Trend Report: The German Erotic Market 2020

By Mario Meyer
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Trend Report: The German Erotic Market 2020
Trend Report: The German Erotic Market 2020
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The German erotic market changes from year to year. There are new trends that appear briefly and then disappear again. This article shows which way the German erotic market is going. In summary, it can be said that there is more and more content. The users are younger and also spend more money than before.

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These are the categories the Germans prefer to look at

Trend Report: The German Erotic Market 2020The study shows that the German erotic market is dominated by live cams. Almost half (48.4%) of all porn users prefer this type of presentation. Lesbian films (41.5%) and amateur actors (40%) are also popular. 27.5% like to watch sex in public and 16.3% of porn users watch sex films about possessing incest.

The German erotic market shows clear regional differences. Live Cams are especially popular in Berlin, Lower Saxony and Baden-Württemberg. Films about somewhat more mature ladies, so-called milfs, prefer people in Baden-Württemberg, Hamburg, Hesse, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland and Saxony-Anhalt.

More than half of all users do not care which countries the film comes from. The German erotic market produces many pornographic films, which about 30% of German users enjoy watching.

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However, there are countries in which German content is communicated with preference. The front-runner here is Brandenburg with 44.4%. 42.5% of the inhabitants of Lower Saxony are into German content. Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (42.1%), Saxony-Anhalt (34.6%) and North Rhine-Westphalia (33.5%) are also home to many pornography fans who often watch content from Germany.

The porn users are getting younger and younger

The German erotic market shows that the users of live cams are getting younger and younger. About 45% of all viewers are younger than 24 years. If you include the somewhat older porn fans up to 34, the German erotic market shows that almost 70% of all viewers fall into this age group. It is also interesting to note that people who like to watch porn videos on the relevant portals are usually of a higher age. More than 50% are over 34 years old.

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The study says that the German erotic market will change fundamentally in the future. As the younger generation grows up, portals will have to adapt and produce more interactive content.

Users spend more money

While until recently the opinion prevailed that young Germans do not spend any money on pornography, the German erotic market shows a different picture. 53% of people under 24 spend money on LiveCams. The proportion of users of traditional pornography is only 41%. Some young adults even spend a lot of money on their hobby. According to the latest survey, almost 8% of those under 24 spend over 1,000 euros a month.

Trend Report: The German Erotic Market 2020Women also enjoy Cams

The majority of users are male. The German erotic market says that 9.7% of the study participants were female. However, this figure is not particularly meaningful. Usually more women visit the site, but not as often as men. However, men are more likely to be found on it, so they are also more likely to participate in the study.

Among women, the proportion of cam lovers is also larger. Women are 58% more likely to call up a cam. Similar to the men, the willingness to spend money is also very high. More than 46.5% of the women spend more than 100 Euros per month on live cams. Only 19.7% of men spend the comparable amount. Particularly surprising is the proportion of women who spend a particularly high amount on cams. This is 31.4 percent. In comparison: only 4.12% of men spend so much money on their hobby.

Germans are partly critical of the sex supply

Although many Germans enjoy sex on the Internet, many also worry about it. The German erotic market is complex and there is content for all tastes. Nevertheless, many German users are of the opinion that the content should be more strongly censored. This shows the German erotic market that many Germans are ashamed of the straight kconsumed cam content. Again, there are regional differences. Users from Hamburg and Berlin are particularly concerned. The inhabitants of Brandenburg and Saxony have little to think about.

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There is another problem associated with the consumption of porn. For 16.7% of respondents, the consumption of pornography caused relationship problems. However, the study does not say anything about the nature of these problems and how they were solved, if any.

Conclusion: The German erotic market is on the move

The German erotic market is of equal interest to consumers and business people. The latest study reveals trends that are decisive for the future of the industry. Still a lot of porn movies are produced and distributed through various portals and erotic shops. This shows that the German erotic market could change fundamentally in the future. Young users are a good indicator. These already make up a large proportion of people who pay for sex on the Internet.

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Young users primarily prefer interactive content. They don’t want to just consume sex, they want to get in touch with the lady in front of the camera. The easiest way to do this is via Live Cams. Technology is advancing all the time. It is even possible to purchase an artificial vagina that the lady behind the cam can control. The possibilities are only at the beginning. Many new innovations can be expected, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. These are also necessary because more and more people want to experience sex on camera as realistically as possible.

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What exactly the German erotic market will offer in the future can only be speculated about. The current study gives interested parties a first impression of this. Next year there will be a new study. This will show even more clearly where the journey is heading.

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