Sex with pastor at divine church music in Emmerich

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Sex with pastor at divine church music in Emmerich
Sex with pastor at divine church music in Emmerich
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A Clerical Sex Story

The oldest church in Emmerich is home to a new priest. This one really excites the residents and makes them more interested in church services. In addition, his tours are especially popular with the ladies. Rumors circulate behind closed doors about desires to have sex with the pastor.

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Sex with the pastor in St. Martini church

Recently, Sandra and Laura have been enjoying going to church services. Both are already considering becoming nuns. In general, it is quite noticeable that the visitors to the service are more than with the old pastor. But the new priest seems to have an attractive charisma in his gown.

Sex with pastor at divine church music in Emmerich

He always seems balanced and is smiling a lot. As soon as the organ music sounds in the St. Martini Church, he sings along fervently and passionately. Church leaders are very fond of his leading numerous women back to the path of faith.

Interest in contemporary history of the church

Since the new pastor showed up, donations to restore the chest organ have increased. Sandra enthusiastically tells about very interesting guided tours in the church, which dates back to the 11th century. Her awakened interest in the history of the historic building delights Sandra’s husband.

Holy like nuns

Finally she begins to share his passion for contemporary history and is interested in culture! He would never have dreamed what the real reason for Sandra’s motivation was. Sandra and Laura have regular sex with the pastor!

Sex in the choir of the Collegiate Church of St. Martini

The three-part choir and the crypt are still preserved from the original foundation building. When Sandra thinks about the hot sex at the cool walls of the church, she gets directly wet between the legs. Now she does not remember all the historical facts about the Gothic tower, main and side aisles. Information about the reconstruction is also not so exciting, but she still attends all the tours.

Sex with pastor at divine church music in Emmerich

After each tour, she sits down at the organ and practices playing sacred songs. Once all the visitors have left the church, this church music in Emmerich ebbs away. The pastor likes to sneak up behind Sandra and massage her breasts while she blasts music from the keys of the chest organ. At the same time she spreads her legs so that he can massage her pleasure grotto.

Loud moaning is lost in the organ music

The preacher opens his pants slowly to the lustful sounds of Sandra. In the crypt the two are undiscovered and Sandra spoils the hard penis of her lover with her left hand. The right hand continues to glide over the keys. The lustful massage between Sandra’s legs makes her moan louder and louder.

Sex holy like nuns

Both feel undisturbed and they undress downstairs. Father grabs Sandra by her butt and sets her swinging on the musical instrument. There he takes them hard and intense. In the church, the oblique sounds can be heard. With the weird church music in Emmerich, no inhabitant gets the idea that Sandra has sex with the pastor.

Mysterious observer in the crypt

While Sandra has hard and uninhibited sex with the priest and enjoys every thrust hard and intense, a silent observer remains unnoticed. Laura watches the hot action while stroking herself lustfully. She enjoys the sight of her horny friend who she finds hot for a very long time. She would also like to be fucked hard, her husband has long shown no interest in it.

Sex with pastor at divine church music in Emmerich

The thought germinates in her mind to just go along with it, but she is unsure. On the other hand, they can hardly refuse her, since she is now an official confidant about this forbidden affair. The theologian pulls his hard strap out of Sandra and kneels in front of her. He spreads her legs apart and spoils her plum with his tongue. Laura notices how she gets more and more excited and she can hardly stand it anymore because of lust.

Sex with the priest is even hotter in a threesome

Laura quietly moves closer to the two as Sandra closes her eyes. She gently strokes the pastor’s hair, carefully removes his tie and uses it to blindfold Sandra. The churchman looks at her in shock at first, but seems to find it very arousing. He turns his upper body sideways towards Laura and massages Laura’s breasts. Her nipples get all hard under his touch.

Sex Holy Fucking Girls

She continues rubbing Sandra’s pleasure grotto with her fingers. The pastor opens Laura’s pants and gently pulls them down. While Laura lets the pastor undress her, she massages Sandra’s pleasure grotto faster. She stands in front of her and opens her blouse. Then she licks her nipples and sucks them tenderly. Sandra moans at the touches.

Affair with priest at divine church music in Emmerich

The clergyman rubs himself from behind on Laura’s buttocks that she feels his thick splendor. Then Laura kisses Sandra deeply and intimately with her tongue. Meanwhile, the pastor very gently and slowly penetrates Laura from behind. Her quickening breathing betrays her increasing horniness. Laura didn’t even begin to imagine sex with the pastor in threesomes as hot.

The sound of passionate love on the organ

Sandra feels with her hands over Laura’s upper body and massages her breasts lustfully. Laura removes the tie over her eyes. Her friend gives her a ratty look and Laura can hardly hold on any longer. She presses her ass against the pastor who takes her faster and faster. At the same time he embraces her hip and pulls her close to him.

Holy like nuns

Sandra gets up and walks behind Laura. She carefully massages Laura’s backdoor. The thrill of the forbidden has gripped all three. The loud church music has long been drowned out by the lusty sounds. Sandra inserts a finger anally and massages Laura’s opening while the cleric continues fucking her.

Hot finale with unimaginable climax

The pastor switches to the other hole with his bulging cock and gets faster and faster. Laura screams louder and louder with each additional thrust. Never would she have imagined it so hot and her husband never took her through so wild and impetuous. She looks over at Sandra and sees her fingering herself wildly as she watches Laura have sex with the pastor.

Affair with priest at divine church music in Emmerich

The pastor gasps that he wants to come now. He rubs Laura’s pleasure grotto in the process until Laura’s abdomen starts to tremble and everything contracts. She experiences an orgasm never known before. The man of God pulls his penis out of her hole and turns to Sandra. Sandra looks greedily at the pastor and grabs his latte.

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The priest breathes faster and louder. Sandra rubs his hard penis harder and faster until it pulsates very strongly. When the preacher cum, he holds Sandra’s face and squirts it full. His white cum pours over Sandra’s face and runs down her chin.

The beginning of a passionate affair with the pastor

Exhausted and satisfied, all three sit down next to each other on the cool floor of the church. After a while, everyone dresses properly again. Laura wonders how often Sandra or other women have sex with the pastor at the sound of church music in Emmerich. But basically, she doesn’t care either. She can’t remember ever experiencing such an intense climax.

All participants agree that everyone keeps silence about this passionate organ playing. With a grin, Laura asks the pastor when the next tour will be, since the former collegiate church of St. Martini has plenty of other interesting places ready to be discovered. Next time Sandra and Laura should use the confessional. They urgently need to confess to the pastor about their adultery and repent.

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