Sex story: Sara sells herself on a market for sex slaves

By Jens Haberlein
Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

You can’t buy love, but you can buy slaves!

Preface: The following scene is an excerpt from one of my much larger and more extensive stories. It’s about Chris a rich man and Sara. Sara voluntarily sold herself at a sex slave market to pay off her debts. But the man who buys them is different than she expected.

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Unfortunately, the whole story is much too big to present here. But I hope you still like the scene and enjoy it. Feel free to leave a comment.

Excerpt from Sara’s decision


Sara came through the front door right on time. Since I was lurking behind the door, she didn’t notice me at first. She stopped in the lobby and called out to me. But I gave no answer, but crept up behind her, grabbed her by the waist and pulled her to me. “Look ahead,” I whispered in her ear. “Stand like this and don’t turn around” I ordered and then blindfolded her with a silk cloth. Then I stepped in front of her, put an index finger on her lips and whispered “I don’t want to hear a sound until I allow you to”. Then I threw her over my shoulder and carried her to my bedroom. There I put them down in front of my bed and took them off completely.

Sex story: Sara sells herself on a market for sex slaves

When she stood naked in front of me, many thoughts went through my head. But I was already sure of one thing, she was beautiful and she radiated something special for me. I just didn’t know how to classify it. After I had also completely undressed, I stepped close in front of her, gave her a passionate kiss and then pushed her onto the bed. I climbed up to her and knelt over her, bent over, grabbed her hands and laced them together. After that, I attached her hands to the back of my bed. “You are now completely mine” I said and began to explore her body.


I was at his mercy again, only this time I was not allowed to make a sound either. And, I found that incredibly difficult. Because I felt good and excited and would have liked to tell him in any form that I feel so. I felt his thighs left and right on my hip and his breath on my face. He was kneeling over me and had leaned down to me.

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Tentatively and somewhat playfully, his lips touched mine. I tried to get a real kiss from him and approached him a bit, but he backed away and I understood that I should just give myself to him.

My erect nipples betrayed my total horniness

So I put my head back in the pillow and let him do it. For this I now also got my kiss and this was full of passion. Probably it was due to the blindfold, because I had the feeling I tasted, smelled and felt him more intensely. When he then began to caress me and kiss my neck, a warm and pleasant shiver ran through my body. His kisses slowly moved on to my breasts, while he caressed one with his hand, he spoiled the nipple of the other with his tongue. And I was already starting to breathe deeper and harder, but I had to suppress any sound I wanted to make. I was sure that my nipples showed him long ago how much he excited me.


I wandered with my lips further down, over her flat and trained belly, over her pubic bone until I finally reached my destination between her thighs. Her clean shaven, soft and beautiful pussy. Her labia had the perfect size, appearance and had a certain aesthetic. To describe her was actually hardly possible, she was simply to bite and I did, however, very gently but firmly enough to wring a sound from her.

Sex story: Sara sells herself on a market for sex slaves


“Mhhhh” damn, he must have heard that, but it hurt a little and I couldn’t suppress it. And that’s when I heard “Shhhh, otherwise I’ll have to punish them”. Then he began to spoil me with his tongue and he did it well. He slid his tongue between my labia every now and then and then played with my clit. I found it harder and harder to be quiet. I just wanted to moan my pleasure out loud.

But suddenly he stopped and seconds later I felt his lips on mine, allowing me to taste my own arousal. At the same time I felt how something warm and large pushed between my labia and very slowly penetrated me. It must have been him. Finally he penetrated me. After a week of waiting, I was sure that it was finally his cock that pushed into my cunt.

Sara begged him to finally fuck her properly


Very slowly I slid into her warm, wet and tender pussy. Inch by inch I wanted to let her feel me until I was completely inside her. There I lingered a moment, she nestled against my penis as if she were made only for him. And at that moment I decided to end my game with her patience. Therefore, I loosened her bonds and then pushed her blindfold up.


It took me a moment to adjust to the light, but then I looked into his hazel eyes. “You may end the silence” he whispered. At that moment I realized this was one of those moments when he was no longer my master, so I demanded, “Then fuck me already.” And he immediately fulfilled my wish and began to move. After all the excitement in advance and this week in which my jewelry box remained untouched, of course it took only a few minutes until it came to me.

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And when I moaned out my climax, no screamed out, he paused inside me and looked at me smiling. He probably enjoyed the sight of my climax in my face again. After I had collected myself a bit, I smiled back and forced him to change positions. Now he was lying on his back and I was sitting on him, supporting myself with my hands on his strong chest.


“So you want to be in charge? All right, but only because it’s your birthday today” I said with amusement. Besides, I had to admit, I liked the sight as she sat on me and I watched her dream body as he began to ride me. The slight bounce of her tits, the face bursting with excitement and the curvy hips that moved on me. The fingernails that dug a little into the flesh of my chest were also a pleasure.

Chris pumped his testicle milk into Sara in several spurts

Now my breathing also became a lot faster and I began to moan. She moved insanely well and I was already incredibly horny anyway that it seemed impossible for me to hold out as long as usual. And when she then also increased the pace and moaned loudly again herself, any chance of holding out was gone. I put my hands on her hips and stopped her at the exact moment we both came.


Although, I myself just had my second orgasm in a row, I could feel his inside me. I could feel him pumping his juice into me. Unbelievable, I had never come together with a man before. Completely out of breath, I then leaned forward and rested my head on his shoulder. Then, as we both slowly regained our breath, he asked “Well, done already?”

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And that I felt that his cock, which was still inside me, did not go limp. “Oh my God,” I thought. “Can you manage another round?” he then wanted to know. “Do I have a choice?” “Actually, no,” he replied, laughing, and pushed me off him.


It rarely happens that my penis remained hard after squirting, but Sara excited me so much that it happened again and I could not let that go unused. So I knelt down, turned Sara onto her stomach and grabbed her by her waist. I now wanted to take them from behind, so this time I could set the pace and had full control again. Then, when she knelt in front of me like a bitch, I reinserted my cock into her, then pressed my pelvis against her ass, bent over and tenderly kissed the marks I left on her back a few days ago. Meanwhile, I put an arm around her and massaged one of her breasts.

His hard cock stood erect and twitched uncontrollably


In the current position, I first felt reminded of the unpleasant situation with Tom, but when he tenderly kissed the injuries on my back, I knew again that he was different from Tom. He was tender and that was just the right thing at the moment. Now I knew that this man could control both sides equally. He could be hard and tender and apparently he knew exactly when, which side was asked.

Because after he straightened up again and started to take me, his gait became a bit harder again. He thrust harder and faster, but without hurting me. And after a while of intense penetration I also started moaning again, even screaming. “Ohhh God ohhh yes” and how I moaned.

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I knew I was always pretty steady on a second lap, so I was able to pick up the pace without any problems and keep it up for a while. Her tight ass in my hands and her ever louder lust made me but additionally horny. Which is why after a few minutes I was about to come back. That’s why I jerkily let go of her and pushed her away from me. Sara immediately turned on her back and looked at me from below.


In front of me knelt a muscular and attractive man, whose skin was covered with a light film of sweat. His tail stood erect and twitched uncontrollably. Apparently he was trying to prevent himself from jerking off. I straightened up and reached for him. But he slapped my hand away, “No!”. I looked at him and said “It’s okay,” reaching for it again. This time he let me. I tentatively began to jerk him and suck his glans with my lips.

And after a few moments also already splashed his juice in my mouth. And he moaned out an orgasm one more time that evening.

Afterwards he lay down next to me. “If you want, can you stay the night?” At first I did not know what to do, after all I was basically only a slave for whom he had paid, but on the other hand he just gave me the feeling of security. So I answered, “I’d love to.” Thereupon he moved a little closer as if he wanted to cuddle and covered us. Shortly after, I finally fell asleep in his arms, completely satisfied.

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