There was no way I could go to bed so unshowered. And who knows if the warm water really worked again tomorrow morning. Sure I could have asked my boss if I could take a shower with him, but that seemed a bit intrusive. After all, Tom was my superior and I was only the trainee, we were neither friends nor did we know each other very well. But what should I do now?

My boss shamelessly exploited my helpless situation

At some point I decided to ask Tom if I could take a shower at his place. I called the reception and asked for an operator because I didn’t know which room he was in. The lady at the reception connected me with him.

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He immediately agreed and told me to be in room 613 in half an hour. Thirty minutes later I knocked on his door. The three floors I had gone through the stairwell, I did not like elevators so much and so I could always treat myself to an extra portion of sport. He opened my bathrobe. “Don’t worry, I don’t want to take a shower, I was just in the bathtub,” he snorted at me. Apparently my face spoke volumes and my question was obvious. Although I hadn’t asked it at all, it was answered at that moment. The room was the absolute upper hammer! It wasn’t actually a room, but a large suite with three rooms and floor-to-ceiling windows. From here you could have a wonderful view to the sea. The bathroom was lined with marble, had a huge shower and an even bigger bathtub. One could have celebrated orgies here.

Meinem Boss einen geblasen und trotzdem nicht am Ziel

A play of colours in the shower of his suite

“Weren’t you going to take a shower, Lena?” Tom ripped me out of my daydream. I was so fascinated by his suite that I hadn’t even gone to the bathroom yet. He was my boss – why did he suddenly call me a dozen? I thought nothing of it and went into the bathroom. Behind me I closed the door and switched on the light. A splendid play of colours enveloped the whole room, soft music sounded. Wow! I had never seen anything like it. I took off my clothes. Under the warm jet of water I washed away the hardships and anger of today. It was so pleasant!

When I was finished, I grabbed the super-soft bathrobe hanging from the door and went back to Tom in the main room. He had put two glasses of champagne on the table and asked me to stay a little longer. But I wanted to go to my room and sleep. Not that my boss got the wrong impression of me.

He grabbed me and blindfolded me

Just as I was about to leave, Tom suddenly grabbed my hair, blindfolded me with an opaque cloth and pressed me to my knees. As he opened his bathrobe, he told me to thank him properly for the favor he had done me. I was totally surprised and couldn’t really defend myself. He was extremely well equipped and his big penis swung semi-rigid in front of my face. It was clear what he wanted. I wanted to get out of this situation as quickly as possible. However I noticed to my amazement how I suddenly became wet. Hornyness rose in me. How remote controlled I began to wank his thick Pimmel until he continued to straighten up and became really stiff. I had never seen such a fat penis before. The whole situation excited me now. On his acorn had already formed a desire drop.

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I pulled the belt from the bathrobe, stripped this off and knelt now naked before him, Splitterfasernackt before my boss! I put his hard penis between my creamed breasts and rubbed it until he moaned loudly. “Put him in your mouth, Lena,” Tom asked me. Said, done. With my tongue I played first at his frenulum and then let the shaft disappear skillfully between my lips. He moaned again. “Go on,” he ordered me. “And thank your boss, as it should be for a trainee.” He smiled at me. Then he grabbed my hair again and pressed his thick dick further into my mouth. When he bumped at the uvula, I had to choke a little, but managed to take him in completely and now blow him deepthroat.

Meinem Chef einen geblasen und trotzdem nicht am Ziel

My boss was really well stocked – no joke!

So I kneeled in a horny suite in front of an attractive boss and sucked on his giant penis. What an absurd situation! But it was more and more fun for me. How I would have liked to feel him in me now. However, he probably had other plans. He pulled his best piece out of my mouth and me by the hair towards the bed. Sure, at first I thought of course that he wanted to fuck me now and would have been only too happy to join in. I as his willing apprentice!

But he took the belt of his bathrobe and tied my hands to my back. Then he pressed me onto the bed and sat down on me. He slapped me twice. Then he rammed his hard butt into my mouth and fucked my mouth cunt right through. He roared like a lion when he came. With several shots he pumped his warm sperm directly into my stomach. That which I could not swallow dripped to me on my neck and on the breasts. He gave me another Backpfeife, put his tail back into my mouth and ordered me to suck him clean, which I then did with relish.

With him I could live out my submissive vein

But instead of untying me, he put me on the desk with my stomach. I stretched my buttocks a little higher. He now had to have a fantastic view of my intimacy. With two fingers he penetrated me, just fingered me. That was so horny when he took even more fingers and sometime the whole fist. My boss fisted me and I stepped in pain and lust. With the other hand, he hit me on the ass cheeks, which only made more cheered.

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When he was ready for use again, he put on a condom and began to fuck me. At first gently, but then harder and harder. His jolts were rhythmic and yet hard. Very hard, my pelvis threatened to burst, so it was missing. I enjoyed it, I had a submissive and slightly masochistic vein in me. His eggs clap with every push against my buttocks and your tail blew up my pussy. I was so wet that I ran down the Fotzensaft at the thighs. That he seemed to notice and called me “megafeuchte Drecksau”. I was only frightened, but nevertheless it made me when he talked so crude with me.

The best orgasm of my still young life

Slowly I couldn’t stand it anymore, a gigantic orgasm was about to begin. But before I could come to a climax, he pulled his penis out of my tight pussy, turned me to the side and put me his giant thing just in the mouth. I’ve never been so full! I tasted my own juice and his pulsating glans. But he did not want to fuck my mouth, but waited until I sucked him. Before he came, he never again gave a slap and then injected me everything on the tits. But he wasn’t quite finished yet and licked my clitoris now. After three tongue blows my body reared up and I came trembling and trembling to the best orgasm of my life. To fuck me in such a way nobody had managed yet!

When we had recovered a little, he sent me after once in the shower and then to my room. Totally finished, but happy, I fell asleep there immediately and dream of the horny fuck with my boss.

Meinem Chef einen geblasen und trotzdem nicht am Ziel

The surprise followed on the foot

The next morning my boss ordered me into the lobby. There he handed me a letter without a word:

“Dear Mrs. Röber,
with immediate effect, we terminate the training relationship between you and our company without notice.
We cannot accept that you have massively violated the postal and telecommunications secrecy of your colleague Anja Tschauner, so that an unpleasant situation has arisen for your colleague…”.

I won’t let you any further, I was totally shocked. My plan had probably not worked out. I became red with rage, could not believe it simply. What was the secretary thinking? But before I could finish thinking, she suddenly walked around the corner, accompanied by her husband, the butcher from my village. She grinned as I had when I waved the compromising photos in front of her nose. Now she had apparently turned the tables on me.

It could not have been more embarrassing and cruel

“You can go then, Mrs. Röber, your plane leaves in three hours”, my boss said to me, now again siezing me. “Wait a minute’, I replied, ‘you can’t fuck me first and then fire me’! He laughed loudly and louder. The secretary agreed with me. Yes, they literally laughed at me. “I didn’t fuck you, Mrs. Röber!” When I heard that, I fell out of all the clouds. Okay, my eyes were blindfolded, but there was nobody left in the suite. At least I thought so. “Who… who…?”, I stuttered. “He”, my boss laughed and pointed to the secretary’s husband. “The fat butcher has taken you through it all, Mrs. Röber!

First I felt sick, then I almost sank into the ground with shame. How embarrassing! I guess I got rid of my job then. And one more experience. Even if around a very intensive one. Only how I should explain it to my parents, I did not know yet. Not to mention my boyfriend…

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