Your sex horoscope for the sign of Libra

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Your sex horoscope for the sign of Libra
Your sex horoscope for the sign of Libra


Your sex horoscope for the sign of Libra

The zodiac sign Libra is dominated by Venus, which is a symbol of beauty and love. These are exactly the favourite subjects of a Libra born, he loves truthfulness, beauty and above all good style!

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23 September – 22 October

Due to its polite appearance, cultivated expressions and a penchant for diplomacy, the Libra star sign is rarely intimidating and is a pleasant companion. Everyone who comes into contact with this type of person discovers the beneficial nature of this sign of the zodiac.

Sexhoroskop für das Sternzeichen Waage - Waagen How does a single scale live?

The love horoscope for Libra people quickly reveals that this sign of the zodiac does not like to be lonely and alone. So it comes that singles of this zodiac sign usually go quickly in search of a suitable partner. But even if a potential counterpart is quickly found, the scales still take a long time to decide. She is fickle, would like to make everyone happy and finds it difficult to turn someone down. Changing partners are not uncommon in zodiacal sex for Libra.

The sign of the zodiac likes to be offensive, appeals to interesting people and never stays alone at parties for long. But in cheap dives, pubs or at dirty festivals one usually does not get to know scales. The stylish personalities prefer to enjoy visits to the theatre, gallery openings or champagne tastings.

Especially here the level and style of this sign of the zodiac are recognizable and this is exactly what distinguishes it. If you are partnered with a Libra person, you can look forward to a life full of pleasures. The quality of life is high and that is what a Libra wants from his counterpart. She can rarely do anything with good-for-nothings and good-for-nothings, and is not particularly enthusiastic about such people, and is usually even disgusted by them.

Loneliness is foreign to the zodiac sign of Libra. If there is no suitable flirt or date partner in sight, there are still your own friends who are always suitable for passing the time. According to the sex horoscope for scales, a short-term friendship plus in the circle of friends is also conceivable.

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It gets hot on the sex horoscope for the Libra

The sex horoscope for Libra has it all, this sign of the zodiac knows exactly what it wants. Elegance! Style! Extravagance! These three things should not be missing in the bedroom of scales. Silk bedding, champagne in the navel and a black, elegant eye mask can quickly get the fickle scales going. The charming creatures are very keen to experiment, but presuppose hygiene and discretion on the other side. Nothing repels scales as much as your partner’s unbrushed teeth or old, stained tennis socks. Zodiacal sex for Libra only works well if the partner is an equally good aesthete and loves everything beautiful.

If the scales are no longer in the mood for love play or if they begin to get bored, they quickly take the lead. Either she ends the rendezvous or she gives concrete instructions about what she wants next. Pillow talk with a pair of scales can be quite erotic, because her instructions and wishes are very shameless and frivolous.

The sex horoscope for scales without a steady partner is also very impressive. Only rarely does the social sign of the zodiac reject a clear invitation, if the basic conditions are right. With a little good style, the scale can be seduced very quickly, but sometimes it regrets the adventure the next day. Unfortunately, the risk of seductiveness never completely disappears, even with scales that have been awarded. For the partners of this zodiac sign it is therefore extremely important to always provide for variety in bed. Otherwise, it may happen that one day the weighing partner succumbs to the advances of a colleague or a fleeting acquaintance.

The Love Horoscope for the Libra requires sensitivity

The scales love to love, they need partners like the air they breathe. Still, it’s a constant challenge to have a scale by your side. Not only the Libra sex horoscope promises variety and artistic loves, but the Libra love horoscope is also very special. She is fickle, her mood can deteriorate very quickly and in the next moment she is ready for love again from head to toe.

In the end, however, the harmony addiction of the zodiacal sign always prevails and this is where, according to the love horoscope for scales, the greatest danger also threatens. A Libra is ready to defend the relationship to the point of self-abandonment. She tries everything to make her partner happy and often overshoots the mark. Also the tiresome topic of jealousy is not to be neglected with the zodiac sign Libra. According to the Libra sex horoscope, there is a danger of a fling, but it is not tolerated by the partner. Even a harmless flirtation at the workplace can lead the scales to a fervent desire for revenge.

If you want to make good weather in the love horoscope for Libra, you must rely above all on seduction in proper style. Candlelight, a feudal dinner or a well-chosen piece of jewellery provide for pure rapture. The star sign loves everything that is expensive and noble, sometimes appearance is more important than being! The sex horoscope for Libra reveals how much this sign of the zodiac is flattered.

The sex horoscope – who really fits here?

Aries and balance

In the matter of zodiacal sex for scales and rams there is a huge crisis. While the Aries goes about its work in a libidinous and animalistic way, Libra appreciates stylish encounters. It becomes difficult for the spontaneous Aries to permanently attach head-heavy scales to itself.

Bull and balance

An extremely explosive mixture, as the sex horoscope promises for Libra and Bull. While the Bull likes to go on a confrontation course and uses the body for sex, the Libra is a head person. With scales, eroticism is inseparably linked to aesthetics. In order to get a tingling sensation in this combination, the bull must be willing to compromise.

twins and balance

Hot eroticism promises the zodiac sign sex for Libra and twins, but more theoretical. Both are fantasy people, they can eroticize for hours with words, make hot phone calls or write SMS. However, it is questionable whether a tangible encounter will ever follow with this connection.

cancer and balance

The sex horoscope for scales and crayfish is not particularly seductive. While the cancer focuses more on safety and stability, the scales need the feeling of luxury. Both can make an effort to be responsive to each other, but in most cases there is a lull in bed.

Leo and balance

The sex horoscope for Libra and Leo promises fiery passion and harmony. Just like the lion, the scale strives for beauty and elegance. In order to lead a fulfilled partnership in the long term, however, the lion must refrain from acting out his animalistic instincts. Partnerships in which there is a risk of sexual imbalance are not advisable. Otherwise, Libra may dare to stand up to a lion.

Your sex horoscope for the sign of Aries

Virgin and balance

The zodiac sign sex for Libra and Virgin unfortunately does not promise harmony. The introverted virgin can’t do anything with the tendency to exhibitionism of the scales. She feels intimidated by their extroverted behaviour and withdraws. The love horoscope for Libra and Virgo also advises caution.

Scale and balance

The sex horoscope of two scales is divided. When both of them manage to get beyond the stage of fantasy, tingling encounters are possible. However, since scales like to be admired and conquered, it can lead to a permanent disadvantage of one partner. Can – not must. Here it certainly comes down to a trial and error. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

scorpion and balance

The zodiac sign sex for Libra and scorpion predicts great difficulties! The scorpion likes it deep and highly erotic, the scales prefer shimmering and superficial. In terms of partnership, the diplomatic Libra can rarely stand up to the manipulative Scorpio, but both can find common ground in everyday life to get this malus out of the way.

contactors and balance

The philosopher and the aesthete – a combination that rarely leads to erotic adventures. The zodiac sign sex for scales and Schützen is not under a good star. Theoretically, both are at eye level, the imagination is enough for a whole life. However, since the shooter is often too boorish, he can rarely score points with the fine balance. The latter is more interested in the beautiful and refined than in lateral thinkers and the mentally deficient.

capricorn and balance

The sex horoscope for scales and capricorns does not look particularly appealing. Libra loves extroverted love games with conversations, the capricorn on the other hand is rather mute like a fish. Also in terms of character, the Capricorn is too serious and conscientious to enter into a lasting partnership with a Libra. If you still want to, you can of course try your luck without setting your expectations too high.

Aquarius and balance

Rosy hours is predicted by the sex horoscope for scales and watermen (and women). Both are signs of the zodiac, where love begins in the mind. It only becomes problematic if the Aquarius is bored with the harmony addicted zodiac sign Libra, then he may be on the run.

fish and balance

A constellation like this is extremely critical and almost always leads to a broken heart in the fish. The scale needs confirmation from outside, the fish is not able to give this. The sex horoscope for Libra and fish is relatively cool, hot sparks are not sprayed here. The foreign risk in this composition is high, the scales will get their confirmation.

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