The big camsites test: Is Chaturbate really free?

By Jens Haberlein
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The big camsites test: Is Chaturbate really free?
The big camsites test: Is Chaturbate really free?
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Chaturbate test – what is free and what is not?

In the Chaturbate test, we took a closer look at the portal and examined the various options. What is Chaturbate and is Chaturbate free of charge? We take care of that as well as the question whether the registration is recommended. Chaturbate girls present amateur sex there, which generally everyone can watch. There are additional features, but they are chargeable.

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Free registration possible?

In the Chaturbate test, we first checked the registration process. The portal went online in 2011 and is based in California, USA. About five million members look at the hot Chaturbate girls month after month. These present themselves completely uncovered and show the viewers what sexual preferences they have. The free registration with Chaturbate is actually possible. But even without registration users can watch the live cams of the girls.

Directly to the portal

To do this, simply call up the website and you’re ready to start viewing. When it comes to the protection of minors, however, Chaturbate’s test shows that something is amiss. The provider is located in the USA, so no action is taken here.

Actually, the portal may be frequented only by adults. It must be acknowledged with a click before entering. In principle, anyone could do that.

The big camsites test: Is Chaturbate really free?

Who is this cam portal suitable for? For those who like to watch porn live videos. If you have a Chaturbate profile and buy Chaturbate tokens, you can chat with Chaturbate girls. But even if there is no willingness to spend Chaturbate costs, comes to the portal to enjoy many amenities. If someone wants more, they have to pay for it and enter into a premium membership with Chaturbate.

How do interested people create a Chaturbate profile?

According to the test, the free registration at Chaturbate is quick and easy. First of all, the e-mail address is required. Then create a nickname and specify the desired password. It is composed of ten or more characters. The indication of the date of birth is also mandatory according to the Chaturbate test.

Verification is not required. Logging in is done automatically after registration.

What do the profiles look like at the US portal?

Anyone who has registered with this portal may first fill out their own Chaturbate profile. He can enter which country he comes from and what he wants to find. There is also the opportunity to upload your own pictures and videos. However, they are only visible for registered users. Uploading is only worthwhile for users who would like to show themselves. If someone just wants to watch, they probably prefer to remain anonymous.

Directly to the portal

Additional settings can be made in the Chaturbate profile. If you want to present yourself in front of the camera, you can select the desired settings. Likewise, users can display via message when a favorite is currently broadcasting. So what is Chaturbate? A portal where everyone can live out his own sexuality in front of the livecam.

How is it possible to contact us?

If a user wants to contact Chaturbate Girls, he is welcome to do so. He must go to the cam and then he can leave messages in the chat. However, this is only possible for registered members. By the way, there are also various alternatives to Chaturbate, which we will discuss later.

However, there is still a catch. Numerous live girls allow chatting only if the members have at least one Chaturbate token.

The big camsites test: Is Chaturbate really free?

There is also a private chat available for members to use. The answers are given acoustically, but can also be in writing. Mutual transmission in real time including conversation is not possible.

If someone spends 25 Chaturbate tokens per day, they are allowed to rate other members’ pictures and videos, as we found out in the ChaturbateTest. By the way, the Chaturbate girls like to get feedback on their actions in front of the cam.

Is the portal also available in German?

Chaturbate in German? Actually, almost not at all. However, there are many German women on the air, so there is a small ray of hope. If you hope to meet local pornstars or camgirls here at Chaturbate in German, you will unfortunately be disappointed.

Even the German ladies mostly speak English, because according to Chaturbate test, the portal has users from a wide range of countries. Nevertheless, a small part of Chaturbate speaks in German.

Directly to the portal

There is a search function with which the nationality of the girls can be selected. German girls are only available in a roundabout way. For example, only European cams can be called up. Hashtags can also be selected. Here you can find the hashtag “German”, which allows you to look at German girls.

What Chaturbate costs can arise?

There are two categories when it comes to Chaturbate costs. Members have the option to purchase Chaturbate tokens, which they can use to donate tips and watch private shows. Also, you can enter into a premium membership with Chaturbate. Through them, the sending of messages is allowed. Basic members can use many features, but those who have a premium membership with Chaturbate are allowed to use even more. Then one’s own font color is emphasized in the chats as required, the portal is free of advertising, and private messages may be sent.

How much does a premium membership cost?

Chaturbate premium membership prices are paid monthly. Thus, this Chaturbate cost is $19.95 per month. Payment is made exclusively by credit card. Chaturbate prices for tokens differ depending on the selection. Those who buy a large package will receive a hohn bonus for it. Chaturbate free of charge? Yes! It is possible to use many features for free, if someone wants more, he has to buy Chaturbate prices.

The big camsites test: Is Chaturbate really free?

What is the cost of Chaturbate tokens? For 100 tokens, members pay $10.99 but receive no bonus. 200 tokens cost $20.99. A bonus of five percent is granted. According to the Chaturbate test, 500 tokens cost $44.99, including a 22 percent bonus. 750 tokens are available for $62.99 and include a 31 percent bonus. At 1,000 tokens, $79.99 is due, which ensures a bonus of 37 percent. 1,255 tokens, in turn, cost US$99.99, for which the member receives a bonus of 38 percent. 2025 tokens are available at a price of $159.99 and include a 39 percent bonus. Looking for alternatives to Chaturbate? We explain in the course which ones are still available.

The question of how much Chaturbate tokens cost is answered differently.

The conversion of tokens into US dollars

The token value corresponds to about five cents. If this value appeals to you, you can buy additional amenities.

What payment options does the portal offer?

Payment options on Chaturbate are various when it comes to Chaturbate tokens. The methods include PayPal, Paysafecard, wire transfer and Sofortüberweisung, credit card and Bitcoin.

What options does the search function offer?

According to Chaturbate test, the search function is a bit cumbersome. It is possible to sort which cams should be displayed, but it could be made even more straightforward. The choices are male and female channels, shemales, secret or private shows, couples or featured.

Directly to the portal

The Featured item includes cameras where the girls are in the studio. They are no longer amateurs. The search can be set even more precisely with different hashtags. The hashtags are entered in the search bar. Writing is in English.

The most popular tags can also be displayed. Overall, however, it is clear that the search function can be optimized. Maybe that will happen in the future. If you don’t want to lose sight of certain ladies anymore, you should add them to your favorites. Similar sites like Chaturbate have better search functions.

The advantages of Chaturbate

There are numerous webcam portals and similar sites like Chaturbate. Therefore, let’s first take care of the advantages of Chaturbate. We have also reviewed and list the disadvantages of Chaturbate.

Advantages of Chaturbate:

  • In principle, the portal can be used free of charge
  • Payments are anonymous on request to remain incognito
  • there are countless categories and cams for the viewers
  • international cams available, broadcasting from all over the world
  • the saved favorites are displayed on the home page

Now let’s take a closer look at the disadvantages of Chaturbate.

Disadvantages of Chaturbate:

  • the main language at the portal is mostly English according to the test
  • if you don’t buy tokens, you can’t chat with the girls
  • someone looking for German women is more likely to be disappointed

The pictures and videos at Chaturbate

Anyone who has registered as a member there can view the Chaturbate profile of other members. Some camgirls and camboys sell more pictures and videos on their profile. Those who want special pictures or videos can send a private message to the performers. With a little luck, this wish will actually be realized.

Once purchased, videos remain in the member’s profile. They remain saved and can be viewed whenever the respective user wants.

What are Goals in Chat?
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The question arises not only what is this amateur portal, but also what are the Goals in the chat. The Goals in the chat are goals determined by the Camgirls regarding the Chaturbate tokens. You set a certain amount of money. Once it is reached, the lady shows something special. What that is, it also specifies. Once the obolus is received, she undresses even further. What activities are performed by the girls can absolutely differ and be much more expensive. Chaturbate free of charge? Only conditionally.

The good thing about this option is that not only one member, but many users donate tokens to reach the goal as soon as possible. The more there are, the faster it goes and the cheaper it is. Then the users can look forward to an erotic show that the girl will perform for them. During the chat, the goals may change if the first goals were reached in the chat. New ones are being added. However, it is also possible to donate without goals. Then, according to Chaturbate test, the ladies receive a tip.

Ever heard of OhMiBod?

What is OhMiBod? Never heard of it? It is a sex toy that is used by various camgirls. So what is OhMiBod and what makes it special? It can be controlled by members by spending tokens on it. As soon as they come in, the toy vibrates. The more this Chaturbate currency is received, the more it vibrates and offers the Livcam portal and members pleasure. What is OhMiBod? An object that is fun on both sides.

Directly to the portal

But what is Lovense? This is also a sex toy that can be used in a similar way to OhMiBod. It also gives pleasure to both sides and can be used as desired. What is Lovense? A welcome change in the chat.

Create fan clubs and support the ladies at Chaturbate

There is not only a premium membership at Chaturbate, but also fan clubs. Here members can join the desired webcams. What costs will be incurred, the ladies decide. That is why they always turn out differently.

The memberships are stored in the settings. From there they can be accessed or exited. A member has various benefits. It will be highlighted as a special fan in the chat and thus will be noticed faster by the ladies. These also award invitations to private shows that non-members will never see.

FAQ about the portal Chaturbate

What is the legality of the portal?

When it comes to legalities, it’s a bit squishy. Since the portal does not broadcast from Germany, it is not illegal. The content is legally okay, as stated in the Chaturbate test. However, it may be entered without verification of age.

How old are the camgirls?

The actor and actress must verify themselves and their age. Otherwise, they are not allowed to transmit. That is why Chaturbate only has adult camgirls and camboys.

Delete the membership of Chaturbate – how to do it?

If you want to cancel your membership with Chaturbate, fill out the contact form or write an email. This is then deleted after three days at the latest.

Is everyone allowed to present themselves in front of the cam at the portal?

If you would like to show yourself at this cam portal, you have to verify yourself. This is possible with the identity card. After the process is complete, he may immediately send and present himself to the other members in all his glory

Are purchased videos and images available for download?

Pictures and videos that are purchased are stored in the profile. However, they are not available for download. If someone wants to watch a video, the portal must be called. This is also possible via smartphone while on the road.

Does Chaturbate provide an app?

The law does not provide for the Google Play Store or the App Store to offer apps that are associated with erotica. Therefore, there is no app from Chaturbate. However, the website can also be accessed conveniently on mobile devices. Therefore, the profile is always and everywhere with you, if desired.

Can the videos be commented at the portal?

If members want to comment on a video, they often find that this is not possible at all. Various causes are responsible for this. Commenting is only allowed when users donate from 25 tokens upwards daily. Another reason is that only registered users are allowed to leave comments.

The members at Chaturbate

The Chaturbate portal enjoys great popularity, although there are alternatives to Chaturbate. Over 4,100,000 users move there month after month. The ratio between women and men is quite balanced. Since signing up is not mandatory, there are no fakes there. That’s why many users don’t even want to sign up, while others use the premium membership at Chaturbate.

Directly to the portal

So, based on the above facts, Chaturbate is one of the largest portals of its kind. The gender ratio is quite balanced when it comes to members. When it comes to broadcasting and presenting, however, women predominate. Many members use tokens to be able to see even more and support the amateurs. Only real people are registered or not.

Chaturbate is suitable not only for heterosexual people, but also for homosexual and transsexual people. Performers and members are therefore mixed.

What other special features does Chaturbate have?

The interactive platform Chaturbate enables contact between performers and members. Through the tags, the latter can search for the desired categories. They are located above the videos so that they can be found even faster and easier.

Anyone who wants to broadcast a live video can do so at any time and additionally earn extra income from the tokens. The camgirls can access a wish list and post there what they would like to receive the tip for. In the Tube section there are photos and videos to watch, which are displayed randomly.

Brief summary of the main points

If you like to watch live porn from real people and chat with them, this cam portal is the right place for you. Chaturbate is free – at least partially. Members who want to see more will need to buy tokens. What is the cost of Chaturbate tokens? It depends on the package you choose. The Chaturbate token value is five US cents. While the premium membership on this livecam portal is only payable by credit card, there are other payment options on Chaturbate for the purchase of tokens. For example, members can pay via PayPal, bank transfer and even Bitcoin. The payment options on are therefore user-friendly.

Directly to the portal

The portal offers numerous special features, including the opportunity to use certain sex toys. What is Lovense? Just such a toy. Another toy is OhMiBod. It works quite similarly.


Besides Chaturbate, there are similar sites. Here, too, it is worth taking a look at the details. These are:

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