How to turn a one night stand into a fuck relationship

By Jens Haberlein
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How does a one night stand turn into a fuck relationship?

Many a woman and many a man has certainly thought after a successful fuck date: “Would be nice if it would develop into a stress-free fuck relationship!” Men in particular should be aware beforehand of what may be expected of them and what is in store for them. Because, unfortunately, not every one night stand can be transformed into a fuck relationship.

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Undeniably, fuck relationships offer a lot of advantages for both sides. In this way, the parties involved ensure constant sexual availability, so to speak, but do not need to fear the typical annoyances as in committed partnerships. No one has to feel constrained and make any commitments. For this reason alone, men often like to leave it at a non-committal sex relationship.

What else speaks for a pure sex relationship from a male perspective?

Sex dates can be arranged with some regularity, and every now and then one out of turn should be possible. Being constantly on the road to pick up new women is a thing of the past – at least for now. After all, it costs time and often money to hit on potential sex partners. In addition, one’s own profiles on sex portals no longer demand so much attention.

How to turn a one night stand into a fuck relationship

An uncomplicated fuck relationship characterized by lust and mutual respect can turn out to be a real hit. Many men (even married ones) have had good experiences with it. This form of relationship, as it used to be called, is often appreciated as a recommendable alternative to encounters with constantly changing women. The fact that fuck buddies gradually get to know each other better often has a decidedly positive effect on sex.

Do purely sexual relationships also have disadvantages?

There are already some points to consider, but overall the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. This can be stated in such general terms with a clear conscience. Of course, in lasting sex relationships, both the man and the woman may have thoughts of missing out elsewhere. Everywhere offer themselves heaps of people who are looking for someone for a one night stand.

Straight to the fuck relationship

A certain risk exists further in the respect that she or he wishes more than a pure friendship plus at some point. Romantic feelings can not be excluded. In this respect, it is advisable to define fixed rules right at the beginning. Both know: up to here and no further, it usually works out quite well with the fuck relationship. Those who are noticeably inclined in this direction should be clear about their own intentions.

How to turn a one night stand into a fuck relationship

Men do a quick check to see if they’ve made the right choice at all. Does the person in question actually bring the desired qualities and preferences? Is there a common wavelength and strong desire for each other? Most people don’t always know that the first time they meet. The man should give himself and of course also the woman some time before the decision for further sex dates is consensual.

This is how the entry into a fuck relationship can work out

Men not infrequently need a little coaching on how to look their best. No one should present themselves as a “whole guy” in worn clothes with unkempt head and beard hair. Probably then not even an ONS is in it for him.

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Preparing for a sex meeting requires some effort. But it can be worth it – also with regard to a possible sexual relationship. Showering, nail care, hairdressing and beard care are mandatory. Women want to be intimate with well-groomed men and not lose desire at first sight. Neat clothes also belong, even in the heat or a meeting in the countryside.

How to turn a one night stand into a fuck relationship

Very important: women like men who do not ignore the issue of contraception and protection. They do not want to be treated like hobby whores, but appreciate clear announcements on this point. Furthermore, it goes down well with women when someone doesn’t smell of nicotine or alcohol on a date. Drizzling yourself completely with after shave or men’s perfume isn’t a hit either.

Tips for the outer frame

In terms of a possible future fuck relationship, the man should specify the place and time. If you don’t have a plan for where you want to do it, you’ll have a much harder time. The more spontaneous and exciting the meeting place is set, the more tingling is the anticipation. Mature ladies are sometimes quite experienced in this regard and suggest a suitable place themselves.

Straight to the fuck relationship

Whether younger or older, discretion is expected by all women. So no one should brag about their rips to their buddies or on social media. Especially since fiction and truth are often mixed in the process to make the event seem even more poignant. Those who proceed in this way can only continue to dream of a sex relationship.

When are the chances for a fuck relationship good?

Great sex is what women want when they arrange to fuck without commitment. Many want to feel desired and are willing to get it in the best sense. But wait: just rip off your clothes and stick them in – that’s not how it works. Just as most men prefer a blowjob as foreplay, countless women let themselves be licked with preference. Anyway, this is a form of overture that brings the woman close to the climax. And it is just as important to her on a one-time fuck date as perhaps later in a sex relationship.

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The better a man can satisfy the sex partner, the more likely he can hope for a longer relationship with her. The size of his tail is not in the foreground, but far more his empathy. Selfish bucks can’t really end up with almost any woman, at least not beyond the moment. However, if the man is interested in entering into a longer sexual relationship with this particular person, he should pay attention to his wishes. Or ask her directly what she likes.

These mistakes can ruin sex relationships

Few women are into being showered with gifts. After all, they don’t want to get paid for fucking a man. They also often prefer to pay their own way in a bar or café. Or pay half the price of an hourly room. Clear agreements prevent misunderstandings!

Other no-go’s are clinging and jealousy. Both create disharmony and annoyance and turn off. How much personal information the partners in a fuck relationship exchange with each other at all varies from person to person. First and foremost, after all, it’s about pure horniness and fucking.

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