That’s why sex with the boss is particularly appealing

By Benno von Sandhayn
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That's why sex with the boss is particularly appealing
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Secret fantasy: sex with the boss

Many women secretly dream of seducing their superiors one day. Knowing that having sex with your boss is an absolute no-go makes it downright delightful. Thus, many women indulge in their erotic daydreams without the object of desire ever knowing about it. Which is a shame, because many bosses also have one or two sexual fantasies with their secretary.

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Dreams and wishes of many women

They are successful, articulate, usually smartly dressed and they earn well. All these qualities of a supervisor, department head or company owner appeal to women and make them seem attractive in their eyes. If the man is perceived as alluring and a potential provider, women will choose him as a potential sexual partner.

Darum ist Sex mit dem Chef besonders reizvoll

So the idea of having sex with the boss is anything but outlandish for many women. On the contrary, younger girls in particular are toying with the idea of seducing their superiors. Whether it’s for a quickie, a hot affair or a steady relationship is up to the lady’s intentions.

Fun without ulterior motives?

Reasons to want sex with the boss are many. However, some of them are not quite as selfless as the supervisor would like in this situation. Thus, the girl may want to get into a better position within the company by having sex with the boss. A fatter salary, better assignments, and climbing the corporate ladder can be motivation for having sex with the boss. Supervisors should be aware of this and choose their sexual play partners within the company wisely.

Diese Frauen wollen Sex

Conversely, there are also the kind of men who hold out the prospect of a promotion to women in order to get them into bed. The superiors who give their orders based on the length of the miniskirt or the depth of the neckline. These are exactly the kind of men who hold out the prospect of professional benefits to their subordinates if they are willing to have sex with the boss.
In both cases, for the sake of everyone involved, you should seriously consider changing jobs.

Sex with the boss – an erotic role play?

Darum ist Sex mit dem Chef besonders reizvollThe relationship of superiors to subordinates just cries out to be used as a template for a role play. There are no limits to the imagination here. Just the choice of dresses for a sexy secretary outfit will make any woman try all imaginable combinations with pleasure. Slipped-up minis and open blouses are still among the more harmless things.

A possible scenario would be the submissive subordinate begging for sex with the boss. The latter can act out the dominance of his role and give instructions to the play partner.

Or how about a secretary who mutates into a man-eating vamp and seduces the boring boss? An unsuspecting trainee who lets herself be seduced and exploited for sex with the boss? The game ideas are unlimited and can of course go in exactly the other direction. A role reversal in which the subordinate takes the reins during sex with the boss would be possible.

Diese Frauen wollen Sex

Now the secretary, who usually takes orders, can show her boss the ropes. Quite a few men find exactly this idea extremely appealing.

Whatever the two play partners decide to do, the scenario of sex with the boss offers many possibilities.

A role play involving sex with the boss ideally takes place in an office or similar setting. Here, too, many undreamed-of possibilities open up. Thus, the scanner and copier can quickly become a testimony of sexual submission.

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A simple ruler becomes a glib boss argument. Even parcel tapes lying around in the store are used, if the ingenuity of the two players allows it.

Should sex with the boss remain a fantasy?

Erotic games with the superior can have a very negative effect, especially in the long term. If the affair becomes known, one’s relationship at home can quickly falter.

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The relationship with other colleagues can also become a test of endurance. Women in particular quickly get into the situation of being called an office slut. Unwanted advances by other colleagues hoping for easy prey are the result.

Situations of this kind can be very unpleasant for those affected and not infrequently end with termination of the employment relationship.

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