Spinball: The lost bet in table tennis

By Carlos Galvez Otoño
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A spin ball in table tennis can decide

The six-member team had arrived at the meeting point in full. The round trip through Austria with the destination Vienna could begin. Tantalizing photos of the Vienna women’s table tennis team once again went through the rounds. Great expectations were placed on the upcoming table tennis tournament. Everyone was eager for a spin ball or two in table tennis.

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An exciting beginning

Spinball: The lost bet in table tennisShortly after departure began to drink the first round of beer. The prospect of meeting a young women’s table tennis team in Vienna was beguiling for the all-male participants. Dry runs were used to practice the spin ball in table tennis. Boredom would not arise on this trip in the small bus. After all, they had not let themselves be lumpen and had hired an attractive bus attendant for this trip. Money did not play a major role in this illustrious circle.

Accordingly, the chairman of the association had commissioned an agency to find a suitable lady. The result was impressive. The lady’s body-hugging clothes already spoke for themselves. Her curves, her excitingly long legs and her strikingly pretty face pushed back thoughts of a possible spin ball in table tennis for the time being. She may even have been a specialist, and not just for a spin ball at table tennis. Nevertheless, the expectation was high for the hotel for the first night.

Attunement to the important spin ball at table tennis in the sports hotel

When booking the sports hotel, emphasis was placed on available training facilities. Before dinner, a few training sessions were on the schedule. Since the spin ball can be game-changing in table tennis, this should be practiced with the site’s mixed table tennis team. Cora, the bus attendant, was to support the team. Meeting point was at 4 pm at the hotel bar. Already the uniformly white dressed waiters lifted the mood tremendously. No one was bothered by the fact that the skimpy clothing was more reminiscent of a tennis match.

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The eyes of the crew were glued to the skimpy skirts of the exclusively female staff. The deep glimpses of cleavage and flashes of promising breasts displaced thoughts of a spin ball at table tennis. The red stiletto heels were hard to reconcile with sports, but looked very provocative. The erotic crackling tension increased even more when Cora entered the bar. Teasingly, she had her long red hair pinned back and her sports dress was stunning. Playfully, she practiced spin ball in table tennis with an imaginary racket.

The free training

Quickly the few men of the village team from Austria were busy only with the enchanting Cora. Restlessly, she slid around on her bar stool. As if by chance, she kept giving the magnificent view of her slender legs. When toasting, not only the base of her ample bosom was visible. The small pointed nipples, which cheekily poked through her leotard, were the only thing that made you think of a spin ball at table tennis. The desire to play table tennis gave way to the desire to flirt with Cora. At the same time, Cora managed to give the impression that she remained completely cold about it. However, her moist lips and her meaningful look gave the lie to her.

The consumed alcohol also quickly led the other ladies to change the playful evening. With increasing alcohol consumption, the inhibition threshold dropped further and further. No more thought was wasted on the spin ball in table tennis. After the exchange of brotherly kisses, the mood became steadily more erotic. With the you fingers went on the road much easier. Greedy hands in both sexes met bare skin. Tenderly and demanding was stroked over soft thighs. Wet kisses were exchanged. In the process, Cora put the men from Austria under such an arousing spell that their own partners hardly played a role anymore.

The investment Cora created a clear path for the male tour group. Very open-hearted now showed themselves also the ladies of the place. Occasionally, people danced closely entwined to erotic songs. The atmosphere became more and more crackling. When the talk turned to striptease, there was no stopping the alcoholic Cora.

The room was impregnated with erotic lust

A small stage was quickly created and Cora began to undress with graceful movements. Teasingly, she always held a table tennis bat in her hand. The striptease was accompanied by exercises to hit a spin ball in table tennis. The sexy little shirt was followed by the tight-fitting skirt. Lasciviously she freed herself from her bra. The shoes had long since flown through the area and her shame was only covered by the skimpy panties. The looks of the men hung as if spellbound in her promising step.

Turned on by Cora, other ladies had also started to slowly shed some clothes. The air seemed to fill more and more with eroticism. Even the waiters took part in the provocative hustle and bustle. Half-naked bodies filled the room with cooing and lustful whispers.

With all the hustle and bustle, it was almost forgotten that we were to continue to Vienna the next day. Reluctantly, they broke off the erotic evening. It was clear for all participants of the promising round, the final match would be played on the way back. Happy and elated, the guests went to their rooms.

On the way to the decisive spin ball in table tennis

After breakfast, the trip continued to Vienna. Cora was dressed so sexy again that the hangover from the previous night’s goings-on was quickly forgotten. Again and again she bent over as if by chance and gave the view of her round buttocks.

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As they sat, their legs spread almost automatically and the men’s patience was severely tested. While serving the food and drinks, excited hands stroked her extraordinary body as if unintentionally.

Again, the pictures of the women’s table tennis team made the rounds and the imagination of the men was exuberant. What would await them at the finish line besides a spin ball in the table tennis tournament?

The perfect spin ball in table tennis

After the draw of the games with the very provocatively dressed women’s team quickly came the idea to make the game more interesting with a bet. The most spectacular spin ball in this table tennis game should be rewarded. The winner received a two-day stay in a sports hotel with company.

The movements of the ladies in their skimpy clothing quickly revealed that the men had no chance in this unequal game. With skillful turns they irritated the men and victory was actually impossible. Swinging their hips, the pretty women hit their balls. Bare breasts flash as they bend over the ping pong table. The breasts threatened to fall out of the tight-fitting shirts.

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The gentlemen began to sweat and could not get out of their covetous mood. It came as it had to come, the women’s team emerged victorious. It was proven, also in Austria one plays a good spin ball in table tennis. Since the women were also taken by the athletic and muscular bodies of the men, it was decided to continue the hustle and bustle together in the shower. It was clear to all that the evening frivolous in the hotel would offer another highlight.

The men’s locker room after the lost bet

Without further ado, the women decided to follow the muscular men into their changing rooms. Once there, their euphoria initially faltered. Something seemed to embarrass the women. They had played spectacular spin balls and had not been shy about giving deep glimpses of their breasts.

When the women looked abruptly at the half-naked men’s bodies, the blush rose to the faces of some. The sweaty men rubbing against their towels made for a seductive sight.

Unexpected twists after the blown bet

Suddenly Cora appeared in the doorway of the men’s locker room. As if she knew that the situation demanded loosening up. Similar to how a loose hand is sometimes needed for the spin ball in table tennis. She opened her pinned-back hair. With flowing movements poured her long red hair. Slowly she began to open her skimpy blouse. She looked innocently around the room, her cherry-red lips half-open.

She took her time until she had opened all the buttons of her blouse. Finally her plump breasts with the small pointed nipples were visible. They were reminiscent of the spin ball in table tennis. Under her skirt she was not wearing panties. The last thing she did was to elegantly strip her suspenders from her long legs. She threw one of them up in the air so that one of the men could catch it while cheering.

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At the latest now the mood was relaxed again. Cora led by example. She had encouraged the women’s team to do the same. In no time at all, the other women undressed as well. Without shame, they bared their breasts, sporting them like the perfect spin balls in table tennis.

Better than the perfect spin ball in table tennis

Euphorically, the women of the women’s team ran after the athletic men into the showers. A hot crackling sound filled the air. They turned on the showers and looked down at each other lustfully while soaping up.

That man who had caught Cora’s suspenders felt especially encouraged. On quiet soles he came closer to Cora seemingly unnoticed as she washed the soap scum from her eyes with closed eyes. When she opened her eyes, their bodies were almost touching. Cora gave him a deep look and willingly turned to the wall. Something better than the perfect spin ball in table tennis seemed to be in store for her.

Now the man could look at her from behind. He tenderly stroked her perfect forms. Cora pressed both her palms against the tiles and pushed out her round butt. She spread her legs. The attitude of the attractive bus attendant was open-hearted, just too inviting.

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The muscular tennis player embraced Cora’s waist with his muscular arms. For a while he looked at her from behind. Saw her breast in profile. He thought of the perfect spin ball. The blood was already pounding in his veins. He was incredibly tough. Almost his excitement caused him pain. This was not a dry run like for the spin ball in table tennis.

A little sleep after all the excitement

Although the men had lost the bet against the women’s team in table tennis. But this erotic game went to the men’s team. The player’s penis was huge. He patted Cora’s butt and hugged her waist tighter. He let his cock slide into her.

Cora’s cry of pleasure could not have been more passionate. The perfect spin ball. In the shower room, the rising steam clouded the view. But the scenario was exhilarating. The illustrious company of table tennis players, naked women and men, seemed to burst with excitement. Soon, voyeurs became activists. Hungry for love, the excited women and men fell over each other.

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