Maid fucked in sleazy hotel Hofmarcher

By Jens Haberlein
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Maid fucked in sleazy hotel Hofmarcher
Maid fucked in sleazy hotel Hofmarcher


Business trip becomes a horny experience

Business trips are always such an issue and when there is a trade fair, it is especially difficult to find an adequate room in Munich. Therefore, willy-nilly, I had to settle for a rather unpopular hotel. The reviews on the Internet spoke volumes, a review that said that here particularly rampant fucked the maid in the shabby hotel Hofmarcher. All this made me think, but I had to be taught better.

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The maid fucked despite reservations

Arrived I immediately met a receptionist who was not really worthy of the designation. Hardly to be surpassed in unfriendliness and with a dress that had seen better days. In short, I had already given better clothes to the old clothes collection. Who wanted to fuck someone like that in the shabby Hotel Hofmarcher? Not me, anyway!

Maid fucked in sleazy hotel Hofmarcher

It could hardly get any worse, but I probably wouldn’t experience any positive surprises here either. However, my room taught me better. Things could actually be worse. Not only was it not cleaned, but the bed was not freshly made, let alone made. I tried to reach the front desk by room phone, but the lady didn’t seem interested. Did she just get fucked at the sleazy Hofmarcher Hotel? I found the thought disgusting, no one would touch them voluntarily.

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Therefore, I made my way downstairs, complained loudly to anyone on the staff, and did not leave until I was assured that a maid would be sent. The best they have, I was told, I had a chill down my spine at what I was seeing here. There was clearly a different sense of service here.

I had no idea about cleaning rags, but about sex

When I went back to my room, I heard clear noises, here was actually fucked in the shabby hotel Hofmarcher, you would hardly believe it.

After all, barely five minutes later there was a knock at the door. I opened the door to a chambermaid, who first listened to my complaint and then assured me that she would do the work to my satisfaction. With what I was offered here, it was clear to me that I would have to stay, otherwise this would not become anything sensible.

I had no idea about cleaning rags and all that stuff, but what I did have an idea about were clothes and the clothes of the cleaners were, well, kind of awesome. Just as you would imagine a sexy maid. To my amazement and also excitement, the fabric slid up a bit when the maid bent down to clean the bathroom. This young woman somehow did not fit into this hotel, but I was still happy.

I had never fucked a maid before

The thought did not let me go. Actually, it was not my ambition to have fun with staff, but this woman turned me the hell on. This tight ass in this skirt, which concealed nothing, but also nothing at all about the curves.

Dienstmädchen beim Sex

Suddenly I was interested in how many times she had been fucked in the shabby Hotel Hofmarcher. She winked at me, pointing her gaze at the rumpled bed, and I knew immediately. This maid had fucked – here in the bed before I arrived.

At least twice a week she would be fucked by guests at the seedy Hofmarcher Hotel, she assured me. For a certain fee. She didn’t tell me what she needed this extra money for, and I wasn’t interested either.

The willing maid was incredibly sexy

Maid fucked in sleazy hotel HofmarcherI held out a few bills to her, which she accepted all too readily. I sat at the end of the bed, she stood in front of me and stretched her ass directly towards me while lifting her skirt. This slut did not even have panties on! My cock pulsated. She knew exactly what she was doing and she knew what she was triggering in me.

Before I could react, she was already tampering with my pants. My best piece wanted to get out of my pants and straight into her.

She smoothly did me the favor and immediately took him in her greedy mouth. She sucked, licked and jerked my cock like a young goddess. I’ve never had such a horny blowjob and I had great difficulty not to cum immediately. I had to push this horny bitch away, otherwise it would be too late.

While I was trying hard to calm down a bit, she was lolling on the bed and stretching her ass towards me. At that, she probably saw my puzzled look. She gave me to understand, the hole that I want to fuck, I may choose. I was almost torn apart. No wonder this maid needed to be fucked, with all this audacious lust.

Kammerzofen beim Sex

Hard and fast I penetrated her cunt. She moaned horny and realized that she was fucked properly in the shabby hotel Hofmarcher. Hard and fast I worked her while I held her horny hips and penetrated deep into her again and again.

A hostel for very certain hours and men

Surely we moaned the whole hotel together, or was that normal in this flophouse, this boarding house of lust and hostel of unpretentious pleasure? That would explain why many descended here even when there was no fair. With this horny maid, this would be no wonder!

Suddenly the slut moved away from me. She had probably sensed that I wasn’t going to last much longer. She took me by the collar of my shirt, put me on the bed and sat on me. In the process, she sank my hard cock up to the stop in her ass.

This fucking bitch just got what she needed and got paid for it. Service could hardly be worse, nor more awesome. She rode my cock and her ass took me properly ran. The maiden moaned loudly! She clearly had fun with this horny number – and I was no different.

I was sure I was about to cum when she got off me. Quite provocatively, she stood in front of me. I felt helplessly at the mercy of this thing. My cock was straight as a die and clearly conveyed to her that someone wants to cum here. Then she opened her top. Only now did I notice that we were both still fully clothed on top.

What was this cunning bitch waiting for?

Maid fucked in sleazy hotel Hofmarcher

Of course, she also had no bra on, somehow I had guessed, but with these sweet little tits, I was also not surprised that she had waived. I was incredibly horny and she made it seem like she didn’t care. She let me stew. What was this bitch waiting for? Did she want more money? She denied that. She stood there, staring at my cock, waiting for something.

Very slowly, my stand lacked some stability. He started to get flaccid – this was apparently the starting point for this maid who wanted to be fucked, and yet didn’t allow it at the moment. My cock landed between her tits. Who would have thought that I would fuck so horny in the shabby Hotel Hofmarcher?

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My very first titty fuck, which immediately made my cock hard as a board again. Between her perky breasts he felt damn comfortable and that the maid wanted to be fucked and also provided satisfaction herself was completely out of the question.

The young maid gave me a highlight of the extra class

I saw her lustful look, that look that screamed for my cum and gave silent permission for me to cum too. My cock almost tore when I came. My sperm splashed not only on her breasts, but also in the complete sweet face. Damn horny and damn empty I felt afterwards.

Kammerzofen beim Sex

This hot maid I had fucked – in the most horrible room that I had ever moved into and she had still given me an orgasm of the extra class. This is where I would come again. Fucked in the shabby Hotel Hofmarcher I had in any case extraordinarily well with the young maid.

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